Tips for Kitchen Renovations When on a Budget

Tips for Kitchen Renovations When on a Budget

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When you want to take your home improvement to the next level, you may want to start renovating some parts of your home. After all, what better way to show off some style and flair than to modify and adjust some elements according to trends and your personal taste.

According to houzz's USA study in 2016, millennials spent an average of $26,200 while first-time buyers spent an average of $33,800 for home renovations. Kitchen and bathroom remodels remain amongst the most popular kinds of home improvement, amounting to $19,100 and $11,700 on average, respectively.

Bathroom and kitchen renovations are tempting to do, but can be a struggle when you don't have a decent budget for them. But don't stress, there are actually ways for you to make your kitchen renovation shine even when on a budget.

Kitchen Renovations on a Budget

There are companies that can do the work for you according to your needs and budget. You just have to prioritize which areas to focus on and be smart with your approach. Here are some tips for your kitchen renovation when on a budget:

Use tiles only on centerpieces or very important spaces

Tiles can be extremely expensive, especially when you hire other people to install it for you. Instead of putting tiles on all surfaces choose the most visible areas or just use them as a centerpiece. You can even mix and match cheaper tiles of similar designs.

Decide if you should repair or replace

One of the most important decisions you'll have to make during renovations is if you have to repair or replace particular objects. Assess the overall value a particular object will add to your kitchen once they're either replaced or repaired, and determine your next move from that perspective.

Repurpose old objects

In fashion, clothes are not the most important part of the outfit, but the person wearing it. This means it's not always the clothing brands that count but how the person carries himself/herself when wearing them. The same can be applied to your renovations. Sometimes, expensive isn't always good, and there cheaper alternatives – such as functioning second-hand items – that can be used as substitutes for your original designs. Be on the lookout for alternative materials so you can take advantage of them.

Paint can be your new best friend

When you want to make an impact in both your kitchen, tiles, countertops, and fancy additives are usually the first choices to give your room that additional "depth." However, paint can be enough to give your kitchen that "new" quality to help it shine. You just have to choose a paint color and application that enhances your theme. See how you can incorporate neutral colors or very vibrant colors with your theme in mind to save you lots of money.

Imperfections can be highlighted or hidden

You can still buy the material that you want for cheap if you use those with imperfections (not damage). In fact, an imperfection can be highlighted, for example, as a centerpiece. Or you can also use these materials on areas that are hidden in plain sight, such as in sink basins.

Update the little details

You might think small features don't contribute to your new look, but even the tiniest details can impress. For instance, you can update your drawer pulls, sink faucets, and light fixtures to change the overall look into something extra special.

Lighting can change the game

If you want to save money but still make an impact, lighting can actually change the game for you. This is perfect if you're going for minimal change but significant effect. You can use lighting to soften a space, brighten up a room, or highlight some pattern or decor pieces, without spending too much effort and money.

Don't Take Risks

You budget could be blown if you attempt to DIY jobs that you should get professionals to do for you, don't try to save a few bucks and cost yourself a fortune or worse a personal injury.


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