How To Find The Perfect Employee Appreciation Gift

How To Find The Perfect Employee Appreciation Gift

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Any seasoned supervisor knows that running a business or managing a professional team is a tough job. There’s so much to balance. Not only do you need to get your own work and make ‘big picture decisions on a daily basis, but you also need to oversee a wider team, assist them whenever they may need it, and hold them accountable whilst simultaneously holding yourself accountable too. A manager or business owner also needs to inspire people to perform their best. Despite all that is involved in this expansive role, being a leader in business is undeniably a rewarding endeavor at the end of the day.

Why? Because as a manager, you have the opportunity to help your staff build themselves and their careers up, as well as be able to practice employee appreciation. That being said, the perfect employee appreciation gifts can be challenging to choose. That’s why, in this helpful article, we’ll share some tips on choosing gifts for men and women that make perfect employee appreciation gifts. Read on to discover more.

Unearth Their Interests

When preparing an employee appreciation gift, you should take some time to find out the hobbies or interests of that team member. If you’ve managed them for a while, you should have a general idea of what they do in their spare time. Then, it is just a simple case of matching a gift to their interests.

For instance, they might be an avid reader or enjoy board games. Other people might like to hunt or fish, or go hiking and camping. Others may enjoy arts and crafts, woodworking, or otherwise use their hands in their downtime. You can easily narrow down a list of potential gifts by considering your recipient's interests.

A quick Google search can also be of assistance here. Simply punch in their interest and “gift ideas”. You’ll find a wealth of information that should assist you with obtaining that perfect employee appreciation gift.

Ask Their Colleagues

Another way to find out what an excellent employee appreciation gift could be is by asking around your team. The employee’s colleagues will have a good idea of what they are into and what an excellent potential gift may be. If you are planning on talking to that person’s wider team, be sure to keep your conversations on the down-low. The last thing you want is them finding out that you’re asking around and ruining the surprise.

As a manager or business owner, you’re probably a few steps removed from your team in terms of personal intimacy, which is not a bad thing. Professional boundaries are essential, and you are their boss, not their friend. That’s why asking the team will give you some insights into a gift idea that you may not have had otherwise.

Shop Online and In-Store

Once you’ve got an idea as to what sort of gift to give, it’s time to get shopping. You should browse some online stores and look for a good quality gift wherever possible. Use photos online to get an idea of what the gift will look like. While you’re at it, pay attention to reviews and testimonials. Avoid goods that have terrible reviews and prefer those with positive ones. Take screenshots or make notes of the prices as you go along too.

Then it is time to look in some brick and mortar stores. This way, you can physically inspect the gift and ensure it is of good quality. Compare the prices to those of online retailers; however, remember that the cheaper option isn’t always the best, especially for an employee appreciation gift.

Consider Handmade Items

Some people prefer a personal touch of material gift items. If you believe that any of your employees are amongst this group of humble folk who appreciate the little things and gifts with some creative flair, then you may very well want to consider a handmade item over a mass-produced one. This is a perfect idea if the employee is into a niche hobby or has a specific interest. If you find (or even make!) a handmade item that aligns with their interests as well, then your employee appreciation gift will likely be something that they treasure for years to come.

But where could you find the ideal handmade gift? You could potentially browse a local market for this gift item or even look through a local community buy and sell Facebook page or other similar forums. Looking through an online marketplace like Etsy or eBay is also a top idea here.

Look for Ideas That Are “Out of Left Field”

Do you have any particularly zany staff members who may prefer some interesting trinkets to keep on their desks or even adorn their mantelpiece at home? Then a similarly zany gift may be the way to go. Of course, this idea can be anything, from hand-blown glass paperweights in dynamic shapes to novelty sticky notes in bold colors or in the shapes of their favorite animals.

You could go entirely ‘out of left field’ by gifting them something that isn’t necessarily to adorn their desk either! Try looking in some unusual places for this particular appreciation gift idea. Perhaps your neighborhood has a refined antique shop or a charity shop where a unique gift could be hiding, especially if your gift recipient is a fan of quirky trinkets and novelties from yesteryear.

You could have a look at school car boot sales or a garage sale in your neighborhood too. Obviously, the gift needs to be of good quality, but you can find some hidden gems if you look in the right places.

Include a Handwritten Note

An excellent way to add a touch of personality and intimacy to an employee appreciation gift is to include a handwritten note with the gift. Be sure to put some effort into the note, and list the reasons why you appreciate that team member, providing them with both a material sentiment of your appreciation as well as with a written expression of your gratitude as their employer. They might be a great team player, take the initiative on projects, or go the extra mile for the business. Receiving this note alongside the gift will make them feel valued and appreciated, which is, after all, the whole point of the gift.

A Caring Conclusion

We’ve explored how to find the perfect employee appreciation gift in this helpful article. If you are able to consider all of the tips and tricks we’ve outlined above, then chances are high that your employee appreciation gift won’t go unappreciated! Good luck, and don’t forget that handwritten note either.

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