Social Security Frauds: How to Identify and Deal With Them Accordingly

Social Security Frauds: How to Identify and Deal With Them Accordingly

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Social security scams are common in most states. They are a lesson that fraudsters have mastered so well, and they get social security numbers from people purporting to be government officials. According to ID Analytics, most social security numbers are associated with more than one name. Most crooks use this trick to get you to transfer money to them or give your financial data.

What are the different types of social security fraud?

Social security fraud costs taxpayers millions of money each year. There are various ways in which this crime occurs. The common types include making false statements and giving untrue information to get social security benefits. This is a crime that centrelink fraud lawyers don’t take lightly; it’s also a serious offence that can lead to imprisonment.

Social security fraud may also be in the form of concealing facts that may affect qualification for benefits. The misuse of benefits by a representative is yet another type of social security fraud. This happens when you represent another person who cannot manage their funds and spend the money for unintended purposes.

Other types include:

  • Buying & selling fake social security cards
  • Impersonation of social security employees
  • Bribery of social security staff
  • Misusing grant funds
  • Violation of social security ethics of conduct

How can you identify social security fraud?

Fraudsters can use various techniques to steal your information. If you suspect that someone else is using your security number, review your earnings to ensure that all your information is up to date. Also, review your income on the social security statement online.

Should I apply for another number? If you have tried various ways and the person is still using your social security number, it’s advisable to get a new one. However, you’re not eligible for a new social security number if;

  • You have lost your social security card, but there’s no proof that someone else is using it.
  • To avoid the effects of filing for bankruptcy
  • If you intend to avoid your legal responsibilities or the law.

How can I deal with social security fraud?

The first step to dealing with this type of fraud is prevention. You should secure your social security number and prevent it from being stolen. Begin by limiting the number of people who access your number. Although some institutions may ask for it, some don’t require it, and you have the right not to give it out.

Here’s what you can do to protect your SSN:

If an organization asks for your SSN, give other documents like your driving license, student ID or passport. These can act as proof of your address. Also, inquire about how it will be handled. It’s your right to know why it’s necessary to give out your social security information or number before giving it out.

Discard all documents with your personal information; this can be through shredding or burning. You can as well leave your card at home to avoid loss or theft. Again, some people use their SSN as a password, and this is risky. It makes it easy for fraudsters to hack it.

What steps can I take to deal with social security fraud?

1. Report

If you think that you have been scammed, the first step would be reporting. It’s now easy to contact the social security administration because you can do this online. You can also call their toll free number, which is 800-772-1213.

2. Get a review of your social security earnings.

In some cases, some people may use your SSN as a typo. It may also happen when another person uses your number to secure a job. It’s then best to contact social security and get a review of your earnings. You can also do this online if you have an online account.

3. Verify employers

Check the employers who have verified your eligibility to work in the US. If you spot a name that you can’t recognize, someone else might be using your number for work purposes. You can report identity theft and set up a recovery plan. Visit, and you’ll be guided on how to do it.

A quick wrap up

There are various ways to identify and deal with identity theft and social security fraud. If you have tried various strategies and someone else is still using your SSN, apply for a new one. Avoid using the old number once you get it, and report the new SSN to all agencies that might need it.


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