8 Ways To Create A Budget-Friendly Entertainment Room

8 Ways To Create A Budget-Friendly Entertainment Room

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Before you start decorating, have a plan in mind. Think about what you want; will it be a multifunctional or purely just an entertainment room? Some people like to mix things up and do a make-shift living and entertainment room.

However, an entertainment room will depend on your preference, if there’s an extra space in your home. Also, you need to think about your budget. How much are you willing to spend on this renovation? This will help you decide what new things you will get and what to thrift in.

The next step is finding a spare room or an existing one that you want to redecorate. It could be the basement, a guest room, or the living room. Once you have a room in mind, you can start thinking about ways to create a budget-friendly entertainment room.

1. Pick A Suitable TV

If you’re thinking about getting a new television or using what’s currently in your living room, you need furniture to put the TV on. You can shop for TV units and entertainment units.

Pick a piece of furniture that matches the entire theme of the room, or it can be an accent piece. Measure your room size before placing orders. You need to consider the size of the TV and the furniture. It should be the right fit and size; otherwise, it would be difficult to move around.

You can also make this a make-shift game room. Additionally, if there’s still available space on the TV stand, you can add gaming consoles like an Xbox Series X, a Nintendo Switch, or a Playstation5. Additionally, these can be connected to the TV for a bigger screen display.

2. Find Quality Sound System

The most basic sound system you should get is at least 5 speakers: left and right speaker, centre speaker, left and right rear speaker, and add a subwoofer. This should give you quality surround sound while playing video games or watching movies.

At the same time, don't forget to soundproof as you don't want to disturb your neighbours or other family members. Soundproofing can be expensive, but alternatives can be found at home. You can use thick curtains, wall art, bookshelves, carpets, rugs, cardboard boxes, bean bags, or acoustic panelling.

3. Hide The Wires

With all the gadgets in the room, having a lot of wires can be an eyesore. And it's better to tidy up the wires to avoid getting caught, possibly tripping, and falling face down. You can strategically place the wires under the furniture, use adhesive, or put the wires together using cable ties and stick them to the side of the furniture. Or you can make use of any acrylic box you may have and put all the wires there and paint it to the colour that matches the room's aesthetic.

4. Get Comfy With The Best Seats

You can either use the spare seats from your living room or bedroom. Choose something comfortable because you’ll be sitting for at least an hour or two. Learn to mix and match these pieces, and don't forget to get a side table from online furniture shops. Additionally, this is the place where you’ll bring guests in or enjoy your spare time lounging.

In addition, you need to get a coffee table to complete the look. This is where you can put your food while playing, or this is where you can display your collectables.

5. Show Off Your Collectibles

If you’re into any movie or video game and have collected their toys and merchandise, organize them. You can arrange them by colour, make sure to follow the room's theme, and display them accordingly on a bookshelf or in a glass cabinet. You can put some of the larger items by the room entrance.

6. Have An Accent Wall

This ties the entire room together, and the purpose of the accent wall is to draw attention. You can either put up paintings, art décor, movie posters, or your most treasured possession. This is a great way to highlight the best part of the room. But if you opt not to have one, you can just simply put a large mirror as a trick to make the room look bigger.

7. Light Up And Set The Mood

Choose cosy lighting as this is the place of entertainment after all. You don't necessarily need big bright lights. You can make do of your side table lamp and even the Christmas lights from your basement. You only use them during holidays anyway, why not utilize them for your entertainment room. Like furniture, you can mix and match lamps just to have a lighting play.

Yellow tone lights can make the body more relaxed. Notice how some restaurants use this lighting and even at coffee shops; to set the mood. Your entertainment room isn’t the best place to do work.

8. Add Personal And Final Touches

You can also put your awards and recognition along with your collectables. If you can dedicate a space for collectables, you should do the same with your achievements. This is something you can be proud of as you put all these together and give yourself a pat on the back. This can be a conversation starter, and you can share this with your guests.


Before you start rearranging everything, you need to clear the room and clean it first. This should give you ideas on how to go about redecorating your room. Additionally, you would know what kinds of furniture you need and how big the tv should be. A cramped room can only cause accidents.

You don't really need to go overboard and spend so much just to make your entertainment room. You can definitely go thrift shopping online or in-person through a garage sale. You might get valuable items there. Alternatively, you can get creative with what you currently have at home.

Don't forget to regularly clean and organize the room from time to time and move a few things around.


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