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Should you install roller blinds?

Should you install roller blinds?

. 3 min read

Tired of cleaning and handling the curtains? It sure is a hard task because of their weight, the different fabric and then drying them before you can hang them on the rails again. Many people are shifting towards a more economical, time-saving and practical option- Roller blinds. Not only do roller blinds give a clean, sophisticated look to the room, but it is even more economical.

Let’s discuss the benefits of roller blinds as described, which make them a great option to decorate and further enhance the look of your space.

Easy to handle

  • They are very easy to handle. Its system is simple, and the double cord is attached to a wheel so that if you pull it from one side it goes up and if you pull from the other side, it goes down. They are perfect for children.
  • The simple roller blinds do not get entangled because the only rope they have is the one used to raise and lower it and has no system attached to the fabric.
  • They adapt to any height of the window. A roller blind can be of any height, and you can play with different color combinations as well. Mostly the blinds are a little longer than the window to ensure safety from wind, light and sound.

Heat control and soundproof

With a good selection of materials, the roller blinds fulfill the function of both thermal and acoustic insulation for your home.
They assist to fight the cold, when accompanied by some other elements in your installation, such as windows. Besides, you will be safe from noise pollution if you live in areas with heavy traffic.

Energy saving

Rolling blinds are energy savers for your home. During the winter they provide an excellent barrier from the cold although you have to take notice of the materials you use for your blinds.

Compliment the design of your space

Roller blinds have always been a desired option due to their ability to customize in the home. The different textures, color patterns, hue, and fabric, making them a very sophisticated and stylish choice for your rooms or working space.
Either by the colors of the slats or by their materials, it is a classic option to decorate the house while serving as an element to protect from the cold as well.

Absolute privacy

Its complete opacity guarantees that you will have privacy in your space without worries. During winter we usually spend much more time at home than in summer. That’s why we must take care of the security and privacy of our home, and roller blinds guarantee us with just that.

Motorization of roller blinds

Roller blinds can also be automatically controlled, which gives you complete control over how much light you want entering the room. With a simple touch of a button, you can move them and even set times for when you want to lift and lower the blinds.

Texture and Color combinations

Sometimes we focus so much on the role of color in the decoration of the house that we forget the textures. Both the wooden roller blinds and the mat blinds allow you to create combinations of natural textures with a lot of charm or, on the contrary, make eclectic blends that put a surprising accent on the decoration.

Total blackout / Black Out

The blackout roller blinds come in use when watching a movie that’s why it’s one of the best options for a home theatre. It’s also useful to install it in the bedrooms, and blackout roller blinds can completely block light, making the best environment to sleep no matter the time of day.

A varying range of materials

The wide range of materials while choosing the blinds is a big plus. The different color tones, fabric, combination and material give each room a different feel. Living rooms can be cool pastels; lounges can be wooden and green, giving an exotic feel to your space.

To decorate a room with a home theatre, give preference to thicker and darker blinds that will create the right atmosphere even during the day.

  • Canvas consists of thin wooden slats that adapt well to most styles. The canvas is also ideal for interior decoration of conference rooms and offices. The advantages of this material are that it gives natural wood texture, resistance to fading and moisture.
  • Bamboo slat fabric differs in ease and durability, aesthetic appearance and practicality. Suitable for modern interiors and interior decoration in oriental style.
  • Translucent materials disperse bright rays, making the natural lighting of the room comfortable.
  • Blackout materials completely block a stream of light. Such curtains will help create an ideal sleeping environment regardless of the time of day. They are also very useful for home theatres.

About the Author:
Monica Albert is passionate about home decor and works for the team at: empire window furnishings


Part of the expertEasy writing team, Laura is from the UK and has a keen interest in Business, interior design and decor, home improvement and thriftiness in all things around the house and garden.