Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions (as published on the website) together with any additional terms, conditions, notices and disclaimers published on the website and any documents available for download on the website regulate your use of the website and ExpertEasy services.

Through your use of the ExpertEasy website and services, you acknowledge and agree that the Terms and Conditions constitute the rules and conditions of access to, use of and supply of information from the website.

If you use or continue to use the website and/or services provided by ExpertEasy you acknowledge and agree that you accept to abide by and be bound by the Terms and Conditions and any changes made by ExpertEasy or any authorised officer, agent, employee or contractor of ExpertEasy to the Terms and Conditions from time to time.

All terms and conditions that govern your use of the website (including disclaimers) may be amended by ExpertEasy from time to time by posting those amendments on the website without any notice to you. Those amendments apply to your next usage of the website. You are responsible for ensuring that you regularly review the website and these Terms and Conditions. Your continued use of the website after any such changes are made will be deemed to constitute your acceptance of those changes.

If you object to any of the Terms and Conditions or any subsequent changes to them your only remedy is to immediately stop using the services of ExpertEasy and the website.

From time to time the website will generate automated emails to registered users, or website users will send emails and messages to one another through the website. Emails sent by the website or through the website are considered a part of the ExpertEasy website.

If hyperlinks and other redirection tools taking the user to other websites operated by third parties appear on the website, you acknowledge that these websites are not controlled by ExpertEasy and do not form part the ExpertEasy website and agree that you will not hold ExpertEasy liable or in any way accountable for anything that occurs on these other sites

Applicable Law

The Terms and Conditions and all other specific and additional terms which govern your use or membership of and access to the website will be governed by the laws of Victoria, Australia.

General Information Only

The information, opinions and other similar statements and content published on the website are provided for information purposes only and are not intended as, nor do they constitute legal, financial, taxation, technical or expert advice or to be in any way relied upon by you without undertaking your own independent verification. Information provided on the website has been derived from sources believed to be accurate at the time of compilation and no warranty or representation is made as to the accuracy or authenticity of the content of the website.

ExpertEasy and its directors, agents or employees do not accept and are by these Terms and Conditions released by you of any liability to you arising (whether directly or indirectly) out of the information provided on the website or anyone else through the website or any errors in, or omissions from information on the website.

ExpertEasy does not make any representation or warranty that any user is reputable, or will act in good faith, or according to their terms of engagement; any information on the website will be complete, reliable or accurate; or your access to the website will be secure, available or uninterrupted.

ExpertEasy disclaims and will not be liable for loss arising out of (whether directly or indirectly) and action or decision by you in reliance on the information on or provided to you through the website or provided by any business you engage on the website, nor any interruption, delay or impairment in the functioning, operation or availability of the website, exposure to or transmission of any computer virus, internet access difficulties in connection with the website, or malfunction in equipment or software.

You should seek legal or other professional advice before acting or relying on the information set out on or provided to you through the website or provided by any business you engage on the website.

Information on the website is for general information only.

As a user of the website, you should make your own inquiries and obtain independent advice based on your specific circumstances prior to making any decisions.

Your Conduct

As a condition of your use of the website or any service provided by ExpertEasy, you warrant to ExpertEasy that you will not use the website of any ExpertEasy service for any purpose that is prohibited by the Terms and Conditions or that is illegal or unlawful. You agree to abide by all applicable laws and regulations.

You agree:

  1. You will not use the website to offend others (which shall be judged in the absolute opinion of ExpertEasy);
  2. You will not publish, or in any way distribute or disseminate any information which is unlawful, obscene, defamatory, offensive or inappropriate (which shall be judged in the absolute opinion of ExpertEasy);
  3. You will not engage in, encourage participation or promote any contests, pyramid schemes, surveys, chain letters, spamming or unsolicited emailing through the website;
  4. You will not submit content in any form that:

