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How To Choose A Nice Garden For Baby Photos

How To Choose A Nice Garden For Baby Photos

. 5 min read

When the excitement of receiving your bundle of joy kicks in, you will want to document all the fun moments. However, you may need a baby photographer to take some cute photos from time to time.

The first place to click your mind when you want a professional baby photoshoot is a studio. However, you may not always have access to a photo studio. Also, you can choose a different location outdoors. Gardens are a perfect place for a baby's photos. But, how to select a garden for the photoshoot is a challenge. Follow the tips below to select a nice garden for a baby's photoshoot.

Choose a Day With Suitable Weather Conditions

When planning a baby's outdoor photoshoot, you need to follow the weatherman updates keenly. Plan on a day you are certain of calm weather.

Weather is one factor that can ruin a baby's garden photoshoot. Children under two years cannot withstand strong winds and a chilly atmosphere. Also, no one wants to hold a photoshoot under rainfall. Even professional wet shoots happen under 'fake rain.'

Also, ensure it is a calm day. You can always talk with a local baby photographer and reschedule the date if there is an unexpected weather change. Wind may carry tiny objects and dirt, which may ruin the photoshoot. Also, the children may be uneasy if you expose them to strong winds.

Ensure the garden Does not have Insects

How old is your child? If they are under two, it is obvious they do not like some crawly nuisance. Also, you may be afraid some insects may harm them. Thus, before you select a location for the baby photoshoot, conduct a reconnaissance. You can visit the place or send a friend to take a look. Only book the place when you are sure there are no harmful insects on site.

Some insects may not have poison or venom, but they make the baby uneasy throughout the photoshoot. It may, in turn, affect the quality of the photos taken. Also, you will be sure that nothing will crawl into your child's ears or nose.

Select a Location That Looks Natural

Several gardens are made ready for photoshoots. However, some garden owners alter the outlook of the garden until it loses its natural appearance.

A natural green environment is perfect for a baby's photoshoot. It is even better if the location has some growing flowers. The garden does not need to appear ultra-perfect; the little imperfections are good. However, avoid showing maintenance equipment in the photos.

Children blend in well with nature. Thus, it would be best when you capture their childhood memories in a natural environment. If you have a choice, avoid artificial-looking gardens.

Ensure There is Enough Shade

You can choose a full sun day for your baby photoshoot. However, you will not expose the baby to direct sunlight- you don't want your little one suffering from sunburns at that tender age.

A shade creates a cool breeze besides shielding the baby from direct sunlight. Thus, the atmosphere is perfect for any child under two years. It also gives the photos a background that looks calm and peaceful- perfect for a baby's photo.

Do not ignore the shade even when you have plenty of umbrellas for the photoshoot. The toddler's and infant's skin is extra sensitive to the rays from the sun. Thus, it would help if you did not take any chances as the wind can blow away the umbrellas. But, if there are not enough trees to create perfect shade, you can use beach umbrellas for patios. Ensure you secure it well on the ground.

Choose a Neat Garden

Everyone takes photos to keep memories of special moments. Unless they are surprise photos like at a party, you want everything to look neat. Thus, you cannot select a shaggy background for your photos. The appearance is more important when you are planning for your kid's photo. You would want to show them some neat photos of their infancy.

When the baby is at the crawling stage, they may crawl around eating any available object around. At this point, you would understand the importance of clean and neat surroundings.

Also, a neat background reduces the need to edit photos. Thus, you will pay less for professional photos compared to when they edit the photos.


You may identify a nice garden for the baby's photos, but the location is inaccessible. You should consider how you will get there with your baby and the photography items. Ensure the road or path that leads to the garden is passable.

Sometimes, you can easily access the location as an adult. But the problem would be to get there with a toddler and photography equipment. You may need to leave your car several meters away and walk to the location. However, your toddler may get there full of mud.

Another reason that should compel you to check accessibility is photography equipment and accessories. Will you be able to bury everything on-site? Sometimes, you may need to walk to and from the site to get all items on-site. The fatigue after the session may not be worth all the struggle. Thus, if you cannot access the location with ease, look for a more accessible site.


How safe are you on-site. Remember, this is not an adults-only photoshoot. Check all the safety precautions on-site before the photoshoot. Check out the kind of people that hang out in the garden. Do they have the potential to harm you and your baby? Are there people who may steal your photography equipment and accessories? Remember, you are responsible for your safety.


There are several gardens accessible to the public. Some have private owners, while others are public. However, there are challenges with publicly-owned gardens. There may be congestions. Thus, they are not suitable for baby photoshoots due to air and noise pollution.

However, if the baby is older, you may consider a public garden that is well kept. There are not many restrictions in publicly owned gardens. Thus, you can take photos with any photoshoot accessories you may get.

Privately owned gardens have varied permits depending on the owner. Thus, check with the management and know what they allow to the site. Also, ask the kind of photoshoot they allow in the garden. You may pay a fine for breaking the rules.

Choose a Professional Outdoor Photographer

After you select a nice garden for the baby's photos, it is time to get a good photographer for the shoot. Do not fall for the cheap photographers with crazy offers. Do some due diligence and know the authenticity of your photographer.

You can find local baby photographers on services directories like, where you can check reviews and get quotes to select the one that offers photo sessions within your budget. Alternatively, you can ask for a recommendation from friends before hiring one.

A quack photographer can ruin your photos. Thus, it matters down all the efforts you made to find a perfect photography location. Therefore, ensure that the photographer has enough experience in the field.

Final Words

You need to take plenty of care when selecting a nice garden for the baby's photo. Ensure you check all safety measures. Also, the location should look natural. One of the best sites is a place with minimal human traffic.

Importantly, the day should be calm to prevent the baby from catching a cold. Devise means to keep the baby engaged. Ensure they remain happy during the session.


Part of the expertEasy writing team, Laura is from the UK and has a keen interest in Business, interior design and decor, home improvement and thriftiness in all things around the house and garden.