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Muscle Building In Home: Is It Possible?

Muscle Building In Home: Is It Possible?

. 4 min read

Can I build muscles at home?

It’s a long-term question among many young people.

But yes, you can build your muscles at home!!

Don’t believe me?

That’s why this article is here to give you all the proof and evidence you need to know to grow your muscles just by working out at home.

Many men choose to go to the gym to bulk up their muscles as there are advanced types of equipment to help you boost up your muscles. But there’s no certainty that just by going to the gym, you’ll be able to puff up your muscles.

On the other hand, a person who works out at home can bring out the best results compared to a person who spends hours in the gym. Moreover, you can say it entirely depends on how effectively you can execute the exercises.

Keep reading this article if you are interested in growing your muscles at home!!

Workout Plans To Execute At Home

This section of the article will focus on how you can grow your muscles just through some simple and effective exercises.

Yes, you need to go through a few exercises to bulk up your muscles. Although proper dieting will help you grow muscles, if you are willing to turn on the “beast mode” of your body, these exercises are just what you need!!

Horizontal Presses

These are one of the essential exercises that you can start your training with!!! Many people also call these “push-ups,” but there are variations, and as we go through this section of the article, we’ll get to see more!!!

Horizontal presses are one of the most effective methods of increasing your chest muscles and biceps. It has been proven that a consistent amount of horizontal presses can bulk up your muscles through many types of research. On average, it takes approximately eight weeks to show drastic results.

Now here, you’ll also get to know about the variations in a push-up. Just by different push-ups, you can make your muscles denser and boost up your biceps!!!

Standard Push-ups

This is one of the basic push-ups that you can start your workout sessions with. Moreover, these are very effective primarily when performed flawlessly. All sorts of people can carry out the standard pushup.

Although this push-up can seem very easy but to be honest, it can surely bring the heat out of your muscles after you have performed it multiple times.

Elevated Leg Push-ups

This push-up is more of an advanced exercise and also very effective. When you are doing this exercise, you are putting more weight on your upper body.

This results in increasing your muscles, biceps, and chest muscles (improving it to pump up).

You can perform this exercise by placing your legs on a chair, sofa, or even a robust solid box!!

Clap Push-ups

These push-ups are far more advanced and effective than those previous two push-ups that you read above.

This exercise can prove to be a little hectic, but as you know, “the trickier a workout turns out to be, the more effective it is.” The same goes for this exercise!!

When you perform this exercise correctly and consistently, you’ll notice drastic changes in your body. Your chest muscles will shift a little upwards, giving you that “macho look.” Your biceps will start getting pumped up.

Moreover, you’ll see an overall transformation in your body. The procedure to perform this exercise is to pull your chest back up, throw your hands out in front of your chest and give a clap and land your hands in the initial push-up position.

Vertical Presses

As you have seen a few of the push-ups, now, I’ll be telling you a far different push-up that you can give a try.

In those previous push-ups, you have seen that the exercises were carried out with the help of vertical presses, but now the only change that you have to bring is shifting your positions more in the vertical.

Now, you’ll see some of the variations in push-ups that you can indeed include in your exercise chart to see drastic results.

Pike Push

Pike pushes are more advanced and effective. If you can get a hold of these exercises, you’ll be seeing excellent results.

Many gymnastics perform this exercise to help them gain dense muscles. And honestly, if you are willing to bulk up those biceps and chest muscles, this can be a very effective exercise for you.

All you have to do is decrease the distance between your legs and hands and perform the push-ups. This will create pressure on your body muscles, helping them to grow and become stronger.

Many other vertical push-ups can indeed be of much help if performed correctly.

Light Therapy: Can It Help In Muscle Growth?

Light therapy has been one of the best remedies for many people. At first, this therapy intended to cure people with various depression-related conditions.

Later on, researchers came up with various other solutions like “led light therapy for skin,” “led light therapy for muscle growth,” and many more.

According to many athletes, light therapy has been beneficial to them, especially when they suffered from injuries. The light treatment helped them to get cured faster and more effectively.

Furthermore, they have also reported that light therapy also helped them in growing their muscles. According to them, they consistently got themselves exposed to this light and they saw drastic improvements in the growth of their muscles.

But one thing that I’ll tell you is although light therapy helps in developing the muscles, just relying on light treatment will not give you those looks or bulked-up looks that you are aiming for.

Therefore, if you are willing to have those “macho” muscles, you have to go through intense and consistent workouts to get your muscles to shape.

Lastly, I’ll tell you that it takes time to see drastic results when you try something. Don’t lose hope or quit exercising if you don’t see immediate results. Have patience and keep exercising effectively, and you’ll indeed see results!!!

I hope this article will help you know how you can build your muscles just in your place!!!


Part of the expertEasy writing team, Laura is from the UK and has a keen interest in Business, interior design and decor, home improvement and thriftiness in all things around the house and garden.