Major Seo Impact - Getting More Traffic By Using Unique Images

Major Seo Impact - Getting More Traffic By Using Unique Images

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Images have a major impact on the position of a website on SERPs. If you want to know why images are considered best for websites, you should read this post.

This article has listed how unique images can bring more traffic to your site and help in search engine optimization.

If you plan to start a new website or improve your old web pages, you should engage with this post.

Can unique images increase traffic on a site?

The main question is whether images can increase traffic on a website or not. Well, there is a simple answer to this question. Yes, images can contribute to improving traffic of a website. Not only this, but you can also improve your rankings on search engine with unique images.

Unique images are known to be helpful because they can win the trust of target audience. According to recent reports, unique images can bring 60% more traffic to a website. The reason behind this is that images are more understandable than text.

Images or visual content is tens of thousands of times more understandable to human brain. This is why experts recommend that you add images to your website. Today people using web have a short attention span. If you want to engage a potential customer with your site and content, you would only have two to three seconds. In this short time, only images can help you win the interest and attention of user.

How to get Unique images for a website?

Now that you know that images are important for a website and can increase traffic on it, you should find out the best ways to get unique images for your site.

  • Use Image Designer Tools

To get unique images for your site, you can rely on graphic designing tools like Adobe Photoshop. You should know that dozens of graphic design tools and these tools can easily help you create prints and patterns that would complement your website. You can find countless options and features on these designer tools, which makes them easier to use. With the basic designing knowledge and skills, you can easily create unique image designs.

  • Use Image Search Engines

If you don't have much designing experience or skills, you can easily help yourself find the right image for your website by using image search engines like! This reverse photo search technique has become very popular in the market. If you want to find an image or relevant details about it, you can easily do so with modern image search engines. To get unique or royalty-free images, you have to enter relevant keywords, upload images and also find similar images with an image URL in the search bar of this image finder and hit “search”. You would get images in less than seconds. The only flaw is that the image search engines would save your text and image input in their database for at least seven days.

  • Use Reverse Image Search Tools

You can find tons of images on image search engines or stock photo websites, but you can only know whether they are free to use and unique with the help of reverse image searching. The search by image technique is the one in which you can easily enter images instead of text as input. Reverse image search by can help you find out reverse information about an image. This image search is free and easy to use. Even a new user can use this website and easily find similar and unique images for their site with this reverse image search tool.

How to optimize unique images for the search engine?

Now that you know how to create unique images for your site, we would like you to know that getting unique images is a basic demand of search engines if you are striving for higher SERPs. This doesn't mean that you don't have to optimize unique images. If you want unique images to add value to your site, then we would suggest you read the best image optimization tips that we have listed below for you:

  • After finding a unique image with reverse image search, you must select right format for your site. PNG and JPG formats are mostly used on websites and pages.
  • If you have unique images in any other format, then make sure you convert them before publishing.
  • Images can increase weight of a website, which directly affects its loading speed. If you don't want image size to affect your site's speed, you should compress it or use reverse image search to find same image with a lower size.
  • Whenever you are using images on your website, you should double-check its copyrights. If there is a conflict, then you must remove it to stay away from future troubles.
  • Having unique images doesn't mean that you don't have to customize their filename. Setting attractive and relevant file names is important in image seo.
  • Also, don't forget to make your unique images scalable and mobile-friendly.

Focus on these image optimization tips. You can easily increase the impact of unique images on search engines and organic traffic!


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