13 Unusual Dorm Room Design Ideas For Students

13 Unusual Dorm Room Design Ideas For Students

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Making a Dorm Room On Your Own

Education requires some serious effort with all the coursework and exams. Your dorm will remain simply a room where you are going to sleep and learn. Of course, you will be limited in what changes you can instigate to your dorm room. You may not be able to change the wall color, nor do major renovation and refurbishment. But if you’ve done your tasks with paper writing help services, you have enough free time to be creative. It is possible to use some simple, even DIY, ideas to create a space where you will be comfortable, secure, and focused.

Notice Board

Choose between an old-style corkboard and a magnetic board. You will have to use either pins or small magnets to fix things there. But it is miles better to pin important notes on such a board instead of frantically browsing your paper notebooks in search of some citations or THAT appointment. Among the things you can pin there:

  • timetables;
  • family and friends photos;
  • coursework details;
  • appointment details;
  • exam timetable;
  • important notes you need to have in front of your eyes;
  • inspirational quotes.

In short, as much as this design element may seem outdated to some, it is a practical and reliable solution.


Research shows that plants can greatly improve your quality of life and learning performance. In particular, green plants.

  • Improve air quality;
  • Work as a natural humidifier;
  • Improve your relationships;
  • Create a bond with Nature;
  • Improve your physical and mental health;
  • Improve your learning.

Above all, a plant is a living organism, and looking after it is nearly the same as being around a person. This is important today, as the pandemic has still not subsided.

And if you have no green fingers, opt for some fake greenery or flowers.

Bunk Bed

Many students choose bunk beds with the studying space underneath. This solution is very economical, especially if it is possible to have a folding desk and chairs. In this case, you will have plenty of room in your dorm. To make yourself comfy, you can buy a bean bag to use as an armchair for when you do not need to sit at the desk.

Light Bulb Garland

Garlands are good in every season. In winter, they remind of Christmas; in spring and autumn, they create that special romantic mood. Best of all, they light all the space evenly where they hang, unlike a bra or a spotlight. You can use colored pegs to fix the photos of your friends and family to the garland’s cord.

Adhesive Vinyl

You may not be able to paint any surfaces in your dorm room, but you can add a splash of color using adhesive vinyl on your personal belongings. Add colored strips to the furniture and equipment you own to mark it yours.

Hanging Organizers

These indispensable accessories can save loads of storage space and keep you organized! You can use them to store your footwear, some clothes, like jeans, or put on the side of your fridge to put cutlery and crockery. It may also be good for storing notebooks and various stationery items.

Smart Lamp

There are lamps that not only shed tons of light on your desk as you are busy writing your essays – they also recharge your phone! Investing in one of them is a great idea that will save you money in the long run.

Thread Curtains

When you share a small dorm with another roommate, each of you will naturally want some solitude and isolation. To help with it, use thread curtains for zoning. They are made of wood, beads, or bands and come in many colors, so it is always possible to choose the curtain that suits your room best.

Rugs and Doormats

The purpose of a doormat is to keep your dorm clean, while the rug adds that special home-like feeling to the room. Remember, though, that you will have to clean and hoover these floor covers, so choose smartly.

Colored Distance Lamp

This kind of lamp has become especially popular during the pandemic. It comes in different shapes, sizes, and styles. The idea is that your family and you each buy a lamp and connect it via a social network. When your family misses you or you are feeling homesick, your lamp will change colors as you send light messages to each other.

Big, Soft Cough Throw

It is often called a comforter, and this is what it really is. Look for a throw that will be huge enough to wrap you and your friend for a night of Netflix. Also, check that it is thick and warm to save you on a cool winter night. Make it a color spot in your room or find the one that complements the color scheme.

Colored Blinds

Your dorm may have curtains, but consider adding blinds, too. They will create extra shade and make your room more comfortable, especially at the weekend.

Carton Magazine Holders

As a student, you will soon learn that there are never too many holders. Carton holders can be decorated with adhesive vinyl and used to store books, notepads, photocopies, and even some instruments.


Moving to live on campus is a great idea for a lot of students. You will certainly experience homesickness, and you will occasionally have to deal with not-so-pleasant situations on your own. However, being away from the family and making new social connections ultimately helps you to feel more confident and secure in life. Your dorm room is the first space in adult life where you learn to set and respect boundaries while expressing your creativity and character.


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