    • misrepresents the source of anything you post, including impersonation of another individual or entity or any false or inaccurate biographical information for any service professionals; provides or create links to external sites that violate the Terms of Use; is intended to harm or exploit any individual under the age of 18 ("Minor") in any way; is designed to solicit, or collect personally identifiable information of any Minor, including, but not limited to, name, email address, home address, phone number, or the name of his or her school;
    • is intended to threaten, stalk, defame, defraud, degrade, victimize, or intimidate an individual or group of individuals for any reason on the basis of age, gender, disability, ethnicity, sexual orientation, race, or religion; or to incite or encourage anyone else to do so;
    • intends to harm or disrupt another user's computer or would allow others to illegally access software or bypass security on websites or servers, including but not limited, to spamming; impersonates, uses the identity of, or attempts to impersonate a ExpertEasy employee, agent, manager, host, another user, or any other person though any means;
    • advertises or solicits a business not related to or appropriate for the Website (as determined by ExpertEasy in its sole discretion);
    • contains or could be considered "junk mail", "spam", "chain letters", "pyramid schemes", "affiliate marketing", or unsolicited commercial advertisement;
    • contains advertising for ponzi schemes, discount cards, credit counseling, online surveys or online contests;
    • distributes or contains viruses or any other technologies that may harm ExpertEasy, or the interests or property of ExpertEasy users;
    • contains links to commercial services or websites, except as allowed pursuant to the Terms of Use;
    • is non-local or irrelevant content;
    • contains identical content to other open Postings you have already posted; or uses any form of automated device or computer program that enables the submission of Postings without the express written consent of ExpertEasy.
  5. You will not make available, using the website, any material you do not have a right to make available including any law or which contains viruses, or other computer codes, files or programs designed to interfere with the functioning of other software or hardware; or breach any laws or regulations applicable to your use of the website;
  6. You will not use the site to supply another service, or to obtain information which you either incorporate into your service or product to enhance your service or product or your business in any way such as creating potential customer lists. Any commercial use of the website requires the prior written approval of ExpertEasy.
  7. You will not alter or modify any part of the Website other than as may be reasonably necessary to use the Website for its intended purpose.
  8. You will not use any automated system to access the Website for any purpose without ExpertEasy's prior written approval, including but not limited to, "robots", "spiders", "offline readers", "scrapers".
  9. You shall not in any manual or automated manner collect service professionals or Service Users information, including but not limited to, names, addresses, phone numbers, or email addresses, copying copyrighted text, or otherwise misuse or misappropriate Website information or content.
  10. You shall not in any way that transmits more request messages to the ExpertEasy servers, or any server of a ExpertEasy subsidiary or affiliate, in a given period of time than a human can reasonably produce in the same period by using a conventional online web browser; provided, however, that the operators of public search engines may use spiders or robots to copy materials from the site for the sole purpose of creating publicly available searchable indices of the materials, but not caches or archives of such material. ExpertEasy reserves the right to revoke these exceptions either generally or in specific cases.
  11. You shall not take any action that (i) unreasonably encumbers or, in ExpertEasy's sole discretion, may unreasonably encumber the Website's infrastructure; (ii) interferes or attempts to interfere with the proper working of the Website or any third-party participation in the Website; or (iii) bypasses ExpertEasy's measures that are used to prevent or restrict access to the Website.
  12. You will not collect or harvest any personally identifiable data, including without limitation, names or other Account information, from the Website, nor to use the communication systems provided by the Website for any commercial solicitation purposes.
  13. You shall not fail to deliver payment for Services purchased by you, unless the service professional has materially changed the description of the Service description after you negotiate an agreement for such Service, a clear typographical error is made, or you cannot authenticate the service professional's identity.
  14. You shall not fail to perform Services purchased from you, unless the Service User fails to materially meet the terms of the mutually agreed upon agreement for the Services, refuses to pay, a clear typographical error is made, or you cannot authenticate the Service User's identity; manipulate the price of any Service or interfere with other users' Postings.
  15. You shall not circumvent or manipulate our fee structure, the billing process, or fees owed to ExpertEasy; post false, inaccurate, misleading, defamatory content (including personal information about any Website user).
  16. You shall not take any action that may undermine the Feedback or ratings systems (such as displaying, importing or exporting Feedback information off of the Website or using it for purposes unrelated to the Website).

