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How to Care for an Aloe Vera Plant

How to Care for an Aloe Vera Plant

. 2 min read

For centuries, people have been growing Aloe Vera plants. This is an attractive succulent that doesn’t take a whole lot of work to care for and this is why it is one of the most popular choices when it comes to house plants. This plant does great both indoors and outdoors, with minimal care. Regardless of who you are, whether you’re new to gardening or you’re an expert, an Aloe Vera plant would make a great choice.

Aloe Vera plants are well known for their natural health properties that they contain. In the paragraphs below, we’re going to tell you how to care for your very own Aloe Vera plant at home…

Growing Your Own Aloe Vera Plant

As we said, growing your own Aloe Vera isn’t complicated at all – a green thumb isn’t required. By following the proper steps, the plant should thrive just fine.

The Location and Soil

The location and the soil are the most important things to consider – that’s how it is with every plant. The Aloe should be placed in an area where it is capable of receiving plenty of sunlight throughout the day. Mind you, this can be a bit tricky because if you place this plant in direct sunlight, it could dry the Aloe out, which will cause the leaves to turn brown and that is certainly not something you want. However, at the same time, if it doesn’t get enough sunlight, it won’t grow properly.

The temperature is also important – if you live in an area where it snows, you should put the Aloe in a pot that you can carry inside during those freezing months. If you plant it in the ground, choose a location where you can easily cover it up with a soft blanket. If you do manage to bring the plant inside your home, put it in a window that faces west or south so that it gets plenty of indirect sunlight.

Now, it is time to move forward with choosing the soil. Aloes have a tendency to do better in soil that is dry, so we recommend cactus potting soil mix for this particular plant. During the planting process, make sure you put the plant upright, then cover the roots easily. For those of you that are planting multiple plants, you will need to give each one 2 inches of space so that they can grow – remember, these plants do grow outward.


We have witnessed many people overwatering their poor Aloe plant. Before you water it, reach down and touch the soil – if it’s dry, go ahead and water it. Test the soil every other day. Also, feel the actual leaves – if the leaves feel moist and cool, then it doesn’t need to be watered. If the leaves feel dry and brittle, look into the sunlight conditions and if nothing is wrong, adjust the watering schedule. As you’re watering, pay attention to the soil and make sure you do not overwater it – the soil should be damp and not have that soaked feeling. During the winter months, Aloe’s don’t require much water.


Aloe Vera plants make great plants for the home and garden, plus we cannot overlook the medicinal properties nesting behind them. Just remember, the plant is going to grow towards the sun, so if you have planted it in a pot and you notice it growing towards the sun, just rotate the pot on a daily basis so that the leaves will continue growing upright.


Part of the expertEasy team in Melbourne. Mark is a keen gardener, a DIY addict and a father of two beautiful girls. He is originally from Perth and is a true Eagles fan.