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Pests Found In Melbourne And Types of Pest Control Choices

Pests Found In Melbourne And Types of Pest Control Choices

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Pests are living organisms that cause harm and discomfort to humans. They generally feed off of other living organisms for survival. But while they feed and depend on these other organisms, they cause harm and even fatal destruction to their host.

Pests in Melbourne

Melbourne is one of the locations where various pests are found in Australia, which is why pest control in Melbourne is such a vital service. There is a wide range of specific pests that are common, and they cause so much damage to humans, plants, and livestock alike. However, there are so many control measures put in place that guarantees your safety.


They are one of the pests that are common in Melbourne with over 1300 species. While some species are seen to be harmless, yet, there are some like bull and fire ants associated with nasty bites. And they can cause many irreplaceable problems to businesses or homes when left unattended to. Some ants carry disease-causing pathogens and can cause smallpox, salmonella in humans, and dysentery, among others.

Bed Bugs

They are tiny bloodsucking wingless insects. They have brown bodies with six crooked legs. They move at night but can move easily around during the day whenever they are hungry. They are always found hiding in places such as bed mattresses, inside furniture, and loose wallpaper. Their bites are harmless, and there is no evidence of disease- transmission, but they can cause skin irritation such as swelling.


These species of pests are not disease transmitters. However, certain people may be allergic to the chemical compounds found in the faeces of cockroaches that give a foul smell when being dumped inside of the food. They tend to harvest in locations infested with the disease-causing bacteria and transfer it to places where food is kept or prepared. Australia is one of the places with a large number of cockroach infestations with approximately 400 known species.


They are one of the threatening pests found in Australia. You can find almost 140 land snakes in Australia, with 10 of them being one of the deadliest in the world. However, snake bites are rare cases in Australia, and the fatality rate is low due to the development of anti-venom vaccines.

Pest control in Melbourne

There are three choices of pest control offered to residents in Melbourne, both chemical and organic pest control options can be used to curtail the pests. Based on your pest control needs and your eco-friendly preference, you and the expert pest control agent can decide which choice best suits you. Here are the steps which will be taken by your pest control expert.

Pest extermination

This stage is the only choice you will have if you have your home or land infested by a pest. The extermination service is quick and simple. It works quickly and will be effective in ridding you of the pests. The extermination process can follow any of these methods; spraying with insecticides, Setting insect traps, and creating tenting fumigations. Note that tenting fumigation is done at the last alternative when a home or land is thoroughly infested.

Pest Removal

For pests like snakes, chemical sprays don’t always work well. At this period, the only choice will be to locate and remove it manually. This will inevitably need traps to be set around the house. This method is not the easiest and could take a little more time than required. But unlike extermination methods that might require you to evacuate the land or house, you don’t have to in the removal process.

Pest prevention

This process is useful when there are chances of an infestation. This includes regular maintenance and repellent sprays. Other preventive methods are cutting off open spaces and entry points, ensuring that you are free from potential entries.


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