The Top Renovation Projects That'll Add Value to Your Home

The Top Renovation Projects That'll Add Value to Your Home

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Home is a peaceful and welcoming place to work, play and recline. At the same time, making it functional and eye-catchy to the new sellers is the point that needs your utmost consideration. So, take some inspiration with the top nine renovation projects, as they’ll add value to your home.

Project 1: Kitchen Upgrades

Kitchens are hearts of homes! The smartest and beautiful-looking always win the hearts of sellers. A Remodeling Magazine says you can retrieve at least 50-70% of your kitchen renovation money when selling your property. Those house owners who’ve installed stainless steel appliances, new cabinetry, quartz countertops and seating and dining areas have gained the maximum ROI.

On the other hand, small projects, like updating fixtures and lighting and increasing storage space, is the need of the hour. However, you need to realise to stick to your budget. For that, you can recycle some of your furniture. This will give the feel of the modern look to your old-fashioned kitchen.

Project 2: Creating A Home Office

Almost everyone is adopting working from home culture come across important Zoom meeting. During that time, the disturbance of a family member is a huge irritation. Therefore, having a room for your home office is a good renovation project for yourself (and prospective buyers too!). If you still haven’t created one, then do it now.

First of all, keep a minimalist approach. Get an empty room (if you have one), arrange a desk chair, a desk lamp, a comfortable chair, and you’re good to go. Further, amp up your desk and room with plants and wall paintings. Lastly, do not miss on adding some personal touch to it. This way, you can keep yourself productive and motivated too.

Project 3: Spruce Up Your Bathroom

Another way to appeal the potential buyers is by upgrading your bathroom. They leave a strong impression on home buyers. Look out for leakages, mould and mildew. Maybe, you’ve faulty plastering and tiling. Address those issues instead of leaving them unattended.

You can explore a bounty of renovation projects. It includes new sinks, tubs, showers, adding storage, putting a vanity mirror and upgrading lighting, to name a few. You can also opt for retiling and reflooring if your budget allows. Creating a master suite is the sure-shot way of alluring buyers.

Project 4: Treat Your Walls And Floors

Are you bored of a traditional-looking home? Do you want a modern yet timeless look? Let’s start from the basics. By this, we mean walls and floors. Check whether or not they have any kind of leakages or damages. Fix them before it turns out to be dangerous.

Step into the modern world of plaster. Take inspirations from modern wall designing. In today’s times, you can experiment with modern elements for texture and colouring to make it look unique. Revamping your floors can make a huge impact. The right colour and texture can reflect bigger and spacious rooms, providing you with good ROI.

Project 5: Create Intriguing Outdoors

Almost everyone craves being amidst nature. So, why not have one at your property? It will make your home more livable. Also, property with eye-catchy outdoors has become an intriguing deal for homebuyers.

Incorporate stone and brick patios, lower decks along with some planters. If you already own patios and decks, then refinish them to make them look brand new. Give a splash of paint to old pavers and boards. This project may range from low cost to high depending upon your preference of spending and earning returns. Overall, this project will add desirability to your home.

Project 6: Make Home Energy Efficient

In today’s world, the eco-friendly theme is trending. You can focus on making your home friendly the nature. That also makes your home energy efficient. Energy-efficient building materials and appliances render a lot of benefits, including increasing your home’s resale value.

You can kick-start this project by installing solar panels, purchasing high-rating appliances, spending on the thermostat, enhancing home insulation and replacing windows. Many of them also render green energy tax credits, saving you money as long as you reside there. Important of all, they do good with the planet!

Project 7: Change Your Interior Design

A small change can make a big difference! In fact, it can even have a big impact on the eye appeal of your home. Some economic options are worthwhile considering. That will also entice future buyers.

Begin with upgrading your light fixtures; swap to LED and solar lights. Replace your old doorknobs and hardware; bring in something gold as they are in trend. Change your old blinds. Give your worn-out walls a new modern colour. And last but not least, give a change to your ceilings. There are multiple benefits of suspended ceiling tiles. All of these will bring some instant changes to your interiors.

Project 8: Make Your Home Smart

Smart gadgets and devices are boosting home values. As a consequence, a lot of homeowners are automating their entire property. So, you too upgrade to high-demand devices.

You can lay a strong foundation for an automated home with smart thermostats, a home security system and lights. For this, you don’t need to spend a fortune on cutting-edge gear. Additionally, you make these smart home products compatible with each other. For that, you can have a single user interface to control everything.

Project 9: Entice With Landscaping

The first impression is the last. And you can make it possible by sprucing up the landscape. Few modifications and timely maintenance to your front increases the value of your home.

Some of the projects include weeding flower beds, hanging some planters, growing huge trees for shade, changing the old mulch and maintaining your garden. This project doesn’t need any expert help. You can easily DIY and add curb appeal.

To Sum Up:

Whether it’s a small home improvement project or a big one, it improves the comfort of your home. The crux of the matter is prioritising the projects based on your budget. Additionally, most of them are DIY friendly. That means you can save a lot by cutting on professional’s expenses. Bonus point - When you plan on selling your home in the future, you’ll get a good deal out of it.


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