How to Understand Yourself: Top 5 Techniques

How to Understand Yourself: Top 5 Techniques

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If you have the feeling that you are standing still, no longer understand yourself, and no longer distinguish between your desires and the desires of others, try these techniques.

Childhood Hobbies

Do you know how a genius differs from an ordinary person? The first, no matter what, defends his opinion and the right to do what he likes. The second is influenced by society, trying to please everyone and getting used to doing what he wants. Accustomed to not paying attention to their desires, so that they no longer understand where the boundary is between their own and others' needs.

Our innate talents are already discovered in childhood. And then society begins to influence us: parents take us to classes that we don't want, and impose various attitudes on us.

Let's try to bring yourself back to yourself. Go back in your mind to your 5 or 6 years of age and remember what you really liked to do, what you wanted to be? Write down 10 children's activities that you are really fascinated with. Do not analyze how much you can earn now in this occupation, and whether this profession is popular at the present time.

Have you written it down? Now underline the things that give you pleasure now. When was the last time you allowed yourself to do it? Put a date next to each activity. Don't be surprised if it turns out to be a long, long time ago. Choose a few activities from the list that you haven't done in a very long time, and take the time to do them.

Adult Hobbies

Write 20 favorite activities that you really enjoy doing. You can write anything unusual, boring, or trivial. The main thing is that you enjoy doing it. For example, making lasagna, gambling at CasinoChan, sorting out the children's socks in pairs, and waking up family members with classical music.

When you've written everything down, analyze these activities. Do you see a pattern in them? Maybe your activities are focused on helping other people? Or maybe they're sports activities? Or maybe the pattern is that all of these activities require a lot of diligence and meticulousness. Break down your activities into groups. It will help you figure out what kind of life you'd like to live.

Your Perfect Environment

It's hard to know yourself when you're surrounded by people who criticize you, reduce your motivation, etc. Surround yourself with successful people, and then you yourself will become the same. But this is not always easy to implement, so try this technique.

Imagine that overnight everything has changed. In the morning, the world was filled with the kind of people you would like it to be. What kind of people would they be? What would they do? What would they tell you? What would they be into? Would they be creative, unpredictable, constantly bubbling over with ideas: one thing today, another tomorrow, or would they be concrete people who like to plan and stay on schedule? Look at how these people work. Do things quickly or, conversely, slowly, thoughtfully, stretching out the time? What have you learned about yourself by talking to these people? What do you need to do to prove yourself?

Your Perfect Day

Imagine your perfect day in all its colors. Imagine that you are not limited in means, opportunities, strengths, and skills. Give free rein to your imagination. Can you imagine? Now take pen and paper and write down in detail what you imagined. What are you doing? What is happening to you? It should all be the most perfect.

For example, what time did you wake up, what surroundings do you see, where do you live, and what do you eat for breakfast? What are the people around you? Where do you work: at home, in the office, or outdoors? When you're done, divide your fantasies into three groups:

  • This is what's just necessary, you can't do without it.
  • It's not really necessary, but I would like to have it.
  • It's not particularly necessary.

Take the fantasies from the first list and incorporate them into your real life.

An Hour of Silence

This technique is similar to meditation, except it doesn't require music and special poses. The technique is difficult but effective. Allocate yourself an hour of free time. You should not be distracted by any sounds and other irritants.

Sit on a chair or in an armchair. Try to keep your back straight. Close your eyes and just sit. Allow thoughts to flow quietly, smoothly, as though running a brook. If the brook is far away and thoughts run into a pile, let it be a mountain river. Allow your thoughts to be. You don't have to ask yourself any questions or set intentions before the exercise, like in yoga. Just do nothing. And then the most interesting thing will happen. At first, thoughts will begin to appear chaotically, alternating with each other, as if someone were switching clips on YouTube. This can go on for 20 to 40 minutes. Don't interfere with it. Then a certain euphoria will arise in your head, your thoughts will become clearer, and life situations will seem easier and clearer.

The exercise helps to calm the mind, disconnect from all the crazy things going on in the world, reduce anxiety and understand yourself.

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