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Life-Saving First Aid Skills That Everyone Should Learn

Life-Saving First Aid Skills That Everyone Should Learn

. 2 min read

Emergencies can happen to anyone, anywhere, and at any given moment. They do not come with a warning sign. The very first thing to do during an emergency is to call 000. But before the paramedics arrive, you as a bystander with knowledge in first aid can potentially save a life.

That said, here are five life-saving skills that everyone should learn.

Performing CPR

The first thing that comes to your mind when you think of first aid or life-saving skills is probably CPR. When CPR is performed correctly, it could be the difference between life and death. It is highly recommended that you take a class to learn the proper techniques and procedures. You could also watch an online instructional video about CPR, and it could turn you into a lifesaver.

The “hands-only” CPR technique can be used for anyone but new-borns.  This technique can be done on someone who has suffered a cardiac arrest and whose heart has stopped beating. Using the compression-only technique, you need to press downwards about 5cm deep about 100 times a minute until the paramedics arrive. With the Hands-only approach, you can skip the part where you have to give breath.

First Aid for Cardiac Arrest

Understanding the common signs of a cardiac arrest and what you need to do if you see someone going through it is vital in today’s world. Based on the symptoms, if it’s a cardiac arrest, you could perform CPR (mentioned above). However, sometimes a bad case of heartburn could feel like a heart attack. Nevertheless, calling for help should always be the first thing that you should do. If the person is not allergic to aspirin and isn’t under any heavy medication that could react with it and is 16 years or older, you could offer an aspirin. According to the Mayo Clinic, it is supposed to reduce damage to the heart.

Saving Someone From Choking

You have probably seen posters at restaurants or food courts on how to perform the Heimlich manoeuvre when a person is choking on food. Most of us don’t have these posters at home, or we don’t find them anywhere on the streets. Therefore, it is helpful to learn this technique for when such a situation should arise. Start by beating on the person’s back five times with the heel of your hand, then proceed to abdominal thrusts.

This technique, however, varies in the case of children and infants who have smaller windpipes and the tendency to swallow random things.

Reviving a Near-Drowned Person

When it comes to a drowning incident, time is of the essence. Action needs to be taken within the first minute of the near-drowning incident. The passage of air into the victim’s lungs should be unobstructed, making it possible for the person to breathe. Thrust the victim’s jaw open and pinch the nose until it's closed. The responder should then cover the victim’s mouth and give two breaths. Thirty chest compressions should follow this. Keep at it until the victim starts breathing or paramedics arrive.

Stop Bleeding

To stop bleeding, using a sterile cloth, first apply direct pressure on the injury until the bleeding stops. Elevate the area with the wound and keep it supported while applying pressure and keeping it and above the heart level.

It is essential to have first aid training and get it from the experts. First Aid Training Perth offers a comprehensive training programme that equips you with the skills required to deliver first aid in every possible situation and environment at a very affordable price. First aid should be promoted as it is an essential life skill and can save countless lives.


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