Write for us

Write for us

With thousands of businesses registered within more than one hundred categories in home, garden and business services expertEasy has a large audience. Our community uses our platform to both solve their problems and grow their businesses and the content we provide is designed to help them achieve this.

If you have no time to read this please do NOT contact us.

Prefered topics

Our businesses and consumers want to hear about a variety of different topics, we are looking for well researched, unique and informational articles in the following topics:

  • Gardening and Landscaping.
  • Home renovation and maintenance / DIY.
  • Home design and inspiration.
  • Home Appliances and furniture

What We are NOT Looking For

  • Vague ideas that you haven't put much thought into.
  • Advertisements, or something that reads like you were paid by a corporation to write.

Article requirements

  • Articles must be 100% original and unique. We do not consider previously published materials.
  • Topics should relate to our readers and be genuinely usefull or inspirational.
  • We routinely reject posts that are under 1100 words that we find lacking effort and detail. This does NOT mean stuffing in unnecessary words to increase the length - no filler or fluffy language.
  • Articles should include no more than 50 words of introduction.
  • Use heading and subheadings to structure content. Break the article body into as many sections as you need.
  • Use simple and personal language.
  • You should add a minimum of two internal links to pages within our website that relate to your article topic.
  • You will be expected to source at least two suitable images that you have permission to use (stock images are acceptable).
  • Ideally you can also find a highly relevant youtube or vimeo video and place the URL in your article.
  • Ideally you can support your idea with credible sources such as data, personal experience or anecdotes.

How to Contribute

  • Send your ideas to [email protected]
  • We will get back to you within five working days to refine the idea.
  • You send the article to us and we review it, we may ask for alterations or additions to meet our quality requirements. If it does not look like you will meet those requirements without us micro managing you we will not continue the process.