What You Need To Know Before Developing An IOS Game App

What You Need To Know Before Developing An IOS Game App

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The game development industry is worth 180 billion dollars and is expected to grow to higher numbers by 2025. The market for iOS games is also big, accounting for 25% of all active applications in the apple store. During the Covid-19 pandemic, when most companies were trying to survive, the gaming industry was thriving.

Now is the perfect time to start your career as a game entrepreneur. Today, the industry is trending, and game creation has never been simpler, with all the game-making platforms and engines. For those who have an interesting idea in mind, it is a great opportunity to realize it by making an iOS game.

You will have several options to get your iOS game developed. One way is to use the game makers and do it yourself.

If you have a big idea you can hire a local iOS game developer team and establish your studio. For example, you can find iOS game developers in Melbourne, define your project, and start the development process.

Another way, though, is to look for a company expert in iOS application development in Australia and outsource your game.

Whichever choice you opt for, you should be familiar with the game development pipeline in general and know the steps. Let’s jump in to find out what steps are included in developing an iOS game app.

Steps to Design and Develop an iOS Game App

Here are the steps any iOS game developer should take to make a successful game app:

1. Plan

You should have a clear idea of your goals and targets that you want to reach by developing a game. Why are you stepping into the game industry? What aspects of gaming pique your interest? What are your core strengths, and what motivates you?

You should carry out a SWOT analysis for your iOS game concept. These inputs will assist you with understanding your unique selling proposition. Also, they help you look outside to understand your competition and market.

2. Market Research

Building a memorable brand in the game industry needs more effort than implementing your innovative game idea. You should understand what iOS gamers expect and go beyond their expectations. To understand gamers’ demands you can conduct in-depth market research. Also, by researching different categories try determining your game genre and category.

The main purpose of this step is to help you develop your game idea into something gamers want to play.

3. Game Maker

When you've decided on a game idea and a platform, you'll need to prepare the production tools and set up the implementation processes. Choosing the right technologies will have a direct impact on the potential success and functionality of your game.

You should choose a tool to develop your game, based on your level of experience in game development. Unreal Engine and Unity are two common game engines with several versions including different features. These engines also have libraries and forums to support and assist you in the development of your iOS game app.

It is also important to consider your art style and other technical criteria when deciding on the right game maker for you.

The Game Maker engine will outperform Unity when it comes to making 2D games. However, several details must be considered before deciding on a single game creation platform to run the game on.

GameSalad is a simple tool for creating iOS games that uses drag-and-drop in a simple editor.

4. Mechanics

After establishing priorities, strategies, and agreeing on a development tool, it’s time to start working with the gameplay mechanics. Try building your iOS game’s first level with simple mechanics and go ahead from there.

Once you've made the first level with the basic mechanics, you can progress to the next, more challenging levels.

5. Visual Design

Checking the screenshots and visual design or game art is the first thing most players do before downloading games. A visually appealing game has a higher chance of getting massive downloads. So, you need to design your game art professionally.

Don’t worry if you lack the expertise, as you can outsource this critical task to a game art studio. They will be able to design your characters, environments, and game props and make cycle animations where required.

6. Monetization

It is normal to want to make money from your game, especially if you have spent on game development resources. To monetize the app, you might want to try using whether a premium or a freemium model. You can use ads to make money or selling items as in-app purchases to monetize your game. Though, you may want to provide the full-featured game with a pay per download monetization model. Choosing the right plan for making money from your game is a critical decision. It can contribute to the success or failure of your iOS game app.

7. Test

When you’re done with the development process, it’s wise to test your game many times and in different ways. It’s best if you can ask players similar to your target market to play your game and provide feedback.

8. Release and Update

After testing and improving your game based on the feedback in this stage, you can release your game on Apple’s app store. It will take some time for them to check your application, then it will be available for download.

Don’t forget to update your game from time to time to fix issues and improve it based on player reviews.

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