8 of the Best Battery Powered Lawn Mowers on the Market in 2022 (Available in Australia)

8 of the Best Battery Powered Lawn Mowers on the Market in 2022 (Available in Australia)

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Battery powered lawn mowers are a great choice for providing freedom when mowing. Most cordless lawn mowers still pack a punch when it comes to power. They’re perfect for lawn spaces where it’s difficult to accommodate an extension cable, and they really help make lawn mowing as convenient as possible.

This article focusses purely on battery powered models, we also have:

You can now get a cordless mower for $199, but if that is your price point we recommend you just get a corded electric model instead.

We’ve pulled together the best battery powered lawn mowers out there on the Australian market starting at $320. Take a look through our list and choose the perfect model for you.

Note: They are ordered by price and not by our preference.

At the end of the article read our explanation of lawn mower battery power.

The value lawn mower kit for around $320

The Giantz 40V cordless lawnmower is a value model that is lightweight and perfect for domestic use on smaller lawn spaces.

Giantz 40V cordless lawnmower

We haven't got our hands on this product for a full review, but from the specifications it looks to be the best product at this low price point, we would recommend it above the base level Ozito and Ryobi products that you can pick up at Bunnings due to their cutting too low even on highest setting and their tiny cutting width.

This mower comes with six height adjustments for a great cut from its 370mm cutting width.

On amazon.com.au at time of writing the Giantz Lawn Mower 40V Cordless Lawnmower with 2 Rechargeable Batteries was selling at under $320

The batteries supplied are only 2.0Ah ones and with those we recommended only for lawn spaces of up to 300m², however if you have more batteries from other power tools from Giantz then you might find it suitable for larger lawns.

Ozito value lawn mower under $400

The PXLMTK-3182 is inexpensive and good value. This battery powered lawn mower boasts a 370mm cutting width.

The PXCLMK-418 is a step up from the base level Ozito PXCLMS-018 (known as PXCLMK-1318 when supplied with a battery).

Ozito PXLMTK-3182

The PXLMTK-3182 is also a step up from the now discontinued PXCLMK-218 as it’s got longer lasting power with two 18V 3.0Ah lithium batteries. There’s a Multi Battery Fast Charger that can charge both batteries at the same time, and an LED charge indicator on the lawn mower shows when the batteries need charging.

It has an adjustable six position cutting height (at 25mm, 50mm, and 75mm). A 40 litre grass catcher and a safety switch and carry handle for convenience help make the lawn mower sufficient for occasional domestic use on a small to medium city lawn.

Other features include:

  • A 30 litre grass catcher with an indicator to show when the mower is full.
  • A switch combined with a start button for your safety when starting up.
  • A two position adjustable handle with a comfort grip.

We recommended only for domestic use, for lawn spaces of up to 400m².

The powerful battery powered lawn mower under $600

The Ryobi RLM36X46S52 boasts excellent power in a cordless model. It's 36v 5.0Ah battery allows an impressive 65 minutes of operation, and it includes a fast charger for high performance. Charge time takes roughly 75 minutes. The battery powered lawn mower’s impressive 36V brushless motor makes it a reliable machine that’s efficient whilst remaining reasonably quiet to operate.

Ryobi 36V lawn mower

One of the best features of this particular model is its Load Sensing Technology, that means when its working against difficult terrain like wet or thick grass, it increases power automatically. Equally, for easier terrain, power consumption will be adjusted appropriately. Additional features include its telescopic, ergonomic handles for quick setup and comfortable usage. Its five different adjustable cutting heights and generous 460mm cutting width make it a pleasure to use no matter which lawn you’re tackling. For reassurance, the model is covered by a 6 year tool, and a 3 year battery and charger replacement warranty.

The Ryobi 36V Brushless Lawn Mower is frequently available at Bunnings, but you need to pick it up in store rather than order for delivery.

The easy to use battery powered lawn mower under $700

For a lawn mower that’s cordless and makes the often arduous process of mowing the lawn straightforward and a pleasure to do, the Makita 18V Cordless Lawn Mower kit with 2 Batteries is a decent choice. Typically on the retail market at $699, the battery powered model has a powerful speed of 3,600 RPM with no load. It maintains its power despite having a lightweight design and being very simple to use.

Makita 18V Cordless Lawn Mower

Features include a generous 430mm cutting width and an incredible 13 stage cutting height adjustment to suit a plethora of lawn conditions. The Rotary type 2 tooth blade guarantees a good cut and the supplied blower skin makes the mowing process as convenient as possible. Finally ball bearing wheels help to ensure better maneuverability across various types of terrain.

The Makita 18V Cordless Lawn Mower Kit with two batteries from Makita.

The capable battery powered lawn mower for $749

Because the batteries are large 6.0Ah ones, this would be the only 18v battery based system I would consider as a lawn care professional looking for a cordless lawn mower that packs a punch when it comes to power. The AEG 2 x 18V (36V) 18” Fusion Lawn Mower Kit may just be the ideal match. Confidently providing high performance thanks to its Advanced Brushless Motor technology, this particular AEG model also has impressive run time. Functioning on two 18V batteries, it also comes with two standard chargers to power through even the most challenging of lawns.

