How To Find A Good Car Windshield Wiper And Replace It The Right Way

How To Find A Good Car Windshield Wiper And Replace It The Right Way

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Crummy wiper blades? Everyone has had their fair share of them at some point in their driving lifetime. Raise your hand if you have experienced one or more of these common windscreen wipers problems — juddering, smearing, squeaking, streaking, and missing wipe area. If you don’t have a good car windshield wiper, you have suffered or are suffering from either of these. This could have been funny if it were not dangerous.

Do not overlook this very crucial maintenance item on your vehicle, when it comes to safety, they have, without any doubt, a very important role. Learning about which wipers work the best and how to replace them can guarantee absolute safety as well as save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

Wipers are very important to the overall functioning of a car

Driving in the middle of the rain or snow is quite unimaginable without a good set of wipers clearing your line of vision. They also clear away debris keeping your windscreen clean for you to see through it without any obstruction. If your car’s windscreen wipers are not working properly, then do not waste any more time and go find yourself a good replacement because they can greatly affect your safety while driving.

They are only needed when it rains, so why bother?

Yes, we use wipers only when it rains (or snows) but they bear the brunt of all elements throughout the year causing wear and tear to them. The rubber strip is affected by direct sunlight and heat mostly and starts eroding, the blades lose firmness and soon start missing several parts of the windscreen, leaving streaks of dirt and then there are the creaks and squeaks as the overall structure of the wiper deteriorates.

Over the course of time, these problems decrease the usefulness of your car’s windshield wipers. Sometimes this also means that using old and deteriorated wipers is worsening your car’s outside visibility rather than improving it. This could be very dangerous to you and your family when driving. We live in a country that is prone to rainstorms. Neglecting to replace your car windshield wipers with a good and functional pair can tell apart the difference between an impending accident and reaching your destination safely.

What makes wipers good?

The best wiper for your car’s windshield is the one that fits its size and also the way it looks, and most importantly, the kind of materials that the wiper blades are made of. The car wiper frame tech has come a long way since the conventional and traditional metal frames and hybrid frames with plastic casing. Metal frames still do exist and are way cheaper now but they have a lot of disadvantages:

  • They are quite prone to rust and corrosion, and
  • They are not very good at handling high-speed cruises.

On the other end, hybrid wiper blades are expensive and hard to replace without exclusive dealership refills.

The best performance in-car wiper blades are provided by the aerodynamically designed beam blades also known as flat or frameless wiper blades. They are your one-stop solution for the best visibility while driving through both rain and snow.

The clear superiority of Aerodynamic wiper blades

The car industry is increasingly adopting aerodynamic wiper blades as the new norm. In fact, premium and high-performance vehicles have these wipers as a standard fitment straight out of the factory. This popularity is due to the high-tech design which allows for the best performance and reliability among all other options.

The design incorporates a pre-tensioned steel beam fitted with natural rubber or silicon that lies flatter on the windscreen and covers a wider area than your conventional wipers. The rigidity allows extra downforce on the blade for efficient wiping. The streamlined wiper blades guide the air around it for optimum performance even at high speeds and also avoids unnecessary shaking.

Here are the other super features of aerodynamic wiper blades:

  • The structure of the blades and the lack of exposed metal parts slower the rate of wear and tear, reducing maintenance costs on your car’s windscreen.
  • They provide seamless and high-performance wipes even at a speed of 180kph without lifting.
  • They put even pressure along the whole wiper blade on the windscreen giving streak-free perfect wipes.
  • They do not squeak.
  • Their durability makes them apt for harsh weather conditions
  • They are also capable of dry use to clear and clean the windscreen

Replacing wiper blades the right way

Now that you have decided on the best windshield wipers for your car, it is time to replace them the right way. The amount of time required for wiper replacement depends on the make and model of the car, the frequency of blade usage, and the weather conditions they encounter. An easy way to go about it is to spray water on the windscreen and evaluate wiper performance. The number of swipes taken to clear the water off the windscreen is a good indication of its state.

It may be tempting to leave this work to the local mechanic but replacing universal fit wipers like ADWipers is quite easy. Our 14 ClickSwap Adaptors cover 99% of vehicle models on road. This wiper blade mounting base has a universal symmetric design.

Wipe away streaky vision

If you are looking for durable, reliable, and high-performance wipers that are also good value for money, then it is safe to say that frameless aerodynamic replacement windshield wiper blades are the last word. At ADWipers, German technology adopted wiper blade designs assures safe driving vision even in the worst conditions. Our ClickSwap System allows ADWipers to fit 99% of vehicle models on the road. This makes replacing and installing extremely easy. To make sure that you receive high performing, good quality blades, backed by a solid warranty contact us today! We guarantee a quiet and comfortable drive with the clearest vision.

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