Patio Design 101: 4 Pro Tips For Designing An Outdoor Patio

Patio Design 101: 4 Pro Tips For Designing An Outdoor Patio

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A well-designed outdoor space, like one with trendy backyard decorations or a cosy design, will always serve as a sanctuary for the warm weather. Aside from being a haven where you can relax and feel the fresh air, it can also be a place you can enjoy a cold juice or glass of wine. But you only get to savour your outdoor space if it gives you a sense of serenity and rest, and this is why a well-designed patio is important.

Unfortunately, coming up with a well-designed patio is easier said than done as there are plenty of things to consider before you’re able to turn it into a haven for relaxation. You’d also have to choose decorations that can last for more than a year to avoid redecorating every so often. And to truly call your patio a sanctuary, you have to select a design that can suit your needs and preferences. To achieve this, always keep the entire outdoor aesthetics in mind.

With all these considerations, here are four pro tips to remember when designing an outdoor patio.

1. Plan the layout

Before deciding to buy furniture pieces or other decorations for your patio, consider making a layout based on how you intend to use the space. For instance, if you plan to regularly host outdoor parties, ensure you have sufficient space for a lounging or dining set. Also, consider the size of the furniture you’re planning to buy. This means you have to know in advance how many people you plan to invite over regularly.

When planning your whole outdoor patio layout, it’s important to take account of the negative space, too. In design, negative space refers to the gaps and spaces between and around the furniture pieces. Ideally, you want these spaces to be 3 feet or 1 metre wide. With this measurement, you can move comfortably around the patio without feeling too cramped up. Also, having sufficient space in between furniture won’t make the area look too cluttered, helping you create a much more welcoming vibe.

2. Consider your location

Now that you have the layout for your patio, the next aspect to consider is the location. Patios are typically accessible to the kitchen, especially for homes with no outdoor cooking area. Still, if you want to break from the traditional style, you can always opt for a getaway patio located toward the back of your home.

To find the right location for your patio, try to look for vantage points. And as advised by professionals, also consider the landscape of your home, how close your house is to your neighbours’, and if you have a view.

To help you out, here are patio location ideas worth considering:

· If you want to enjoy and bask in the sun, you can place your patio on the south or west side of your house. The south is the brightest side, making it an ideal exposure for your outdoor space. However, with so much sun, this side might be too hot or inconvenient, so it’s best to invest in outdoor covers, such as retractable awnings. If you wish to learn more about the different types of awnings, take a view here. On the other hand, the west is the sunniest side of the house from the afternoon onwards, making it the perfect spot to enjoy the warm colours of the sunset sun.

· If you like relaxing in pleasant and cool weather, try placing your patio north or east as these directions will usually provide the most shade. Also, it’s the best side to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning since these directions get the morning sun.

· If you or your neighbour has large trees around the area, you may situate your patio around them so you can get flecked sunlight. This is perfect if you want to enjoy both the sun and cool air. If you’re leaning towards this advice, ensure your patio has adequate distance from the trees’ roots. Take note also that there can be dead leaves on the ground around your patio, so cleaning would be an issue.

3. Think of the flooring material

Stones, pavers, wood, concrete, stamped concrete, tiles, flagstones, and bricks are among the most common floor patterns used in patio designs. If you want to have a patterned look, you can go for stamped concrete. The other materials have the right pattern not only for patios but also for sidewalks, pool decks, interior flooring, and driveways.

Choosing the flooring material essentially boils down to your personal taste, preference, and the overall theme you’ve envisioned. These materials come in various colours and sizes, so you’ll find one that would fit your needs. To get a better look and feel of these materials, it’s best to visit your local store. This would allow you to compare prices also, ensuring you’re buying flooring materials that fit not only your taste but also your budget.

4. Invest in throw pillows

One of the best ways to showcase your personality is through your throw pillows. What’s good about these pillows is they’re inexpensive and come in various colours and designs. Also, since they’re relatively affordable, you can always decide to update them in a few years. For example, you can try to match your throw pillows with the season. So have green ones in the spring, yellow ones in the summer, orange in the fall, and something blue during the winter.

Final words: add the extras

Now that the basics of designing an outdoor patio are laid out, the last step you must keep in mind is the extras. For instance, if you have the budget, you can invest in a fireplace or fire pit, making evening gatherings with family and friends cosier. A water feature, like a fountain, will also add ambience to the space and help block any noise coming from the street. Likewise, you can never go wrong with landscape lighting and some well-placed trellis, which can serve as shade for the afternoon sun and add some privacy.

Basically, while planning for your patio, try to set loose your creativity and don’t get too caught up in the details. Having fun while designing your outdoor space will make it closer to your heart.


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