AEG2x18v Fusion

One of the best things about this battery powered lawn mower is that it has a 3 in 1 design, enabling it to catch, mulch plug, and side throw so that you can cut the lawn whilst fertilizing and aerating at the same time. The generous 50 litre catch bag also allows for some decent runtime before having the empty the bag. Cutting power is achieved thanks to a strong 2mm thick steel deck for the toughest of terrains, and a unique deck geometry for lower cutting heights. The 7 position height adjustment lever also means grass can be cut to a multitude of heights to suit your specific lawn. Strengthened handles also allow for a robust operation.

The AEG 2 x 18V (36V) 18” Fusion Lawn Mower Kit can often be bought from your local bunnings store.

The longest running battery lawn mower for $849

The AEG 58V 18” Brushless Lawn Mower Kit is an impressive model. AEG’s advanced battery equipment ensures longer runtimes, including load sensing technology in order to provide more power through tougher terrain, and less power for finer grass. It comes equipped with two 58v 4.0Ah batteries for a total running time of around two hours.

AEG-58v-4.0Ah lawn mower

Boasting brushless motor technology, greater power is delivered as well as a more robust and efficient engine life that requires less maintenance. Key features of the lawn mower include low noise levels, a smart-key to indicate when the battery is being removed and a collapsible design for easy movement and storage.

The AEG 58V Brushless Lawn Mower Kit is available at some bunnings stores but is often not in stock.

The high performance long-warranty battery powered lawn mower for under $1000

The Masport President 1000 ST S18 Combo 84V 0.75kW is acclaimed for its incredible M-TECH moter. Unlike the Victa we featured earlier this 84V battery is a 4Ah one and it powers the engine to a level similar to many petrol lawn mowers. The battery has a run time of up to 70 minutes and comes with an 84v 3A charger.

The lawn mower’s blade disc system, handle, wheels, catcher, and cutting deck are the same as those used on Masport’s petrol lawn mowers to ensure a performance that is without any compromise.

Masport-President 1000 ST S18 84V

The model has mulching capabilities, and users simply push the button and pull the bail to begin operation. It’s a model that offers great performance and durability. Other key features include adjustable mono bearing wheels, Masport Dual Mowzone for edge to edge cutting, and a Handle Lift System for easy catcher removal and storage. There’s also a reassuring 5 years domestic motor warranty (90 days commercial), and an unusually long 5 year warranty on the battery and battery charger.

The Masport President 1000 ST S18 Combo 84V 1.5kW is available from Masport dealerships.

The durable wide cut battery powered lawn mower under $1000

If you’re looking for a lawn mower that provides an extreme level of durability whilst maintaining power, the Victa 82V Power Cut Mulch or Catch Lawn Mower may just be the mower for you. Perfect for Australian terrain, it’s a great model for overcoming obstacles such as sticks and debris thanks to its tough 21” steel chassis and swing-back blades.

Victa-82V-21 lawn mower

The battery powered lawn mower comes with two 82V 2.0Ah batteries with a Rapid Charge that takes just half an hour to fully recharge. This means you can charge the spare battery while you mow, eliminating downtime. Just switch over batteries as required.

Features include the High performance 1200W Briggs and Stratton Nexcel brushless motor, and mulching capability for fertilizing your lawn at the same time as mowing. It also has a great cutting height range of between 11 and 75 mm. Durability of the machine is assured by the model’s 5 year replacement warranty.

The Victa 82V 21 wide cut Mulch or Catch Lawn Mower used to be available from Bunnings, but is now gone - well be updating this article further very soon.

Battery Power Explained

It is not as simple that higher voltage by itself means higher power, it also depends on the AMPs of the battery and of course power can be lost on the way to the blades if the other components are cheaply made, so the power available from the battery is only one factor.

You can buy a wide range of of 18V tools, which are great for small domestic jobs and you can often swap these batteries with your other tools, while it's a common format for domestic grade battery mowers to use two 18v batteries running together to produce a 36v system, we wouldn't really recommend them for commercial use by lawn mowing services.

There is an advantage of higher voltage batteries and that is that the current drawn is less. To produce 1200 watts from a 36 v battery would require 33.3 A compared to 14.6 A at 82v. Because most 36v systems use 2 x 18v batteries in series, that’s a current draw of 33.3 A for each battery. Drawing this level of current over a long period would cause excessive heating. So, generally speaking, the higher the battery voltage the better.

Ah is simply a measure of the total charge capacity of a battery pack. Higher values can mean longer runtime AND might also indicate additional power, however battery powered mowers are generally designed with a current draw ceiling, so you typically won’t see double the power if you pair them with beefier battery packs.

Final words

Hopefully now you have a good idea of the best battery powered lawn mower to best suit your lawn’s needs, we know we left you with a difficult choice at the higher end with those mowers at the same price point, if that's where your looking we encourage you to research further for your specific needs...let's us know what you picked in the comments!


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