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5 Services A Qualified Roofing Company Can Provide You

5 Services A Qualified Roofing Company Can Provide You

. 5 min read

Roofers are qualified trades people who are trained to perform a wide range of repairs, upgrades and maintenance to a range of roofing types including tiles, slate and sheet metal (such as colorbond). A professional roofer will be able to provide services such as weatherproofing buildings by covering them with quality roofing materials, installing roof plumbing systems, and undertaking other restorative processes on the roof of your property.

It’s important to make sure that you choose a qualified, registered, insured and licensed roofing company with proven experience of the service that you require, because messing with your roof can be detrimental if good practices are not followed and completed to a professional standard. It is also vital that you inspect your roof often so that any changes to the state of the roof or guttering are noticed early on before they become potentially dangerous and more costly.

Whilst some roofs may only need minor repairs or perhaps just aesthetic maintenance to keep them looking good, many other roofs require a lot more work to be done to ensure the integrity of the roof can be maintained and that rain and wind cannot leak into the roof cavity, or else you may be up for some very costly expenses down the road as these small problems can grow into much bigger problems if not addressed ASAP. Read on to learn about 5 services all quality roofing companies can offer you and your home.

1. Roof Restoration

If your home’s roof is showing signs of age, a full replacement may not be needed - but hiring a qualified roofing company to undertake restoration can make your roof look new and attractive. Roof restoration usually costs between $17- $38 per m2, depending on the size of the area and the steps that need to be taken by the professional to overhaul your roof.

A roof restoration can involve many different techniques to freshen up your roof, including replacing individual tiles or sheets of roofing, resealing or repointing the structure of the roof, and repainting parts of the roof. This is a service that most roofing professionals will be capable of undertaking, though it is always a good idea to ask to see previous roof restorations so that you can get a good idea of the tradesperson’s quality and style.

2. Roof Painting

Another service that a qualified roofing company will be able to provide is roof painting. This can help to breathe new life into your roof with just a coat of paint, meaning it is a lot cheaper than a full roof replacement, and in many cases gives the same effect. As well as for aesthetic reasons, lots of modern paints now have chemicals in that inhibit the growth of moss and algae, which in the long term can preserve the life of your roof.

The cost of this service varies by state, but you can generally expect to pay between $35 – $45 per hour for labour, though it can cost a lot more if the painter needs to pressure clean the roof or paint an extra coat in the chosen colour. Often roofers will inspect the roof before hand to be able to give an accurate full m2quote.

3. Roof Replacement

It is especially important that you use a qualified roofing company if you are looking to undertake a full roof replacement, as this is a large task that requires specialist skills. It is vital that your roof is structurally sound as this will not only add value to the property but is crucial for health and safety. A full roof replacement can cost tens of thousands of dollars, depending on the size of your roof and the desired material for the new roof. It is possible to completely alter the way your home looks just by changing the tiles on the roof.

The most common types of roofing in Australia are metal or steel sheets and tiles. Metal and steel roofing is flexible, durable and lasts at least 25 years if properly maintained, although terracotta, concrete or slate tiles are usually more durable than metal and can last well over 50 years if installed properly by a professional roofing company. It is a good idea to talk to a tradesperson about the desired effect as they will be able to advise you on the type of roof that will be most suitable for your property.

‌‌4. Gutter Installation or Replacement

Professionals will also be able to help with replacement or installation of a new gutter on your property. Guttering naturally deteriorates over a long period of time, though it can last over 20 years if maintenance is followed up with regularly. Neglecting the guttering on your home could seem insignificant, but it can lead to water not draining away from house properly, which in turn results in roof leaks and leaves the structural integrity of the building compromised.

Some signs to look out for are cracks, chipping paint or rust, water pooling or signs of leakage on or around the roof and gutter system. If you notice anything of concern, it is best to call out a qualified roofing company as they will be able to quickly assess any damage or potential issues that could arise, and put your mind at ease. Gutter replacement is relatively affordable, starting at approximately $30 per metre, and so hiring a professional is always recommended to ensure that the structure has been fitted correctly.

‌‌5. Roof Rebedding And Repointing‌‌‌‌

Another popular service that requires a qualified roofing company is re-bedding and repointing a roof. These services can be undertaken alone, or as part of a full roof restoration that not only improves the roof’s structure but also makes the building look cohesive and attractive. Rebedding involves removing the ridge caps and laying a new concrete bed before replacing the ridge caps, whereas re-pointing is where a polymer based pointing mortar will be applied. Typically, these services will cost around $50 per metre, though this can increase depending on which state you live in and the experience of the tradesperson.

Both of these things are usually undertaken to protect your property against water damage and prevent mould from growing inside the building. If water is allowed to make its way into the basement of your home, then this can cause significant damage to the structural integrity of the property, and in some cases the foundation may begin to bow inwards on itself. Pointing and bedding will deteriorate over many years, so it is recommended that your roof is repointed and re-bedded around every 10 years to prevent damage to your home.‌‌‌‌Whilst your roof is not something you will notice everyday it is obviously an essential part of your home. If small structural problems aren’t addressed in a timely manner, they can soon grow into more costly problems for you down the line. At the same time though it’s also important to ensure that your roof looks aesthetically pleasing, as filthy roof covered in moss and lichen can make even the most well-maintained home look old and rundown, this can affect the entire image of your house and potentially even its resale value if you are planning on selling. A good clean and repaint can make a huge difference for a small price.


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