The Best Easy Start Petrol Lawn Mowers on the Market in 2021 (Available in Australia)

The Best Easy Start Petrol Lawn Mowers on the Market in 2021 (Available in Australia)

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Easy start petrol lawn mowers are ideal for gaining instant mowing power. Instead of having to crank start a lawn mower by pulling a cord to get the motor started, you can simply press a button or turn a key to start the engine.

This article focusses purely on petrol easy start models, we also have a more general guide to lawn mowers and an article focussed on battery powered lawn mowers.

Some key factors to consider when purchasing your easy start petrol lawn mower include the size of the cutting deck (dependent on the size of your lawn), whether you choose front or rear drive and how manoeuverable your lawn mower needs to be due to the terrain of your lawn. Here’s a rundown of the best easy start petrol lawn mowers currently available.

The second hand bargain push start mulching lawn mower

The Victa Easy Starter InStart Mulch or Catch Lawn Mower achieves animmediate start thanks to its 10.8V Lithium Ion Instart battery. The Victa easy start lawn mower also features a mulching disc and the four stroke blade system means tough grass and terrain is easily managed. If catching is preferable, its hard wearing plastic catcher has a lifetime warranty. A great feature of the lawn mower is Just Check and Add, which means less frequent oil changes. The durable steel 18” chassis allows for years of lawn mowing, all in a luxurious Dulux Vintage Electro finish. A generous cutting width of 480mm means the job can be done in good time, it has a reasonable noise rating of 75dB, and its foldable handle means the lawn mower can be conveniently stowed and transported when not in use.


The Victa Easy Starter InStart Mulch or Catch Lawn Mower is no longer on sale, but there are a fair few around at decent second hand prices.

Victa Mustang push start petrol lawn mower under $850

If you’re looking for a petrol lawn mower that will make the job a breeze, look to the Victa Mustang 750 InStart Alloy Lawn Mower. It comes equipped with a lithium ion push button starting system, making lawn mowing as simple as possible. The model is powered by a Briggs & Stratton 163cc InStart engine, and features a quad blade cutting system with 4 swing back blades to deliver a clean cut no matter how tough the terrain. Additional features include QPT engine technology for reduced noise and vibration, as well as excellent mulching performance thanks to a unique blade-disc design to create circulation within the grass and fertilise while you mow. The lawn mower is also has a convenient comfort grip with lower loop, and comes with a 4 year limited warranty.


The Victa Mustang Ultimate 19” Alloy Lawn Mower can be bought from Victa.

The super powerful push start petrol lawn mower for under $1,300

For the perfect lawn mower for small to medium lawns, the Rover Pro Cut 760 Self Propelled Lawn Mower is a powerful choice. Able to motor through fine to rough terrain, the 196cc engine and robust 19” alloy deck helps to ensure a great job is achieved. Convenience is ensured thanks to being self-propelled with a simple push button start, and a generous 65 litre polymer catcher with a fill indicator. The lawn mower also comes complete with a mulch plug, four high lift swing back blades for a clean cut, and a blade brake clutch to prevent the blades from moving while the engine runs making it safe to empty the catcher and remove obstacles from the mowing path. Rover models are built for Australian conditions and are very durable lawn mowers, the unit and engine are both covered by a 5 year domestic use warranty.


The Rover Pro Cut 760 Self Propelled Lawn Mower can be bought from Rover.

Once you’ve chosen your perfect push start petrol lawn mower, here are some top tips on how to maintain it.


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