The 8 Best Hedge Trimmers Available To Buy in Australia

The 8 Best Hedge Trimmers Available To Buy in Australia

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In order to keep your garden looking tidy, a hedge trimmer is an essential tool for keeping hedges in good shape whilst saving plenty of time and effort.

There’s a wide choice of models available in Australia, from electric to petrol to cordless, and from a variety of world-renowned brands. With such a range of prices, power types, and blade lengths on offer, we aim to help you choose the perfect model for your needs.

We are focussed on the best trimmers that you can buy in Australia in this article, if you are a reader from the UK check out this guide.

Why trim hedges?

All hedges need to be trimmed – and the most obvious reason for this is to prevent overgrowth. According to the Royal Horticultural Society, new hedges require pruning for their first couple of years after planting in the winter or spring. Maintenance can then be carried out annually for elaborate hedges, and bi-annually for more formal hedges to keep them compact.

It is also good for the health of hedges, by cutting out dead or diseased parts of the plant as well as reducing any danger of insect issues. Keeping hedges more compact increases the privacy of your space, as the plant will fill in trimmed areas.

Regularly maintained hedges can also reduce the chance of damage to buildings, and be less of an obstruction. Keeping hedges well maintained can keep plants healthier, provide a neat and tidy border for your land, and even add decoration with a little topiary.

Things to consider before purchasing a hedge trimmer

There are a few key questions to bear in mind when browsing hedge trimmers and the purpose for your model of choice.

  1. Think about where your hedges are – would a corded model suffice or do you need a cordless hedge trimmer? Are they up high, where you’ll need a light weight model that’s easier to move around? Long-reach hedge trimmers are another option to consider.
  2. How large is the area of your garden that you’ll have to trim? How long would it take you approximately? If it’s well over an hour, you may want to consider a more powerful model to cut down the time and effort taken to trim your hedges.
  3. Which type of hedges do you have? Are they the ornamental, slightly more delicate, and flowering kind, or rather more established and rigid, dividing hedges?

Also Which? has an interactive tool to help you answer some questions to determine the kind of hedge trimmer you may need for your garden, and ConsumerSearch offers a buyer guide with more features to consider for your hedge trimmer, from rotating blades to locking on/off switches to noise levels.

Hopefully now you’ll have a good idea of the type of hedge trimmer you’ll be best suited to from the range on offer in the Australian market:

Electric hedge trimmers

Although not quite as powerful as petrol powered hedge trimmers, electrical hedge trimmers do have a number of advantages for home hedge maintenance. There is a number of models out there with various cutters, hand guards, and position heads.

The bargain electric hedge trimmer


If you’re looking for an affordable and simple to use model that’s perfect for maintaining light foliage around a small garden space, the Ozito Pole Hedge Trimmer is ideal. With a 12 position pivoting head, the user has versatility and maneuverability for whatever the hedge trimmer may be required for. A 2.3 metre long reach means higher areas of hedge can be easily reached, and dual action laser cut blades of 410 mm and 1000 cut strokes per minute means efficient cutting in less time. Made from aluminum, the model is relatively lightweight at 6kg, although it is corded. Another bonus is a rear positioned motor for increased safety and improved balance.

You can purchase the Ozito Pole Hedge Trimmer from Ozito.

The powerful electric hedge trimmer


While it is a bit more pricy, the Ryobi 450W Electric Pole Hedge Trimmer offers much more industrial action for tougher hedges with harder to reach places to cut. With a 4 year replacement warranty, it’s a great investment to keep up maintenance of hedges for years to come and its robust model means users can trim hedges at difficult to reach heights and angles thanks to a rotating head of 135 degrees.

There’s a 450W motor for strong and prolonged performance, and it features laser cut diamond ground blades to tackle the toughest of hedges. With a 400mm bar length and a 4m extension, it really is well equipped for demanding hedge spaces. At 4.1kg in weight, it’s lighter than most other corded electric models.

You can purchase the Ryobi 450W Electric Pole Hedge Trimmer from Ryobi.

Cordless hedge trimmers

It’s great to get rid of cables and plugs and get to work with a battery powered cordless hedge trimmer. Cordless models are typically compact and lightweight for the utmost convenience, whilst still having precise blades and excellent maneuverability.

The low-price cordless hedge trimmer


The Ozito 18V Hedge Trimmer Kit is the ideal model for some simple maintenance and shaping in smaller garden spaces. The 510mm dual action cutting blades allow for an efficient, clean cut with 15mm cutting capacity, and the dual handed safety switch stops accidental starting for more cautious usage. The hedge trimmer has a lightweight design and an 18V lithium ion battery for relatively long lasting usage, and a 3 year replacement warranty comes as standard.

