Pet and Furniture: Tips to Maintain Furniture if You Have Pets

Pet and Furniture: Tips to Maintain Furniture if You Have Pets

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Are you a pet owner? If your answer is yes, you must have scratched and damaged furniture at home, thanks to your furry friend.

Being a pet owner while keeping your stuff organized and in good shape is certainly a challenge. And many of you probably wonder whether there is any way to prevent this.

If you are living in Perth and already have some damaged furniture due to your pet, we have got a solution for this too! Carpet Cleaners Perth, for example, offers a wide range of cleaning services for your house, allowing you to sit back and relax.

However, if you have no choice but to clean by yourself regularly, we are here with some pretty basic yet amazing tips that will help you manage your pet as well as your belongings!

Cover to Protect

The easiest technique to protect your stuff from your naughty friend is to cover all the important materials. You can keep all your important documents in a box and out of their reach. You can also cover your furniture with washable slipcovers. Given the warm weather in Perth, it is quite easy to wash off any stain from the cover and get it dry in no time.

Various types of customizable covers available are stain proof, so you don't need to worry about your pet spilling anything on them. Besides, you can pull off the cover anytime to reveal your clean furniture whenever you want!

Use Chew-Proof Materials

If you own a puppy, this tip is specifically for you. These notorious chewers will chew anything, from furniture, fabric to shoes, you name it. So it's better to use chew-proof materials. Opt for furniture made of metal, not wood or plastic.

Get your Cleaning Tools

Start with a lint brush to pick up a ball of fur and then move on to a sturdy tool. “There are both rechargeable and portable vacuum cleaners on the second and second floors of my house,” says Wood. "This allows you to give each room a few quick passes every week to catch up before the dog's hair becomes a dust bunny.

It sounds ridiculous, but it moves from room to room. Sometimes you don't have to connect a vacuum cleaner or switch outlets, which means you use the vacuum cleaner a lot. "

Pet urine is very ubiquitous and difficult to clean from a soft surface. However, wood and concrete can also absorb urine. So cleaning your furniture can be a challenge. The only effective way to remove your pet's urine is to use enzyme-based products that prevent the growth of bacteria.

However, it is difficult to get the enzyme completely into the material, so if you need a complete solution, you can get stuck exchanging items. This also applies to wooden floors. In many cases, it is necessary to replace not only the floor but also the floor below to remove the urine odour. For this reason, most landlords do not allow pets.

Pet Grooming is Important

Start with your pet causing damage to your furniture. Frequent bathing and brushing can reduce the amount of dog or cat hair that adheres to furniture and floors. Depending on your pet’s nature, you can trim or sand their claws. Alternatively, you can take them to a general veterinarian for trimming nails and claws and preventing damage to the floor and furniture.

The Right Floor

Hardwood floors are the best choice for today's homeowners, but they are not scratch-resistant. In addition, wood, bamboo and cork floors are vulnerable to floods, so accidents need to be cleared quickly. When choosing wood, hardwood species such as oak and maple, or processed hardwoods are safer options.

Stone tiles and concrete are scratch and water-resistant, but your feet can get a little cold. You could add a washable rug for warmth. Carpets are soft and scratch-free, but care must be taken to remove dirt quickly. Depending on your pet's behaviour, a more frequent deep cleaning may be required.

Opt for Low Maintenance Materials

The durable, puppy-resistant fabric which includes denim, canvas, leather-based, faux leather-based and artificial fabric is a higher preference than silk or linen, in accordance to K9 of Mine, an aid for canine owners. Leather and “pleather” may be wiped clean, however, your pets may also scratch this cloth.

You may also move for a distressed appearance on a leather-based or pleather sofa, so your puppy can simply get accustomed to the style. If possible, choose a sofa with fewer seams, as seams can attract hair and provide an appealing surface for gnawing and drooling. Stain-resistant synthetic or glossy microfiber are available; nevertheless, glossy suede may be too enticing for a kitten's paws.

Avoid Dark Colours

“Dark colours are not always the best choice,” says Wood. “When I have children or pets, I often choose dark fabrics and carpets because I think they hide stains and spills. However, these fabrics can make the stains stand out. If you have a pet, a dark pad will complement the coat. ”You can match the colour scheme to your pet's coat to make it less noticeable.

In other words, if you have Bichon Frise, don't get a dramatic black sofa. The patterned fabric can also hide the footprints of animals. “My favourite colour choice is the patterned areas, especially the rugs,” says Wood. "When it comes to hiding dirt, the colourful patterns are unmatched. For interior decoration, choose high-performance fabrics that are easy to clean and resistant to accidents."

Prevent Clawing

Try a mixture of 3 strategies. First, offer them a devoted scratching post. Rub it with catnip to give it an even greater appeal. Second, spray the furniture (wooden regions only) with citrus or peppermint-based spray. Finally, block the location beneath the sofa or chair. Cats want to lie on their backs and do their clawing from beneath the piece.

Happy Pet, Happy Home, Happy You!

Pets can be extremely troublesome when it comes to furniture, especially if you have just moved into a new home. But with these tips, we hope to make your life easier so that an organized home with pets can become a reality!


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