How much does it cost to paint a  house exterior?

How much does it cost to paint a house exterior?

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Time and again, you may notice that your home’s exterior needs a revamp. According to a commercial painting company, one of the ways that you can change and improve it is by applying a fresh coat of paint. It won’t only make your home more fresh-looking, but it can also highlight certain architectural details that make it stand out.

Painting your homes exterior can be expensive. The main factors that will determine the overall cost of paint include the size of your home, architectural details you may want to highlight, the type of paint you may want to use, and the type of material your home is made from.

According to Newcastle business Hunter Coast Painting the cost of painting a single-story house exterior can range between $3000 and $15,000.

Cost factors

The factors affecting the overall cost of painting a house exterior include:

  • Size of your home and number of floors
  • Types of paint and the cost of the paints per litre
  • Color of the paints as some paint colors such as the light ones require several coats to achieve the desired look
  • Type of surface to be painted (can affect quantity of paint needed)
  • The painter’s fees / the number of workers needed at the site
  • Additional time it might take to complete the work due to architectural details you may want to highlight.
  • Any extra materials that will be required

This article gives you a rundown of the different rates of painting your house exterior.


Before painting can start, there will be a lot of preparations needed. In most cases, preparation costs will be part of the hourly charges for the professional painter.

Sometimes, the preparation costs will be separate and will need to be included in the budget as so. Some preparations include:

  • Pressure washing
  • Taping off any light fixtures, doors, and windows
  • Taking out any old and lose paint
  • Sanding
  • Taking off any old caulk from the windows
  • Priming the stains
  • Patching up any small holes

The Cost of Painting Your Home Per Square Foot

Note that not all the walls in your home are identical in shape and size. When calculating your walls’ square footage, it’s important to take each wall individually.

Measure the width and length of each wall and multiply to get the exact square footage. Then, add all the walls’ measurements to find the total square footage for painting.

Don’t forget that there are other factors that could influence the cost of painting such as the complexity of the task as well as the type of material used for cladding.

The cost, however, could either be much higher or lower than this depending on where your house is located.

Don’t worry if you don’t have the expertise to paint your home. Simply find the best painters in your town or city and choose one that you’re comfortable working with.

The Average Cost of Hiring A Professional Painter

Many people think that painting a house is an easy task and that anyone can do it. Painting your house is actually very time-consuming and requires specialised skills. You might need a professional to address this.

Professional painters will be able to clean the exterior of your home, tape the areas that don’t need painting or require a different type of paint, as well as determine the best type of paint for each area.

Sometimes, there are areas that may require multiple types of paint. Some may also require a primer. A professional painter will advise accordingly.

It’s important to always remember that the majority of professional painters will charge you by the hour. The average charge of a professional painter is between AUD$30-AUD$50 per hour. You might think of this as too costly, but if you hire two or more painters then the overall number of hours spent would be reduced.

Furthermore, the more work is needed, the more the hours and thus the higher the rates. For instance, homes that have a stucco cladding need more repairs before painting. Consequently, it will raise the hourly rates of the professional painter.

Costs of Cladding and Stucco

Aside from the walls, you also have to consider the costs of painting the cladding. The cladding will constitute the bulk of the painting work. The cost can be anywhere between AUD$2,000 and AUD$3,000 per 1,500 sq. ft. This will depend on the type of paint as well as the number of coats needed.

These costs can go up if you’re dealing with a wooden cladding. Furthermore, the condition of the wooden cladding will determine whether a primer and multiple coats of pith are needed or not. Consequently, this could push up the costs to AUD$4,000-AUD$4,500 per 1,500 sq. ft.

If you’re repainting an engineered wooden cladding, then chances are you had already applied primer. This can help push down the cost of painting to around AUD$1,500-AUD$2,000 per 1,500 sq. ft.

But with a vinyl cladding, maintenance shouldn’t be a problem as this material has a reputation of being maintenance-free. However, this shouldn’t be reason not to repaint it to improve your home’s curb appeal. Due to its structure and material, vinyl cladding needs to be coated with a primer before it can be repainted with a special acrylic latex paint. This can raise the cost of painting to between AUD$5,000 and AUD$6,000 per 1,500 sq. ft.

If you plan to decorate your exteriors with stucco, then you need to consider repairs first. Often, you’ll find that before you can begin the actual painting process, you first need to repair surface damage. This can raise the cost from AUD$5,000-AUD$6,500 per 1,500 sq. ft.

Final Thoughts

A lot can be needed for painting the exterior of your home. When coming up with a budget, you’ll need to consider some factors such as the size of your home, the extent of the preparations as well as the type of material used for the cladding.

Moreover, you’ll also need to consider the hourly rates of professional painters as well as the quality of paint you’ll use. Painting your house exterior can be costly, but home re-paints don’t come very often. Painting your house exterior can give you the satisfaction of living in a beautiful and comfortable home.


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