Outdoor Security Cameras Guide | How to Install CCTV Outdoor

Outdoor Security Cameras Guide | How to Install CCTV Outdoor

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Security cameras are the best technology inventions. With crime incidents increasing each day, CCTV cameras come in handy. CCTV installation is typical in shops and offices, but currently, homeowners are also installing CCTV cameras. Despite the cameras being popular, people are still looking for guidelines for installing the cameras.

Setting up an NVR security camera system yourself is possible but time-consuming. It is also strenuous to purchase the right outdoor security camera. Apart from multiple choices available in the market, there are numerous factors to consider to get the best choice for your home. If you are buying an outdoor security camera for the first time, ensure you make the right decision.

Six Things to Consider When Installing CCTV Outdoor

1. Price

Most homeowners with a tight budget look for cost-effective and affordable outdoor CCTV. If you are on the list, do not have a lot of expectations from your camera. Even though they do their job well, most cheap cameras lack significant features that can protect your home entirely.

In most cases, a low-priced camera signifies weak components, low performance, and minimal features. As a result, you may need to replace your set-up camera, which means incurring other costs.

Buying a security camera does not necessarily mean getting a costly one. Ensure you purchase the one that can give your money value and not compromise your security.

2. Type of Camera

If you want a practical camera, the best choice is a box camera. They are commonly used outdoor cameras and feature compatible lenses. If you are looking for a less bulky camera, the dome camera comes in handy in this. They are easier to set and mount in varied locations. Cameras that tilt, pan, and zoom are the best camera to invest in, offering better security. These cameras come with security monitors & recorders. They also have online storage features where you can store your recordings for future reference.

3. Location

The best areas are less vulnerable when looking for the right place to place your outdoor security camera. You also need to select different camera types based on location. The type of camera you put at your entrance gate will not be the same camera type you place at the garage door.

Do not ignore their coverage. Intruders and thieves are good at avoiding outdoor cameras. Ensure you get an outdoor camera with a full area coverage feature. The best choice for this function is a low-light capable dome security camera.

4. Compatibility

If you are among the list of people who prefer watching over their possession from a distance, the best security camera to choose is the one that comes with an app and connects with other smart devices in your home or office. Apart from convenience, selecting a camera that comes with a compatibility feature will be helpful to your camera in the future.

For example, one or two cameras are enough if you live in a small area. But if you move to a more prominent place, you may need to add more cameras. You need to make sure the available cameras can be compatible with other models if you add more outdoor cameras.

5. Connection

The best outdoor camera to choose for your home and office is wireless. They are effective at receiving and sending video signals. It’s the best way to ensure intruders do not have a way to stop the functionality of your cameras unless they don’t have batteries.

Outdoor cameras with batteries are the best choice as they are easy to set up and mount. They also require no connectivity wires, which means there are minimal chances of catching an intruder’s attention. However, their downside is the number of times you have to unmount them to recharge.

6. Night Vision

Night vision is an essential feature to consider when looking for an NVR security camera system. It is crucial if you spend most of your time out of the house. Select a security camera that produces quality videos in the dark.

How to Install Outdoor Security Cameras

There are different ways of installing a wireless and wired outdoor security camera. One advantage of wireless cameras is they can be placed anywhere, but you need to ensure you install them within a range of your Bluetooth, wireless connection, or Wi-Fi. But if you need a wired camera, you should be ready to drill a hole through dense material like a brick.

Ensure you place your security camera in an isolated place where intruders cannot tamper with it. Below are the steps to follow to install an outdoor security camera.

1. Collect the Necessary Equipment

Whether you purchased your camera and its features separately or as a complete system, you will need specific connectivity and mounting tools such as:

  • Mounting kits
  • Ladder
  • Video splitters and amplifiers
  • Power receiver and adapter

2. Select the Right Locations

Selecting a strategic location for your cameras is essential. The ideal places can be at the entrance and exit spots, heavy traffic areas, and secluded areas like around the trees.

3. Secrete the Wires

When installing outdoor cameras, ensure the wires are in places that cannot be easily located and cut. Concealing the cables makes it difficult to cut and also protects them against causing damages to the cameras.

Installing a CCTV camera depends on the type of camera you purchase and its source of power. If you buy a wireless security camera, its installation will differ from a power cord security camera. Besides, keep in mind other things when installing an outdoor security camera at your home or office.


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