ExpertEasy has no obligation to monitor your or anyone else's use of the website. However, ExpertEasy reserves the right at all times to monitor, retain and disclose any information as necessary to satisfy any applicable law, regulation, legal process or governmental request.

User Indemnity

As a user of the website, you indemnify ExpertEasy for any loss or damage or costs arising (whether directly or indirectly) out of any breach of the Terms and Conditions or any other legal obligation by you or your use of or conduct on the website.

Limitation of Liability

ExpertEasy excludes all conditions and warranties that may be implied by law. To the extent permitted by law, ExpertEasy's liability for breach of any warranty or condition (implied or otherwise) which cannot be excluded is restricted, at ExpertEasy's option, to the re-supply of the relevant ExpertEasy service or a refund in accordance with the Refund Policy published below.

As a user of the website, you expressly agree and acknowledge that in no circumstances will ExpertEasy be liable to you for any indirect, incidental, special and/or consequential losses or damages or loss of profits of any nature arising (including but not limited to any act or omission by ExpertEasy) which result from:

  1. the use or access to or any inability to use or access the website or any material on the website;
  2. unauthorised access to your user account, or internet transmissions or data; or
  3. statements or conduct of any third party on the website.

Excluding liability for negligence the maximum liability of ExpertEasy is equivalent to the total of any amounts you have paid to ExpertEasy in respect of goods or services supplied to you by ExpertEasy or $500, whichever is less.


By using the website you agree to abide by and acknowledge the following disclaimer.

ExpertEasy are not involved in the actual transaction between business users and customers who contract their services after first being introduced via the website.

We have no control over the quality, safety or legality of the items or content posted on the website by any user, the truth or accuracy of any posting, the ability of businesses to provider services or the ability of customers to buy services. We cannot censure and do not guarantee that a customer or business user will actually complete a transaction or act lawfully in using the website.

ExpertEasy cannot and does not confirm each business user's purported identity.

In the event that you have a dispute with one or more users of the website, you release ExpertEasy (and our directors, agents, contractors, affiliates, parents, subsidiaries, and employees from claims, demands and damages of every kind and nature arising (whether directly or indirectly) out of such dispute.

ExpertEasy sends emails and notices regarding the status of your matters and your user account. Our emails and notices do not represent any guarantee or endorsement of your transactions. You are responsible for completing all transactions in which you participate (including monitoring the status of, and complying with all relevant legal and other obligations). We do not control, endorse or approve the services provided by the users of the website.

You acknowledge and release ExpertEasy in the event that you deal with underage persons or people acting under false pretense.


You agree to accept the sole responsibility for the legality of your actions used the laws which apply to you. You agree that ExpertEasy have no responsibility for the legality of the actions of users of the website or ExpertEasy services.


You indemnify and release ExpertEasy and its directors, employees, agents, contractors, affiliates from and against any claims, demands, proceedings, losses and damages of every kind and nature including reasonable solicitor's fees, made by you or any third party due to or arising (whether directly or indirectly) out of your breach of these Terms and Conditions or your violation of and law or the rights of a third party.

No Agency

You and ExpertEasy are independent contractors and no agency, partnership, joint venture, employee-employer or franchisee-franchisor relationship is created or intended by this Terms and Conditions agreement or your use of the website or ExpertEasy services.

User Information

As a user of the website you must provide ExpertEasy with complete, up to date and accurate information as requested and it is your responsibility to inform ExpertEasy of any changes to that information. All personal information you provide to ExpertEasy as a user will be treated in accordance with the Personal Information & Privacy Policy shown below.

ExpertEasy reserve the right to modify or delete any general information you submit to the website in order to enhance the services we provide to you and other ExpertEasy users.

