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How To Diagnose Common Workplace Electrical Issues

How To Diagnose Common Workplace Electrical Issues

. 4 min read

To just about everyone who is not a commercial electrician in Melbourne, electricity is a mysterious and incredible thing. Electricity can also be extremely hazardous. When there is a problem with electricity in your workplace, avoid taking on any electrical fixes if you lack the proper training and knowledge. Taking the cheap route and trying to fix something that is out of your comfort zone is not worth the risk to your health. Call in the professionals if you have any reservations about handling electricity in your workplace.

However, business owners, property managers, and the like need to be able to recognise, identify, and diagnose potential electrical problems in their buildings. Being proactive and able to spot these issues early will prevent them from interrupting your work and will keep you and your employees safe.

With this in mind, let’s look at some of the ways that you can quickly diagnose common workplace electrical issues.

High Utility Bills

When your electricity bill seems to be creeping or surging higher than it was at the same time a year ago, it is crucial to investigate what the cause might be. Perhaps you have added an entirely new department to your business, and this has driven your power needs higher. However, if the cause does not readily come to mind, it may be because of a problem with your electrical system.

High utility bills, however, are a bit of a vague symptom. There are many potential problems that can cause this. Explore the issue a bit further and look for electrical devices that may be malfunctioning or using too much power. Check the hot water system in your building to ensure that plumbing leaks are not causing your bill to creep up higher. If you notice any damaged electrical components in the building, be sure to get them fixed. If you still cannot figure out what is going on, call in a professional electrician to look at your system.

Bulbs Burning Out Quickly

It is normal to change light bulbs in the office from time to time. Even the most advanced and efficient bulbs will burn out occasionally. And with a larger office, it can seem like you are continually changing a bulb somewhere. However, if you notice that you are changing the same bulbs over and over again, then there is likely an electrical issue that needs to be fixed.

Frequently burnt out bulbs can occur when the wattage of your electrical system is too high. It may also be caused by faulty wiring in your building. This may be more likely if your building is older and the electrical system is starting to deteriorate. From time to time, insulation can also cause problems with light bulbs. If the problem does not have a clear answer in your office, then be sure to contact an electrician.

Dead Outlets

The modern office requires an abundant supply of power to keep things running efficiently. To access this power, your office is likely littered with outlets to plug in all of your equipment. When outlets stop working, you may find that your office productivity drops. Quickly solving this problem is essential.

Dead outlets typically result from faulty circuit connections or bad wiring. It is important to investigate the cause of a dead outlet as soon as possible, because the cause of this problem may be generating heat at some point in the system. Make sure to contact a professional commercial electrician to take a look. Solve the problem before it becomes a more significant issue in your building.

Electrical Fires

If you are not careful, you can overload your electrical system and cause an electrical fire in the office. Electrical fires can happen when there are too many devices plugged into a single socket, for example. Temperatures rise, and wire insulation can melt, leading to big trouble. When they happen, these fires are trickier to extinguish than conventional fires, which makes them an extreme hazard to your workplace.

Prevention is key when it comes to electrical fires. Make sure to upgrade your system through a licensed and professional electrician regularly. Regular maintenance will provide you with the peace of mind of knowing that your office is protected. Periodic replacement of system components keeps your system efficient and safe too.

Wind Causes Power Problems

If you notice that your lights start to flicker more when there is more wind, then you have a problem that needs to be addressed by a professional electrician immediately. This is typically caused by a loose connection from the wire bringing electricity into your building. Overhead cables can become loose when the wind is blowing, which leads to disruptions in the connection. This is more than a mere inconvenience. In fact, it can lead to electrical fires too.

Old Wiring

It is a good idea to upgrade the wiring in your electrical system before it becomes a problem. If your office building is dated, especially if it was built in the 1970s or earlier, then the structure is likely wired with aluminium wiring. While this may have been acceptable to building codes in the past, it is no longer considered safe enough to use today. Aluminium wiring can corrode and become another electrical fire risk.

Upgrade Your Office Electrical System

If you notice any of these issues in your workplace, then get in touch with a certified electrician as soon as possible. Electricity can cause significant problems if it is handled carelessly. The last thing that you want is to put your business, and your employees’ safety, at risk.


Part of the expertEasy team in Melbourne. Mark is a keen gardener, a DIY addict and a father of two beautiful girls. He is originally from Perth and is a true Eagles fan.