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How To Clean Your Home Automagically - A Guide To Robot Vacuums

How To Clean Your Home Automagically - A Guide To Robot Vacuums

. 4 min read

Everyone thought that we’d have flying cars by now, but it looks like we’re still far from it. Nowadays, we have the next best thing in the form of robot vacuums!

But how do these wonders of technology clean our houses automagically?

In this article, we explore why the robot vacuum has come to be one of the best things that you can purchase for any home or commercial establishment. Think of it as a guide to robot vacuums.

What is a Robot Vacuum?

Robotic vacuum cleaners go by many names, but their function is almost universal, to clean any space autonomously or via preset settings and remote control. They come in various styles, but they are usually highly portable devices that operate via rechargeable battery power.

When they first came out in 1996, they used to be clunky, and as time went by, began to get smarter, now usually loaded with sensors to make sure they can get themselves out of any tricky situation.

They now come in varying shapes and sizes with several intelligent features built into them, such as mopping features and a variety of sensors that you can check out different models via cosier's guide.

Why Buy One?

A robot vacuum saves you a lot of time and effort since it can autonomously vacuum your floors without you having to spend time doing it yourself. It can clean the house while you’re asleep, and it can automatically park itself onto a docking station.

It makes floor vacuuming an easy task and allows you to free up your time. A robot vacuum is also great if you’re looking to save money on housekeeping. A housekeeper will cost you money, and sometimes you can even be charged per hour, by investing in a robot vacuum you get to save your household money on difficult tasks.

There are many residential and commercial cleaning companies, but sometimes all you need is a robot vacuum.

What Robot Vacuum Features Should I Look Out For?

Most robotic vacuums nowadays have a lot of features that can prove to be useful for someone who wants to automate cleaning their homes or other living spaces.


One of the most essential features that a potential buyer of a robot vacuum should look out for is the vacuum’s propensity to accurately map out the area that it’s going to clean. These vacuums use sophisticated sensors to create a map of what has to be cleaned.

The latest models even allow for the devices to create floor plans of homes to develop sectors for cleaning and allow for control over where the robot vacuum will go. Some robot vacuums have a camera that helps it identify obstacles so that it can avoid colliding with them. Some even have sensors that can help identify if a part of your room needs more intensive cleaning than the rest.

Companion Applications

Another great thing about robotic vacuums is their integration with smart home systems such as Google Assistant and Alexa. This allows for a greater degree of control that’s streamlined with a system you’re already used to.

Companion applications will allow you to control the robotic vacuum cleaner via your smartphone. There are a variety of controls you can take advantage of, such as cleaning intensity and travel control settings. However, this will vary depending on the model of the vacuum you have.

Cleaning Features

There are different features available on a robot vacuum; these are dependent on the number of brushes that it has and the suction capability of the robot itself. Some vacuums will even have mopping functions.

Some customers of robot vacuums are pet owners who have to deal with massive amounts of pet hair in their homes. A robot vacuum makes it more convenient for them.


Another critical consideration that someone might have is the size and shape of the robot vacuum that you’re going to purchase. Some are taller than others and won’t easily fit into smaller spaces. Some might be slimmer and thinner but don’t hold enough battery life and bin size.

These are things that people have to consider before deciding to purchase a robot vacuum cleaner for their homes.

The Limitations of a Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Cleaning Power

There is no substitute to a regular vacuum cleaner when it comes to cleaning because there’s still the presence of a human making the cleaning decisions. Maneuverability and other manual on-demand functions aren’t available on a robot vacuum cleaner. Plus, everyone knows that a traditional vacuum cleaner still has more suction power.

There are vacuums that come with HEPA filters and even UV filters to make sure that your floors are sterilized to a certain degree.


Since robot vacuum cleaners run on battery power, the most significant limitation will be the amount of surface area that it can clean with the battery life that it has. For larger homes, there’s only a finite amount of surface area that a robotic vacuum can clean before having to head back to get itself charged.

Bin Size

If you have a house with a lot of pets or if your residence gets typically dirty, you’re limited by how much a robot vacuum can hold in its bin after every cleaning job that it goes through. So the dirtier the surfaces, the less it can clean per trip if it has a smaller sized container.


Compared to a regular vacuum cleaner that you can pick up for an affordable price, a robot vacuum cleaner can be a more expensive option for a lot of people. This is due to the advanced features built into the robot vacuum.

There are different types of robot vacuums being developed today, coming in all shapes, sizes and features.


There are many benefits to the purchase of a robot vacuum cleaner, and one of the best things that you can get from them is the convenience of not having to continually vacuum your house because it automatically does so for you. Robot vacuums aren’t as clunky as they once were; they now offer a wide variety of features that make vacuum cleaning an easy experience for many households.


Part of the expertEasy writing team, Laura is from the UK and has a keen interest in Business, interior design and decor, home improvement and thriftiness in all things around the house and garden.