Personal Information & Privacy

ExpertEasy collects personal information from a variety of sources, including from members of the public, advertisers, mailing lists, contractors and business partners. In general, the personal information ExpertEasy collects includes (but is not limited to) name, address and contact details.

ExpertEasy stores the personal information you enter on the website. ExpertEasy obtains most personal information through the website registration process outline above. You may, however, provide information through a variety of different means (for example if you contact ExpertEasy via email, respond to a survey published on the website or third party survey used by ExpertEasy, or answering questions asked by staff or agents of ExpertEasy over the phone).

The website uses cookies which contain information by which ExpertEasy can identify your computer (or other devices you use to access the website) to our servers and the servers of third parties contracted by ExpertEasy including, but not limited to, third parties providing analytical and advertising services. You may configure your browser so that you are notified before a cookie is downloaded or so that your browser does not accept cookies. ExpertEasy may use information contained in cookies to make assumptions about the user of the device and to provide users of that device with focused advertising that ExpertEasy believes may be of interest, based on that information. You can disable cookies through your Internet browser.

In some circumstances ExpertEasy may obtain personal information from a third party. If you provide personal information about another person to ExpertEasy, ExpertEasy requires that you inform that person you have done so and provide them a copy of this Personal Information & Privacy policy.

How ExpertEasy uses your Personal Information

ExpertEasy may use your personal information for the primary purpose for which it is collected and for such other secondary purposes that are related to the primary purpose of collection. ExpertEasy generally uses personal information to:

  1. personalise and customise your experience on the website;
  2. help ExpertEasy manage and enhance its services;
  3. communicate with you by email, SMS message or telephone; and
  4. provide you with ongoing information about opportunities on the website which ExpertEasy believes you may be interested by email, SMS message or telephone.

Disclosure of Personal Information

ExpertEasy may use and disclose information relating to a user's racial or ethnic origin, membership of political bodies, religion, membership of a trade union or trade association, sexual preferences, criminal record and health only for the purpose for which it was provided or a directly related secondary purpose or as allowed by law unless the user has agreed otherwise.

Management & Security of Personal Information

Darren Sherwood has been appointed privacy officer to oversee the management of personal information in accordance with the Terms and Conditions and the Commonwealth Privacy Act.

ExpertEasy protects the personal information ExpertEasy holds from misuse, loss, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure by various means including firewalls, password access, secure servers and data encryption.

ExpertEasy may retain any personal information you provide during your use of the website, including, but not limited to, copies of identification documents, for a minimum period of 12 months after your last interaction with the website. After 12 months ExpertEasy will delete, or anonymise, on your request, specific personal information from our servers, files, and databases, unless ExpertEasy are required by law to retain that information.

Updating Personal Information

ExpertEasy endeavours to ensure the personal information it holds is accurate, complete and up-to-date. You can update your personal information by sending an email to [email protected]

Accessing Personal Information

You have the right to seek access to the personal information ExpertEasy holds about you and to advise ExpertEasy of any inaccuracy. There are some exceptions to this right set out in the Privacy Act.

If you make an access request, ExpertEasy will ask you to verify your identity and specify what information you require. ExpertEasy may charge you a fee to cover the costs of meeting your request.

Licence to Use Your Information

Solely to enable ExpertEasy to use the information you supply us with, so that we are not violating any rights you have in that information, you agree to grant us a non-exclusive, worldwide, irrevocable, perpetual, fee-free right to exercise the copyright and other intellectual property rights you have in that information in any format (including, but not limited to, any text, photographs, graphics, video or audio). You agree that ExpertEasy can use that content in any way, now and in the future. ExpertEasy also reserves the right not to use the content that you submit. You warrant that you have all of the necessary rights, including copyright, in the content you contribute, that your content is not defamatory and that it does not infringe any law within Victoria or Australia. You indemnify ExpertEasy against any and all legal fees, damages and other expenses that may be incurred by ExpertEasy as a result of a breach of this warranty. ExpertEasy will only use your information in accordance with our Personal Information & Privacy Policy.