You can purchase the Ozito 18V Hedge Trimmer Kit from Ozito.

The Budget-Friendly Cordless Hedge Trimmer


The GE-CH cordless hedge trimmer is an excellent device that provides good service for the trimming of shrubs, bushes, and hedges on large allotments and grounds where there is no power connected to the electric power grid. To make it durable, it features metal construction and ensures clean cutting results; the cutting blades are counter-rotating featuring the construction of diamond-ground steel and laser-cut. The pre-installed two-hand safety button brings the cutting edges to a complete stop in less than 1 second when you release the button.

The cutters feature aluminium cover protection to enhance safety and prevent injuries. It comes with an adjustable front handle, and you can swivel the rear handle for comfortable handling and optimum setting of the hedge trimmer concerning the working condition. The shock guard has a unique design with a hole for mounting it on the wall, which allows you to store this electric hedge trimmer away in an instant in a small space.

Furthermore, the GE-CH 1855/1 Li blade guard is incredibly sturdy for user-friendly and safe storage or transportation. Besides, this hedge trimmer is ideal for the Einhell Power X-Change battery pack. However, the trimmer comes without the charger and the battery, which are available separately. It features a blade length of 62 cm and a cutting length of 55 cm, long enough for trimming shrubs, bushes and hedges and useful rounding corners.

Check the current price of the Einhell GE-CH 1855/1 Li Solo Power X-Change Cordless Hedge Trimmer

The WORX Power Share 22-inch Cordless Hedge Trimmer


Although Worx cordless hedge trimmer is hardy, you will not experience fatigue when trimming hedges as it is comfortable to use and adequately long for your trimming work. It comes with a 22-inch cutting area, which is a perfect length for hedges and flat tops, but it is still possible to round the corners. It features a D-grip handle that allows you to cut from any position, hold it in different angles that you feel comfortable, hoist it for the high tops, and hold it down for the low undergrowth.

The dual blade design enables it to cut once again; it catches the branch on its way back, ensuring the trimming is fast, powerful, and clean. The ¾ inches blade gap features a design to absorb vibration by getting around the branches and ripping through them. The over-mold construction delivers that energy while absorbing vibration such that you hardly feel it. Typically, it helps make a smoother cut with minimal fatigue in your hands and arms, allowing you to work for a long time without exhaustion.

Additionally, The Worx hedge trimmer is cordless and comes with a rechargeable battery, ensuring you do not mind doubling back and holding the power cable. It features a 20V MaxLithium battery and a charger for powering the device, enabling you to work even far away from the power supply worry-free.

Check the current price of the WORX WG261 20V Power Share

Beyond by BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Hedge Trimmer Kit


Beyond black and decker cordless hedge trimmer is a portable garden device to help you trim bushes, shrubs, and hedges. It comes with an 18 inch blade that allows you to cut branches quickly, and the compact design ensures the job is easy on you. With faster performance and less vibration due to the dual-action steel blades that are well hardened, you feel you are in control and more comfortable, helping you trim the hedges fast. You can operate this device for a long time without exhaustion due to the minimal vibration, lightweight, and easy to handle.

As part of the battery system, this trimmer comes with a charger and interchangeable battery of 20V maximum and a nominal voltage of 18.

This is a fantastic tool for home improvement enthusiasts from Black and Decker due to the T- handle's unique design. It makes the home, yard, and garden maintenance much more effortless with uniform cuts from the 5/8 inches capacity, excellent for routine trimming of small to medium shrubs, bushes, and hedges.

Check the current price

Greenworks 22-Inch 24V Cordless Hedge Trimmer


GreenWorks G24 System provides you with a wide range of portable and easy to use devices, ensuring everything is hassle-free. In particular, this 12-inch cordless string trimmer features a design of a front mount motor for optimum stability. This trimmer features a 12-inch long cutting path with an auto-feed head measuring a 0.65 inches diameter to enhance a comfortable line setting and innovative walk at the rear.

It features a unique design for comfortable operation and easy use without the requirements of a gas. The 24v Axial Blower comes with a variable motion trigger for maximum control. With 100 MPH and 300 CFM, you can blow leaves much more quickly. Additionally, its currently compatible batteries include a 4ah and 2ah battery and the charger. The 2ah battery has a quick charge time of 45 minutes so that you can go back to your trimming work and then finish it. The 4ah battery takes a little longer to charge to full capacity, up to 90min. However, the 4ah battery powers the device for a long time without recharging, unlike the 2ah battery that needs frequent recharging.

