7 reasons why your mowing business needs a website

7 reasons why your mowing business needs a website

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Do you run a mowing business? Have you introduced this business to the digital age? In the 21st century, a website is a vital tool of the trade. The question is not, “Is a website useful for me?” it's: “Why haven't I started a website for my mowing business?”

Here are the top 7 reasons why your mowing business needs an online presence

1. It tells customers you're a professional who they can trust

In the modern world, people are becoming more wary of those who trade door-to-door. Such contractors offering cash in hand services could be anyone - how does an elderly lady living alone know that young man is who he says he is?. Customers today want to know who they are allowing into their home and gardens. They need to be able to check if they’re who they say they are. – A vulnerable mother with a young child, at home, when you do the work, needs to know she can trust you. She needs to feel secure and know you run a professional lawn mowing service right?

A professional website can offer that reassurance - it says "this tradesman is credible". Your potential customers are able to check that you're who you say you are before they book you and allow you to work on their property. Websites aren't foolproof, however, dodgy traders are unlikely to go through all the trouble you have.

You can even include customer reviews on your site to provide extra reassurance and show what a good job you do. If you have a Facebook page, then that can do much of the work for you.

2. Customers can find you more easily

When potential customers need to get their lawn mowed, they don’t just wait for someone who can do the work to post them a flyer or knock on their door, not these days. Potential customers look for instant answers. They pick up their mobile phone and do a web search. If your business is not listed, then they’re going to book the guy from across town who they can find online. It’s that simple.

Customers may visit your website directly, or they may arrive through a site like experteasy which can redirect them to your webpage, but either way, you have a higher chance of bringing in work if you have an online presence. And if you have social media pages to link to your website, so much the better – don’t forget they’re free to set up and a great way of interacting with your customers.

3. It saves time for both you and the customer

It's impossible to answer all phone calls while you're in the middle of mowing a lawn or driving to your next appointment, so let your website deal with the stress and make your life easier.

Websites give traders a foolproof tool for customers to use to get in touch. All you need to do is to include a 'Contact Us’ link to click or give your customers an email address they can use. This will save your clients', time and make them more likely to use you again for their next mowing job. They might even give the link to their friends. Speed and ease are of the essence in the digital age - and your lawn mowing services will benefit greatly if they're part of that age. If customers can contact you instantly online, they don't need to make a phone a call and simply give up when nobody answers. Plus, you'll be surprised at the number of people who simply dislike talking on the phone.

4. It means you can highlight your brilliant work

There are guys that mow lawns and then there are guys that mow lawns! In the first instance, they will just mow your lawn. However, the guys in the second category will not only mow your lawn; they will take their time over the job, they will do it right. Your lawn will be mowed, edged, clipped and made to look like it has been worked on by a professional - because it has!

If you’re proud of your work, then show off what you can do. Where's your before and after photographs on your website? Let your customers see how good their lawns will look when you've finished work. As soon as they see the right pictures taken by the right person they won't want to scroll any further.

Even better, set up and Instagram page and let your customers do half the work by encouraging them to “tag” you in their posts of your fantastic work.

Do not be shy about showing off what you do well after all photographs are a marketing tool, they can help your business thrive. Just make sure they are all good quality pictures that do your work justice.

5. A website can work for you while you're sleeping or driving

Customers can book their jobs with a mowing business website at any time - day or night. You can relax safe in the knowledge that customers can book with confidence - even at 3am! You can lose so much business if you don't have an interactive site. Make sure your site includes your prices, facts about the services you offer and answers any questions customers may have. The website can do all this while you're asleep. You can offer great customer service while you're in bed or in the car if you have a website. We no longer live in a world where everybody works nine to five, and your site can solve the problem of a nightshift worker wanting to book you when she gets home. Maybe you can even mow her lawn before she wakes and she can pay you online before you wake the following day.

6. It keeps your customers updated

-Have your prices changed?
-Are you're going away on holiday for a week or two?
-Maybe you have some fantastic new equipment.

You might even keep working through that latest storm – all this information can be relayed instantaneously to your customers online. And if you have a social media link too, then all the better – who doesn’t look at Facebook on a rainy morning? Maybe they can find out if you’re working or not while they’re still eating their morning toast.

7. It keeps you competitive

The mowing guy across town has a website – and he gets more customers than you.

But he also charges more than you do!

However, with a little search engine optimization advice from an expert, you can get your website above their's on Google. Then, when prospective customers compare the prices, they will see just what a great deal you’re offering. Maybe you can throw in some special offers from time to time for you to maintain that cutting edge?

Do I Need a Website for My Mowing Business?

If you take your lawn mowing company seriously, a website is no longer just a good idea, it is almost essential. Splashing out that little bit of extra cash helps you get seen before everybody else – don’t you want to be the first site people click on when they search for mowing guys in your area?


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