Feedback Ratings & Comments

ExpertEasy allows users of the website to rate and comment on the performance of ExpertEasy users whose business services they have contracted.

ExpertEasy reserves the right to publish or not to publish those ratings and comments (feedback) on the website at its absolute discretion.

ExpertEasy reserves the right to delete or modify feedback submitted on the website at any time for any reason.

ExpertEasy will delete or modify if it is clear that, in the opinion of ExpertEasy, the feedback is factually incorrect or does not relate to the provision of business services by the business to the user who submitted feedback.

ExpertEasy reserves the right to aggregate each businesses feedback into a percentage score and publish that score on the website.

In Australia and other countries, feedback may be considered defamatory of the reputation and standing of individuals and businesses. You acknowledge and agree that ExpertEasy accepts no responsibility for liability, damage, injury or loss that may arise from feedback submitted to or published on the website, and you, by these Terms and Conditions, release forever and indemnify ExpertEasy from any liability it may incur arising out of (whether directly or indirectly) any feedback you post on the ExpertEasy website.

Further you agree that, if you or anyone else commences or threatens any action or proceeding against ExpertEasy or makes any claim or demand against ExpertEasy as a result of any feedback you submit to the website, ExpertEasy may, in it's absolute discretion, without any notice to you immediately cancel or suspend your membership of the website.

Conditions for service professionals


Service professionals shall not: (a) list Services or offers relating to any Service in a category that is inappropriate to the Service they are offering; (b) misrepresent the location at which they will provide a Service; (c) include brand names or other inappropriate keywords in their Profile, Offer, Want, Feedback, or any other title or description relating to a Service; (d) use misleading titles that do not accurately describe the Service; or (e) include any information in their Profile that is fraudulent.


Service professionals shall not: (a) offer a catalog or a link to a third-party website from which Service Users or any Registered User or user of the Website may obtain the Service directly; (b) exceed multiple Posting limits; (c) post a single Service but offer additional identical services in the Service description; (d) charge fees for traveling further than desired to provide the Service; (e) offer the opportunity through ExpertEasy to purchase the Service or any other service outside of ExpertEasy; (f) use their Profile page or user name to promote services not offered on or through the Website and/or prohibited services.


Subject to any exceptions set forth in these Terms of Use or Additional Policies, if any, service professionals shall not: (a) solicit Service Users to mail cash or use other payment methods not specifically permitted by ExpertEasy as approved payment methods; (b) include links that do not conform to ExpertEasy's policies with respect to third-party links; (c) use certain types of HTML and JavaScript in Postings, your Profile page, your Offer page, or your Wants page; (d) promote raffles, prizes, bonuses, games of chance, giveaways, or random drawings; (e) use profanity in any Posting; (f) acknowledge or credit a third-party service professional for services or products directly connected with your particular Posting (1) with more than 10 words of text, (2) with any promotional material in connection with that third-party company, and/or (3) with a link to the third-party's website with any information in addition to the Service provided via ExpertEasy; (g) include third-party endorsements in a Posting; or (h) create a Posting that does not offer a Service.


If a service professional violates any of the above-referenced rules in connection with his or her Posting, ExpertEasy, in its sole discretion, may take any of the following actions: (a) cancel the Posting; (b) limit the service professional's Account privileges; (c) suspend the service professional's Account; (d) decrease the service professional's status earned via the Feedback page; (e) in extreme cases cause the service professional to forfeit any fees earned via a canceled Posting.

Conditions for Service Users


(a) commit to purchasing or using a Service without paying; (b) register for, negotiate a price for, use, or otherwise solicit a Service with no intention of following through with your use of or payment for the Service; (c) agree to purchase a Service when you do not meet the service professional's terms as outlined in the Posting, or agree to purchase a Service with the intention of disrupting a Posting; or (d) misuse any options made available now or in the future by ExpertEasy in connection with the use or purchase of any Service.


