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Best Practices For Running a Roofing Company

Best Practices For Running a Roofing Company

. 4 min read

There are some companies that’ll always be in demand. People will always need a doctor, a dentist, and people to keep their home in full working order and tip-top condition. As such, owning and operating a roofing company can be one of the most stable businesses to own, providing you manage it correctly. Even though there’s plenty of potential for growth and generating profits, success won’t come on its own. You need to put the pieces in place to make it a reality. Below, we take a look at some tried and tested tips for ensuring success for your roofing company.

Don't expand too quickly

It’s not always advisable to go for the big pot of gold straight away. It takes time to get into the groove of working efficiently, on budget, safely, and all the other things that are needed for a professional job. In the early days, you’ll want to limit the number of jobs that you take on, and also ensure that you’re taking your time. Additionally, it’ll also be beneficial to limit your number of staff so that you’re able to keep a tight rein on your quality control.

Hire the Best Staff

And talking of your staff, you’ll need to put systems in place that’ll lead to bringing on board the best team members. There will be no shortage of people who will apply to be part of your team, but that doesn’t mean that they’ll necessarily make for the best option. The ability to do the job well will be your starting point, but you’ll want to look beyond their technical ability and check that they’re also team players, and customer-service focused. If you don’t, then you might find that you’ve got some issues that compromise the quality of your business in the future.

Keep An Eye On Cash-Flow

There’s plenty of potential for making money with a roofing company, but the operational costs can also be high. As such, it’s important that you’re taking care of your cash-flow situation. Things can quickly spiral out of control if your cash-flow gets into dangerous territory. While everything might be fine on your end, that’s not the only thing that’ll contribute to your financial situation -- it’ll be the speed in which your customers pay that’ll matter. Make sure you have a system set up so that you’re not left chasing up money for months on end.

Stay Safe On Site

When you’re running a roofing company, the emphasis shouldn’t only be on doing a great job and generating profit. Before anything else, the safety of your site and your employees are your priority. To reduce the chances of an accident on your site, you’ll want to have strict safety measures in place, and ensure that your team is well-trained in the best practices. It’s also advisable that you recommend roof safety mesh; it’ll provide a vital defence should somebody or something fall while working. There are always dangers when you’re working at heights, but if you take proper measures, you can significantly reduce the chances of anything going wrong.

Account For Seasonal Downtime

The chances of enjoying long-term success as a roofing company are good, but it won’t all be a rise to the top. There will be slumps just like there are in every other industry, and especially so if you live in an area that gets rainy weather. At that time, people are less inclined to work on their roof. Building up a cash reserve to see you through these periods is a smart idea. You can also try some tactics that’ll help reduce the impact of these low-periods. You can offer a discount for works during specific periods (everyone else has ‘sales,’ why not you too?). You can also use this less busy time to get to work on some admin tasks, be it your future projects, taxes, or marketing strategies.

Getting the Word Out

And talking of marketing strategies, it’ll be your ability to get the word out about your services that’ll have a huge impact on your success (or failure). Word of mouth will be an excellent tool that will win you plenty of new customers, so make sure that you’re encouraging satisfied clients to tell others. You may also ask them to fill out a feedback form; any glowing phrases can be used on your website. Testimonials are a great way to showcase what your company is all about to others! It’s also advisable that you have social media accounts and a website with strong SEO. When people need a roofing company, the first place they’ll turn is Google. If your site is listed towards the top of the results page, then you’ll find that you receive plenty of enquiries.

Invest in the Best

In order to your job to the best standards possible, you’ll need to have the best tools around. It’s recommended that you keep an eye on the best new equipment for roofing as and when they are available; they will keep you ahead of the curve, and, indeed, put you in the bracket of ‘industry leaders.’ You’ll know that your competitors will also be upgrading their equipment, so make sure you are too.

Additional Trades

After a while, you’ll want to look at expanding into new markets. The more territory that you cover, the most you’ll have. It’s as simple as that! The early days are about getting established and building your team. Once you’re in a stable position, you can look at adding experts in related building trades and taking on more work. Before expanding, however, you’ll want to check that there’s a need for your services.

More Than Just Roofing

When you're running your own company, you’re not just fixing or replacing a roof. You’re also in the business of dealing with people. There’s a marked difference between a company that just does the job, and one that does the job and also takes the time to ensure their clients are happy. Treat your customers well, and you’ll have plenty of people talking positively about your company.


Part of the expertEasy writing team, Laura is from the UK and has a keen interest in Business, interior design and decor, home improvement and thriftiness in all things around the house and garden.



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