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8 Easy Ways To Promote Your Business

8 Easy Ways To Promote Your Business

. 4 min read

When running a business, promoting yourself should always be a the forefront of your mind. In such a competitive world, your business may be up against a lot of other companies that sell similar products or services to you. So how do you stand out amongst the crowd? There are so many ways to promote your business, so try some of these out with yours going forward.

1 Utilise Your Social Media

Social media is something that every business needs to become familiar with. No matter how long you’ve been running the business, times are certainly changing, and if you’re not on social media already, you certainly risk falling by the wayside. The last thing you want is your competitors taking your customers, so get yourself on social media now. Each platform is going to do something different and depending on the type of business you run, one is going to work better than the other. So it’s important to do some research, and if you don’t have the experience in social media but do have a budget, you can always outsource this to the experts.

2 Create Valuable Content

Content is gold, and it’s important that you also have a space of your own to write your own content that relates to the business or covers your industry so that you can work on becoming an expert in that area. On your website, you should have a blog in which you can post up posts on a daily basis. It’s important to be consistent when creating and promoting content in order to create a loyal following of readers who’ll come back at the same time every day to read what you’ve put up.

Not only that but utilising video content on YouTube is also worth doing if your business is relevant. The more content you create, the more influence you’ll have in the industry you’re in.

3 Go Big At Events

There’s plenty of opportunities to show off at events as a business. These events whether they’re conference style or networking, it’s worth taking some branding to sell your business to anyone who attends, such as media walls like these from EventDisplay, so that you stand out from the crowd and gain a lot more attention. It’s always necessary to take with you some branded goodies that you can give away and not to mention having business cards that you can give out to anyone who’s interested in working with you in a professional capacity. Events like this are going to have so many companies showcasing and if you don’t have enough business cards, you certainly risk being forgotten about.

4 Collaborate With Bigger Businesses

Collaboration is something not to turn your nose up to. Yes, there’s plenty of companies out there that are likely to be in competition with you, but there are others that aren’t but could be of some value to your company. It’s a good idea to brainstorm ideas on how you can reach out and collaborate with other businesses, and that will benefit both parties. This can be of particular advantage if you’re a small business with a limited budget for marketing. Collaborating adds credibility to your company, and when positive word of mouth spreads between businesses, this can end up having long term benefits for you. Bigger businesses will certainly be more picky with who they work with, but if you manage to secure a deal that works in their favour, any exposure they can give you will be huge.

5 Insert CTA In Employee E-mails

Call to action messages are great because they’re short and they usually ask a question or say something that makes the person reading it, want to click through to the link. Having these on your employee email signatures can be a great way of boosting your brand. Think about all of the employees within your business and how many individuals they may be e-mailing out on a daily basis. That’s a lot of people who are missing out on seeing something beneficial from your company, so take advantage of email signatures and get some branded content or a CTA on there!

Photo by Brooke Cagle / Unsplash

6 Offer Freebies

Everyone loves a good freebie, and if you’re trying to promote your business then it’s a good idea to host contests or giveaways on a regular basis. These are great for getting plenty of exposure on your platforms because once a contest or giveaway gets a few retweets, it can easily become a huge advertisement for your company with hundreds and thousands of followers and new followers taking part. You can also offer freebies through your email newsletters in the way of downloads and free support.

7 Register on business directories

It's not enough to hope for you website to be found via google or other search engines, you need to get you business out there on business directories and service marketplaces, focus on the top business directories in Australia to get your business seen or to bring in extra leads.

8 Get Involved In Your Community

As well as the online world, you want to stay in touch with your local community in any way you can. It’s worth building up awareness of your brand with your local area and beyond so that you have a solid fan base. So if you can do, sponsor local events that are somewhat related to your brand and if you don’t have a budget, try and offer your services in another way. Building a community base is what will help you in the event that things go wrong. Aim for events that have your target audience involved and make it another opportunity to work with other businesses.

As your business grows, you want to be reinvesting your profits into promoting your company. So with that in mind, utilise your social media and take advantage of all the platforms that are out there. Continue to create valuable and consistent content on your website and take advantage of call to actions on your email signatures. Offer freebies where you can and don’t forget to involve yourself within the community and use every event as an opportunity to advertise your company.


Part of the expertEasy team in Melbourne. Mark is a keen gardener, a DIY addict and a father of two beautiful girls. He is originally from Perth and is a true Eagles fan.