An innovative 180 degree rotating handle at the rear provides easy cutting at varying angles with a wrap around the accessory handle to make it comfortable during operation. It comes with a 22-Inch dual action steel blade for maximum performance during the process, including an aluminium rail cover for safe transportation and storage and the 5/8-Inch cutting capacity cuts through all your hedges and bushes with more outstanding performance.

Check the current price

The lightweight cordless Shrub Shear


The Bosch 10.8V Li-Ion Cordless Shrub Shear is a great value model offering reliable and powerful hedge maintenance. As a cordless model, it is really convenient and agile to use with a comfortable ergonomic grip, and even has an ‘anti blocking system’ for increased power throughout use that won’t be held back by stalling.

At just 0.9kg, it’s an extremely lightweight cordless hedge trimmer that makes getting small jobs much easier – and features a long run time of 100 minutes thanks to the powerful 10.8V lithium ion battery that ensures performance is on great form.

When the battery runs out, it takes just 3.5 hours to charge again. The blades are robust, precise, and Swiss-made, and have a 20cm length for cutting through a variety of hedge types. Additional bonuses include a two year warranty and a one year warranty extension.

You can purchase the Bosch 10.8V Li-Ion Cordless Shrub Shear here.

The High Voltage Cordless Hedge Trimmer


For the ultimate in power when it comes to cordless hedge trimmers, the Victa 82V 26” Hedge Kit with Battery should be your model of choice. Operated by a Briggs & Stratton 82V lithium battery and a 800W brushless motor, it’s perfect for even the unruliest of hedges, all whilst maintaining the agility required of a cordless model through a lightweight design. You’re guaranteed a perfect finish thanks to the 26” double sheer action steel blades with generous 25mm cutting, a high end 26” bar with a double sheer and 180° five-position multi-positional rotatable rear handle for getting a great finish even on the most tough to reach places. A release button easily dislodges any material caught in the blades for a smooth cut, and a pole extension is also included. The model is also backed by a 5 year warranty for your reassurance.

You can purchase the Victa 82V 26” Hedge Kit with Battery from Bunnings.

Petrol hedge trimmers

There are various advantages to using a petrol hedge trimmer, thanks to their lack of cables and ability to have greater agility as a result. As petrol models are typically more powerful than cordless or electric hedge trimmers, they’re perfect for maintaining larger garden spaces and tougher plants.

The go-to petrol hedge trimmer


Whilst there’s a more limited selection of petrol hedge trimmers available in Australia, the Ryobi 26cc 600mm Petrol Blade Hedge Trimmer has got you covered.

Although many people prefer to use electric or cordless models for the environmental benefits, nothing quite compares to the power of petrol hedge trimmers, making them perfect for larger gardens and the most rigid of hedges. A commercial grade 2 stroke engine provides good power throughout use, and generous 600mm dual action blades ensure fast clean cuts and good coverage with a wide 28mm cutting capacity.

This petrol hedge trimmer has a lightweight design with a 180° 5 position rear rotating handle to capture all of those hard to reach places, and user comfort is ensured through a zip start spring assisted pull start and vibration reduction. There is a magnesium hard wearing gearbox for durability and a 2 year replacement warranty.

You can purchase the Ryobi 26cc 600mm Petrol Blade Hedge Trimmer from Ryobi.

For some tips on how to use your hedge trimmer effectively here is a guide from Bunnings on how to trim hedges.

If you’ve gone through the above-mentioned list, you now have a better idea of which hedge trimmers are available in the market and which one suits your needs better. Try to go for one that fits your budget and your gardening needs. While some might be great for maintaining a small garden, you might need a heavy-duty trimmer for landscaping a larger area. If you’ve recently taken up gardening as a hobby, then don't spend much until you’re sure you’ll stick to it. However, if you’ve been doing it for a long time and want to take up gardening or landscaping as a means of income, you should invest in high quality tools for daily use.

Bonus: Edging shears under $50

Spear and jackson offer great edging shears with long handles and sharp blades


  • Product dimensions are 95.5 x 28 x 3.9 cm and weighs 1.51 Kg
  • Has tubular steel handles because it gives extra strength.
  • Has hollow ground c50 carbon steel blades for clean cuts
  • The blades are polished and lacquered with reduced binding.
  • The handle is 813mm long and has a soft feel grip.

You can purchase these SPEAR & JACKSON LAWN SHEARS from


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