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How To Organize A Green Corner In Your Room

How To Organize A Green Corner In Your Room

. 3 min read

If you don’t like the abundance of plants in the room, you just haven’t seen a good example of the interior design having a green corner. Or you’re just too young. However, since you’re reading this, the moment when you feel you need to buy some plants and change the way your room looks has come. If you’re a beginner in it, you have no knowledge and ideas on how to organize a green corner, and it’s okay. However, you may brainstorm and try to create something unique. Who knows, perhaps you’ll do everything well without any hints or tips. But we still consider it necessary to tell you the basics of styling the plants indoors.

We consider green corners the best solution for corners because greenery is useful for all people who live in the house. First of all, these nice plants boost your mood and then produce oxygen. What else do we need to feel happy? Well, let’s start organizing your amazing green corner.

1. Evaluate the amount of free space

Rooms are different, corners are different, and your preferences differ as well. You and people who live with you should sit and think about what composition will look better: small or large, horizontal or vertical. It’s even possible to use special software to create a 3d model of the room and place different green corners. Many designers use it to define the best option for this or that interior. If you like plants but aren’t ready to have several dozen species, take it into account.

2. Choose the types of plants

People often forget that a plant is not just a decoration. It is something alive, requiring your time, attention, and care. If you work remotely and are at home most part of the day, you may choose almost any plant. Students and busy people may pay attention to the low-maintenance species, such as succulents. Creating a green corner in a dorm room is a good way to make this place look more comfortable. In case you’re afraid you won’t have enough time to care about them, ask Proessays experts to help you with homework and devote yourself to home gardening.

3. Plants should be different

Placing one species of plants or species that look very similar will make your corner flat. Let one plant be green, the other has a yellow shade, and another one has a very different texture. Look at the composition from afar and evaluate it. Can you differentiate each plant from a big distance, or it merges into one single picture? If you see the integrated picture, we advise you to change something or add any detail.

4. Make sure the corner is well-lit

All plants need light. If your corner doesn’t have much daylight, consider finding species that feel comfortable in such an environment. It will be a mistake to purchase different plants with different growing conditions and hope that this green corner will live long. Sorry, but it doesn’t work this way. If you belong to those people who really care about the plants they purchase and treat them like children, you’ll be responsible when choosing the flowers to place in your room.

5. Find cool plant pots and holders

We hope you understand that purchasing seven pots of the same shape and color will make your plant composition look cheap and outdated. There are so many amazing pots made of different materials and decorated with some elements. Send time to visit the local shops and find the ones you like. It’s okay if you fail to find the good one — search for the DIY hacks on the Internet and create a unique pot. Who knows, perhaps you have a talent for making DIY plant pots and will start your business?

6. Care about your garden

Watering plants isn’t enough. Don’t forget to add fertilizers regularly. We suppose your green corner is large enough so that you’ll need to purchase a notebook, write down the name of each plant you grow, and specify the growing conditions for each one. It’s impossible to keep this information in your head, especially when one plan may be watered once a week and another needs water every day. Don’t forget that you may go somewhere and leave your green corner on your close person. This notebook will help them to care about your garden.

7. Place plants on the table

Not all plants can be placed on the floor. Let the biggest one stand on the floor and the smaller ones land on the table. This kind of stand should have a different color to the contrast between the plenty of greenery and the background. It’s up to you to choose the color, but we’ll give you a piece of advice: black and brown and shades that are similar to them are the best options.


Part of the expertEasy writing team, Laura is from the UK and has a keen interest in Business, interior design and decor, home improvement and thriftiness in all things around the house and garden.