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11 Important House Cleaning Tips You Need to Know in 2020

11 Important House Cleaning Tips You Need to Know in 2020

. 6 min read

When it comes to cleaning your house, I bet you always felt that there was something that you could do better, or you might well have had a house cleaner do it for you, but with COVID-19 you probably don't have that option right now.

Cleaning can be made simple and stress-free by following these practical tips.
When you have a tested approach, house cleaning becomes easier. In this article, we will see some of the top cleaning hacks to make house cleaning easy and better.

1. Clean Everything from Top to Down

By everything, we mean your refrigerator, oven, rooms, tables and every single thing. It’s a very simple but often ignored concept.

Due to nature’s force of gravity, whenever you clean above, some dirt tends to fall to the bottom.

So when you first clean the bottom and go to the top, you are only going to make the bottom portion dirty again for which you need to go back and clean for the second time.

To avoid this overlapping process, always start your cleaning from top no matter if you are cleaning an entire room or just specific furniture or appliances.
This simple technique will save you so much of your cleaning time.

2. Have a Consistent Cleaning Move

When you are cleaning with water, disinfectant or any other cleaning liquid, make sure to follow the same movement everywhere from start to finish.

For example, if you start to clean by following a left to right movement, you cannot change it to circular movement in the middle of cleaning the same surface. This could leave trace marks of cleaning and make the whole surface look unattractive.

Generally, cleaning in circles is not recommended as it tends to keep the dirt from the previously cleaned area circulating and making a whole mess.

It is best to clean in the form of left to right or right to left and take an entire sweep of the dirt from the ends together.

You should avoid taking your hands off the surface and just keep repeating the same movement until the whole surface is covered. So, even better is the technique of continuous left to right and right to left movement as you gradually move your hands down after each swipe. This is a very effective movement that will get rid of all the dirt quickly without leaving any cleaning marks.

3. Clean Your Cleaning Equipment Well

After cleaning your house, don’t take that rest yet! Make sure to clean all of your cleaning items like the mop, cleaning cloths, scrubs, brushes and so on.
If you are careless in keeping these clean, the next time you clean your home with the same stuff, it’s going to be a major problem.

4. Become Friends with Baking Soda

Baking soda is your best friend for cleaning a lot of things. At times like moving into your new house or after returning from a long vacation, there can be some troublesome stain in the kitchen or bathroom that wouldn’t budge when you use your regular cleaning liquid.

During such times, you can whip up a paste with a combination of baking soda and lemon or vinegar or hot water, apply it to the area, scrub it off easily and restore the surface to its original condition.

Not only can baking soda help in removing the most cumbersome stains, but you can also use a bit of baking soda powder to spray on the carpet and mattresses and freshen it up easily.

5. Let the Cleaning Products Soak in Before You Wipe

This is an easy, no-fuss step that is going to make a world of difference to your cleaning!

Sometimes, we tend to be a little anxious to get the cleaning done quickly and therefore, would soon clean the surface immediately after pouring the cleaning liquid. This is only going to make your job tough.

The cleaning liquids or any other DIY stuff that you are trying will work the best if you let it sit for at least 2 to 3 minutes before you go in and clean.

Of course this tip can be the wrong advice depending on the cleaning product - always follow the instructions.

Spray the liquid on the surface, wait for the specified time and then do your normal cleaning movement and you can see how easily all the dirt comes off.

Many cleaning liquids come with disinfecting substances which can work to its maximum when it’s left to sit for 5 minutes.

6. Use a Completely Dry Cloth to finish off

After you are done cleaning everything and the place is looking absolutely shiny, don’t leave it at that. Use a clean and dry cloth to wipe off the excess liquid from the surface.

If you let the surfaces air dry, it could lead to visible cleaning traces that would be unattractive to look. Using a dry cloth will ensure that there are no water droplets to leave such marks.

When you are doing an intensive cleaning, don’t use the same dry cloth to clean the entire house. When the cloth has become a bit wet and dirty, dispose it off and use a new clean and dry cloth.

7. Polish Shiny Surfaces with a Microfiber Cloth

When you are done cleaning the delicate surfaces like kitchen counters, bathroom counters, mirrors and glass surfaces, you can use a microfiber cloth as the last wipe. You should use this microfiber cloth after cleaning the surface with the dry cloth.


The microfiber will catch minute particles on the surface that were not removed and smudges caused by the previous cleaning. When such small particles are gone, your glass surfaces will look shiny and absolutely spotless.

8. Wash your Bedding Every Week

A lot of dust in any room is contributed from the dust that falls from curtains, sofa cushions, beddings and so on. When you are putting all your hard work in cleaning all other stuff in the room but miss out on washing or dusting these, then the dust is going to settle back again in a jiffy.

So ensure to make it a habit of washing the bedding every single week.

Dust can also be kicked up from carpets, so if you have carpets, of course vacuum them at least once a week. You can even use the new robot vacuums that move around on their own and vacuum the room. With such robot vacuums, you can increase the frequency of carpet cleaning with no effort from you.

9. Clean Under Things Too

Do you know the one thing that most people forget or miss out on cleaning? It’s under furniture, appliances, etc.

When you look at the item from the top or a standing position, everything seems completely neat and tidy, right? Well, now bend a little and examine how the condition is under the item.

For example, after cleaning your fridge inside and out, crouch down and look under the refrigerator and you would be horrified by the mess.
This mess would keep accumulating, blowing off and spreading to other parts of the room and making the area dirty often.

Therefore, as a rule of thumb, when you clean any item, have a glance under it too.

10. Clean the Air Inside Your House

When you are dusting, some particles of dust tend to deposit on other surfaces and sometimes, even on the stuff you had just cleaned.

To avoid this issue, you can clean the air inside the house by changing the setting in the thermostat to switch on the fan. The fan will filter out the air inside the house and along with it goes all the dust in the air.

You can use this step as the last step of your dusting process and before you start your wet cleaning.

11. Use your existing household stash

If your finding it hard to find high quality cleaning products or don't want to head to the shops there is a lot of cleaning that you can do with the items in your kitchen like baking soda, vinegar, alcohol, toothpaste, etc.

All of these are excellent cleaning items and you can save a lot by using a combination of these items to keep your home sparkling clean.

Even if you are using a cleaning liquid for general cleaning, the kitchen items can come in handy when you have some tough cleaning to do like inside the oven, below the furniture and corners of the bathrooms.

From cleaning the grouts on the walls to disinfecting the moulds, your kitchen items can help in saving a lot of money.

If you want to spend less time cleaning, then the best way is to clean regularly and use our straightforward hacks to shorten your cleaning time even more.


Part of the expertEasy writing team, Laura is from the UK and has a keen interest in Business, interior design and decor, home improvement and thriftiness in all things around the house and garden.