Slate Roofing Repair And Maintenance Tips

Slate Roofing Repair And Maintenance Tips

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A perfect way to keep slate roofing look at its best is to provide roof inspection. It is also a great way to prevent leaks, which might result in costly repairs. If you have relocated into a house with slate roofing, an inspection usually reveals that damaged roofs can easily be repaired instead of replacing.

While you can easily be tempted to inspect yourself, it is important to leave the work to an expert. An experienced slate roofing contractor knows how to access your roofs without damaging them.

Plus, depending on the pitch and height of your roof, trying to conduct the inspection could be risky for individuals who are not accustomed to climbing on rooftops. However, this doesn’t mean you cannot carry out maintenance and repair. To help you handle the job, here are tips to look at:

1. Know the Roofing Components

Roofs consist of more than shingles you usually see from the ground. For instance, flashings are important components you need to install around protrusions, areas where roofs meet a dormer and valleys.

You will need to replace corroded or missing flashing as soon as possible. If you leave this unaddressed, the flashing can make the roof susceptible to leaks that can eventually need a premature roof replacement.

2. Avoid Roof Walking

When carrying out any kind of maintenance on the slate roofing, ensure you avoid walking on it. A thin slate shingle can easily crack or break because of the surface weight, resulting in more damages to your property. Be sure to use a camera or a pair of binoculars to look at the slate roof from the ground level.

Much of the maintenance you require to carry out is to assess your roofing. Look for the cracked or broken area. If you observe any damage, reach out to a reliable contractor that offers slate roofing services. Plus, your roofer will quickly repair the damaged areas at an affordable price compared to what it would have cost you to fix more extensive damage.

3. Fix Leakages

What most individuals usually do is wait for issues to take a drastic shape. Instead of doing that, fix leakages once you notice the problem.

The slate roofing might not be at fault, and you may determine that by looking at the guttering and flashing. This is because they are normally the weakest points of slate roofs.

While fixing the leaks, be sure to inspect the sheathing below the slates. If it requires replacement, don’t use plywood or pressure-treated substances.

4. Deal with Hairline Cracks

Slate tile stains show an increasingly thinning roof material. The sediments into the gutters are basically indicative of this.

In addition, you may see hairline cracks on the slate tiles. If you observe tiles, which prematurely have these cracks when comparing them with others, it’s probably because your roofing has become older as well.

5. Provide Adequate Insulation and Correct Ventilation

This is among the important parts, which can help to prolong the life of roofs. Without the right ventilation, a buildup consisting of moisture and heat in the attic might make your roofs diminish insulation efficiency and rot.

In winter, poorly ventilated attics are key contributors to the formation of damaging ice dams. In other words, well-ventilated and insulated attic spaces can allow your roofs to perform well for years.

6. Clean Regularly

When cleaning your slate roof, ensure you use medium roughness and gently brush with a good household cleaner. Avoid using hard industrial cleaners or pressure cleaners since they may easily damage your slate roof.

7. Cut Overhanging Branches

For homes with trees consisting of long branches, it will be best to have them cut down. Having such branches hanging above your slate roof will encourage the fall of leaves that can block the gutters.

When debris, like branches, twigs, and leaves, accumulate into your guttering system, it will result in more issues, like ice dams. Cutting down overhanging branches will reduce the amount of debris from finding its way to your gutters.

The Takeaway!

Regardless of what kind of material you use for your home or building, maintenance is key, especially if you want it to last for a long time.

For slate roofs, you need regular upkeep. This includes carrying out a regular inspection to observe where the problem is and fix where there is an issue before it becomes more serious.

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