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How To Keep Your Dorm Room Tidy

How To Keep Your Dorm Room Tidy

. 3 min read

Those who state that college students who live in a mess are just lazy people have never been students. Even if you're Mr. or Ms. squeaky clean, you can’t guarantee that your dorm room will always be clean. College life is mostly busy, of course, if you treat your studies responsibly, attend all classes and do homework. Students who don’t care about their academic performance, their grades, and their diplomas may have more free time to clean their dorm room, but still not so much since they have other priorities. We’ve mentioned that the ordinary student has plenty of duties in college, but it’s not everything that prevents him or her from regular cleaning.

Take into account the numerous side hustles, the trips home, hobbies, and time any person needs to spend with friends. How to incorporate cleaning into the busy daily routine? It may be a very tough challenge. But what if we tell you that you just shouldn’t let your room become a mess? It means you won’t need to spend so much time cleaning. Here are several small but effective tips that’ll help your room stay clean for more than 3-4 days.

1. Avoid bad smells

Even though the smells and odors don’t occupy space and create a mess, they greatly prevent your room from being and looking clean. If you’re a smoker, never smoke in your room because you can’t imagine the consequences. First of all, the clothes and furniture will absorb this awful smell. Then, after 3-4 years, the wallpapers will change their color and will look terrible. Never let the food stay in the refrigerator too long; moreover, don’t store food in your dorm room cupboards without a refrigerator. It’s better to save some money with a roommate and buy the cheapest one. And the last one, air the room regularly: every morning and every evening. It will always be fresh, and you’ll sleep better.

2. Make bed every day

It should be your daily habit. The irony is that making the bed can take you 4 minutes maximum, but students always skip this step of their daily routine because they are either lazy or don’t want to be late for the important lecture. In most cases, we think that nothing will change in the room, but we are wrong. Making the bed is your first step to being productive the whole day, to be ready to keep your room clean and feel well. Many young people care about the aesthetics of the room, and there’s no aesthetics in the crumpled pillows and wrinkled blankets.

3. Put things back

We never put the things we take back where they belong and even don’t realize it. Then we start thinking about the reasons for such a mess in our room. And the reasons are on the surface. For example, you take a T-shirt to wear today. Take it back to the wardrobe when you come home because tomorrow you’ll want to wear another T-shirt and they all will be dumped on the bed. Prevent mess, and you won’t need to spend the weekend cleaning it up.

4. Buy organizers

Dorm rooms are often small and have not much space, so that students fail to store all things that are necessary for the student. That’s why the best decision is to buy various organizers to keep your clothes, beauty products, textbooks, and all other items that may get lost in your room. Besides buying them, you should teach yourself to properly use organizers and always put the things to them. Then, you’ll immediately see the difference and the absence of clutter in your room.

5. Vacuum your room

Do it at least once a week, and if it’s possible, 2-3. You may not see the dust on surfaces, but be sure there is a lot of dust in your room. Carpet, pillows, blankets, clothes accumulate a lot of dust, so your carpet should be cleaned. Shake out other items we mentioned regularly, and you’ll minimize the amount of dust in the room. We advise you to create a cleaning schedule and follow it together with your roommate. It’ll make the process of cleaning faster and more organized.

Please, incorporate these tips into your daily or weekly routine to see the result. You must also talk to your roommate and his or her habits. Perhaps you’re not to blame for the clutter. The key thing is that you two need to find common ground but not quarrel. These tips should help you have more free time to spend on something you like. If you still lack it, consider getting some assistance with homework online. The Internet is full of free-to-use samples, such as free political science papers and other assignments. Find the necessary one, use it to write your own, and master all subjects fast.


Part of the expertEasy writing team, Laura is from the UK and has a keen interest in Business, interior design and decor, home improvement and thriftiness in all things around the house and garden.