The Best Leaf Blowers Available in Australia (2021 Update)

The Best Leaf Blowers Available in Australia (2021 Update)

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Clearing a whole lawn full of leaves can be an exhausting and time intensive task that’s enough to warrant investing in a leaf blower to get the job done. Whether it’s to get rid of those autumn leaves, clearing walkways, or removing grass cuttings in the summer, they’re convenient for use all year round. There’s plenty of choice in Australia when it comes to leaf blowers, from petrol to cordless and for large or small lawns with varying numbers of trees – in this article, we help you choose the model that’s right for your needs.

Things to consider before purchasing a leaf blower

Of course, at first it makes sense to assess your needs. Firstly, work out how big your lawn is roughly – how much debris do you typically encounter per week? How many trees are in your lawn, and how big are they? Answering these questions will help to determine the kind of leaf blower that will be right for you. For larger estates with significant amounts of leaves and debris, a more powerful option will be perfect. Equally, smaller lawns with older trees that shed a large amount of leaves throughout the year will also require a powerful model. Lawns that don’t need quite as much maintenance may be better suited to a cordless or electric model, so it’s important to establish the qualities you’ll require in advance. It’s also important to consider noise levels when it comes to leaf blowers – Consumer Reports recommends wearing hearing protection, as well as goggles and a dust mask.

Below is a helpful video from consumer reports on the features to look for when choosing a leaf blower, with an explanation of air volume, air speed, size range, and more.

Let's get into some of our preferred models currently Available in Australia...

Cordless leaf blowers

If you need a reasonably simple and inexpensive model that will do the job but is super easy to use, a cordless model sounds like it’s perfect for you. Important things to look for in a cordless leaf blower, include factors like battery type, whether a charger is included, and if it will supply sufficient power for your needs.

The best cordless leaf blower for homeowner use


If you’re looking for a cordless, lightweight, and powerful leaf blower, you may want to choose the Bosch ALB 18 LI. This battery-powered leaf blower features an ergonomic design. It is comfortable to work with. Weighing only 1.8kg, Bosch ALB 18 LI will ensure you keep on blowing the leaves without getting tired very quickly.

The leaf blower has a powerful speed with an awesome airflow of 210km/h, allowing you to easily clear leaves off your patios as well as medium-sized gardens. While not designed for heavy-duty applications like large backyards and gardens, the leaf blower can effectively perform well on medium-sized and small gardens as well as patios. Its detachable blower tube allows you to save on space when you want to store it. Since the leaf blower uses an 18-volt lithium-ion battery, it offers you freedom of movement while cleaning around the garden. Its Syneon Chip helps regulate power thus prolonging the battery’s runtime as well its lifespan. And you can use the battery for other Bosch tools like drills, trimmers, and saws. The Bosch ALB 18 LI gives you a 17 minutes continuous runtime, which is ideal for the majority of applications.

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The lightweight cordless leaf blower


The BLACK+DECKER 18V Blower is a handy leaf blower that comes with a power boost feature. It features the POWERCOMMAND feature to offer you extra power when you need it. Sometimes, you may find that the leaves stick on the ground and aren’t easy to remove. You can count on the power of BLACK & DECKER 18V Blower GWC1820PC-XE to the toughest tasks done. By switching the Power Boost button, you activate the power boost mode that speeds the airflow to about 209km/h. This is 20 percent more power compared to the standard mode power.

Besides, the leaf blower comes with a compact design for not only easy storage but handling. Thanks to it's lightweight 1.7kg design you won’t be complaining of tiredness or back pain after your cleaning session. It’s is easy to move the blower around and its compact design can allow you to reach those confined areas for a thorough cleanup. The BLACK & DECKER Blower GWC1820PC-XE has a soft-grip handle to not only offer you extra comfort during use but also ensure that your palms won't develop bruises. This blower has a low noise design to give you a more quiet operation. And when not in use, you can detach the chute to ensure easy storage. Again, since it is battery-powered, it means that you enjoy cordless freedom, allowing you to move around conveniently and get the job done easily without being tied to a socket. Get this leaf blower to clear debris from patios, gardens, pavements, garages, and pathways. You can also use it to clear guttering and light snowfall and fallen blossom and leaves.

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The powerfull cordless leaf blower


A versatile leaf blower, the WORX WG546E TURBINE blower features Turbine Fan technology to give you that high air volume flow you need from a leaf blower to ensure efficiency in cleaning. Their air volume flows up to 340 cfm for greater efficiency. The 2-speed blower gives you control and the ability to tackle different tasks around the garden, deck, patio, and yard. It will give you a good clean up even the tough tasks. The WORX WG546E comes with a compact design and is lightweight to ensure easy portability and operation. You won’t about experiencing back pain due to heavy load as it weighs only about 2.6 kg. You can easily handle it with one hand.

