Trust and Safety

We take this seriously.

How do I choose who to hire?

Reviews from past customers

Reviews can offer valuable information about service provider's timeliness, technical skills, qualifications, and quality of work. Verified reviews are reviews from customers who hired the expert on expertEasy, Unverified reviews are from customers who found the expert somewhere else. Experts can respond to reviews and those responses can be a way to gauge how they treat their customers.

Photos of past work

We encourage our experts to post photos of their past work so you can get a sense of their expertise and quality. Look for examples of projects the expert has completed similar to your own. If you don't see any, feel free to ask the expert to provide some.

Licenses and Credentials

What types of experts can register?

When an expert signs up to expertEasy we review the service they provide to ensure it meets the following rules:

No products

We help people find services only. We do not allow stand-alone products, however if you sell a product that is always supplied with a service then please go ahead and join us.

Nothing sexual

Anything overtly sexual is not allowed.

No suspicious offers

We will delete anything that sounds too good to be true.

No double listings

No children

No individuals under the age of 18 are allowed to offer services on expertEasy.

No selling of third party services

Including multi-level marketing systems and pre-paid legal.

No lending services

Of any kind.