If a user violates any of the above-referenced rules in connection with his or her Posting, ExpertEasy, in its sole discretion, may take any of the following actions: (a) cancel the Posting; (b) limit the user's Account privileges; (c) suspend the user's Account; and/or (d) decrease the user's status earned via the Feedback page.

Breaching Our Terms and Conditions

Without limiting other remedies available to ExpertEasy at law, in equity or under this Terms and Conditions, we may, in our sole discretion, immediately issue a warning, temporarily suspend or terminate your membership and refuse to provide services to you if:

  1. you breach these Terms and Conditions or Personal Information & Privacy policy;
  2. we are unable to verify or authenticate any information you provide to us; or
  3. we believe your actions may cause legal liability to you, ExpertEasy users or ExpertEasy.

Suspension and Termination of Accounts

Users of the website may have their access to the website and ExpertEasy services suspended for any length of time for any breach of the Terms and Conditions, as well as, but not limited to, any of the following reasons:

  1. Providing false or inaccurate information during registration or when quote on the website.
  2. Providing false or inaccurate information to ExpertEasy employees or agents.
  3. Receiving more than 3 distinct negative feedback ratings or complaints from other website users in relation to services contracted by the users.
  4. Acting as an agent of another business or individual who is not a current member of the website without the written approval of ExpertEasy.
  5. Submitting quotes via any means to any other person or entity for work that the business user is not qualified, or licenced to perform.

ExpertEasy may at its discretion terminate your use or, or access to, the website at any time. If this happens we may notify you by email. If your use of the website is terminated:

  1. You are no longer authorised to access the website or use any other ExpertEasy services with the email address you used to register with the site or any other email address you possess;
  2. You will continue to be subject to and bound by all restrictions imposed on you by the Terms and Conditions; and
  3. All licences granted by you and all disclaimers by ExpertEasy and limitations of ExpertEasy's liability set out in the Terms and Conditions or elsewhere on the website will survive.

Refunds Policy

When fees are charged for introductions immediately provided due to their being immediately provided such fees or other payments you have made to ExpertEasy would not normally subject to refunds.

In the case of an event not specifically covered in the Refund Policy, refunds will be given at the discretion of ExpertEasy.

Refunds paid in accordance with this Refund policy will be paid within 30 business days via the same method the payment to be refunded was made to ExpertEasy in the first instance.

Business users who claim a refund from their credit card provider or bank without contacting our Customer Support team first may have their account suspended. ExpertEasy may issue an invoice to recover up to the full value of any unauthorised refund to the relevant business user. ExpertEasy may contract a debt collection agency or use other legal means to recover unauthorised refunds. ExpertEasy may charge you for any costs we incur as a result of collecting your payment.

Customer Support & Complaints Policy

Our staff will endeavour to process questions or complaints from registered users of the website according to the following policy:

  1. ExpertEasy will attempt to resolve any customer complaints and answer any questions within 1 business day of the first contact made by a customer by email to [email protected]
  2. All suggestion and complaints are reviewed by ExpertEasy customer support representatives and may be escalated to a manager for resolution if required.
  3. ExpertEasy reserves the right not to respond to customer support questions or complaints that offend ExpertEasy employees or agents.
  4. ExpertEasy reserves the right not to respond to questions or complaints made by individuals who, in the opinion of ExpertEasy, are not current users of the website, or have been suspended from using the website.


Any controversy or claim arising our of or in connection with these Terms and Conditions may at our discretion be settled by binding arbitration through a commercial dispute resolution centre selected by us. You agree to be bound by the ruling arbitrator. The costs of the dispute are borne by the originator of the dispute.

Updates to the Website

ExpertEasy may from time to time and at any time change or discontinue any feature of the website including content, hours or availability and equipment required for access.

Promotions & Competitions

If ExpertEasy runs promotions or competitions involving the awarding of prizes or other gifts, ExpertEasy may modify the Terms and Conditions and implement additional terms and conditions, which will be communicated to you by posting them on the website at the time of such promotions and competitions.