A hyper stream air nozzle allows you to deal with touch conditions ensuring you get every bit of leaves on your garden and patios. Additionally, the leaf blower features the Powershare platform to allow you to use or interchange the batteries with other WORX tools running on a 20V MAX system. Being a battery-powered leaf blower, you can easily move around as you clean your gardens without the interruptions and inconveniences you get from corded leaf blowers.

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Petrol leaf blowers

While they certainly can be noisy, The New York Times discusses restrictions on petrol leaf blowers and how this can lead to shabbier results when it comes to maintaining public property. At the end of the day I have not seen any professional lawn mowing or garden maintaince services carry anything other than petrol driven leaf blowers.

The four stroke petrol leaf blower


If other petrol leaf blowers don’t quite cut the mustard for your lawn, the Honda 25cc four Stroke Leaf Blower will certainly perform where others won’t. As an extremely powerful model for clearing plenty of cuttings, leaves, and debris, it’s great for larger jobs thanks to its four stroke leaf blade and 25cc commercial engine for intense performance. As an added bonus, it doesn’t require any fuel mixing, and there is of course no electrical cord making it much simpler to use. Boasting the famously quiet Honda engine, it’s a fuel efficient model that’s also incredibly easy to start up. Perfect for either professionals after a top grade petrol leaf blower or just homeowners with plenty of leaves to shift, it also comes with 4 years of domestic and 1 year of commercial warranty.

You can purchase the Honda HHB25 25cc 4 Stroke Leaf Blower from Honda.

The fast-starting petrol leaf blower

victa swift start

For all those occasions where you just need a good quality petrol leaf blower that ‘just goes’, the Victa Swift-Start Blower/Vac is your dream model. As a reliable leaf blower that offers a smooth, soft, and easy pull start, it features auto-choke and a consistent performance with anti-vibration thanks to an isolated engine and a Walbro carburetor. Its extremely powerful 27.5cc 2-stroke engine with high air speed blasts away leaves and debris, which is made much simpler with cruise control. In case you needed more, as well as being a leaf blower, a vac kit is also included for gathering and shredding debris. Whilst it’s definitely on the pricier side, you can certainly distinguish this model from others on the market.

You can purchase the Victa Swift-Start Blower/Vac from Victa.

Electric leaf blowers

While they cannot compete with petrol power electric leaf blowers offer a number of advantages over petrol leafblowers, most notably easy maintenance and ease of use.

The powerful electric leaf blower that vacuums for under $130


You could previously purchase the Bosch ALS 25 2300W Electric Blower Vacuum from Bunnings or, for a while it went out of stock on both, it is no longer listed at bunnings, but now it is back in stock at amazon!

A leaf blower as well as garden vacuum, the Bosch ALS 25 2300W Leaf Blower is a powerful tool for tidying up your driveways, patios, lawns, and gardens. This tool doubles up as a blower and a vacuum. You can it in two configurations – first, you can use the blower mode designed to allow you to collect together the debris and leaves around your patios and garden. Secondly, you can such up those most stubborn wastes in the garden by using the vacuum mode. It has a shredder function that will condense the waster into materials you can easily decompose in the garden.

Also, ALS 25 2300W offers powerful performance with a 2300w motor that can deliver an air volume flow rate of 800 m3/h. It features variable speeds that can reach as high as 300 km/h.

While it may not be the lightest leaf blower, it weighs 3.2kg and when you include the vacuum mode, the weight goes up to 4.4kg. It’s a handy and practical tool that offers you the convenience of cleaning leaves, vacuuming, and shredding them for easy disposal. You can easily switch from the leaf blower mode to the vacuum mode by replacing the blower tube with the vacuum tube as well as the collection bag to suit your garden and driveway cleaning needs.

The bargain electric leaf blower


If you’re after a simple electric blower that will remove a reasonable amount of leaves from your relatively low maintenance lawn, the Ozito Electric Blower BLW-1800 may just be your perfect match. Featuring a lightweight design and a sure grip ergonomic handle to allow for convenient and prolonged usage as well as easy maneuverability, this particular model offers an 1800W electric motor to get the job done well. Although you can’t expect the most powerful model on the market for this price point, it does have a decent 320km/hr air speed for shifting leaves and debris from basic areas including lawns and courtyards which is ideal for DIY activity. Another bonus is the lack of exhaust emissions or fuel mixing required, as with petrol models.

Read more about theOzito Electric Blower BLW-1800


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