Home Improvement Projects That Promote Your Health

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Home upgrades can do more than just improve the aesthetics of your home or improve its value. Some home improvement projects can also be good for your health.
Some homeowners are hesitant to start their home upgrades, thinking that it will be a costly process. Though some home improvement projects can be costly, they can yield future savings, as well as give you a better and healthier quality of life.

Is a Healthier Home Worth the Investment?

Whether you plan on changing the color of your walls or installing anti-microbial flooring material, home upgrades will require a budget. The cost of minor improvements suits most budgets but there are large-scale renovation projects that require financial assistance like getting a home equity loan or taking out a personal loan.

Initially, it sounds like a big financial burden but remember: you're investing in your health. Don't feel bad about spending on home upgrades that promote a better quality of life. The budget shouldn't keep you from investing in the well-being of your family.

But you should be mindful of the upgrades that you install. You don't have to upgrade every area of your home. A few improvements here and there would be enough. Consider the home upgrades that you will truly benefit from.

Home Upgrades That Can Improve Your Health

Install HEPA and HVAC Filters

Improve indoor air quality by upgrading your furnace's filters. Many HVAC filters capture VOCs and other toxic particles that low-quality filters miss. If you or a family member suffers from asthma or allergies, install a HEPA filter, which is available for both portable air purifiers and HVAC systems. To reduce your risk for allergies, equip your vacuum with a HEPA filter, too.

Add a Home Gym

It's easy to brush off exercise, especially if you don't have the time to visit the nearby gym. However, if you want to stay fit and if you have more room in your budget, invest in an at-home gym. If you have a fitness center at home, you can save more money by not paying for a gym membership, ditch the commute and work out in the privacy of your home.

Building a gym at home can be expensive. If you want to save more money, buy equipment from trusted providers that offer financing solutions like installments. You can also shop for multi-purpose items and continue to add more equipment over time.

Make the Switch to CARB-Compliant Wood

Sadly, even natural materials like wood can be toxic to you and your family. For example, pressed and composite wood and particleboard contain formaldehyde, a harmful chemical that irritates the skin and your respiratory system. In the long run, it increases your risk for cancer.

For most of your home improvement projects or any project that uses wood, choose CARB-compliant wood products or sustainably grown hardwoods.

Add More Natural Lighting

Natural lighting does more than illuminate your surroundings; it can also improve your mood and sleep, as well as increase your levels of vitamin D. If your home lacks natural lighting, replace or add windows to allow more sunlight into your home. If your windows already let the sun in, brighten up the atmosphere by repainting your walls to a brighter color.

Although replacing or installing windows can cost more than a thousand dollars, the long-term benefits are worth it. Adding larger windows or skylights will help you maximize natural lighting, trim down energy costs and promote better physical and mental health.

Soundproof Your Home

With car alarms, construction noises, leaf blowers and loud neighbors, sometimes you just want peace and quiet. A little soundproofing can protect your home from noise. Invest in sound-dampening materials like drywall and acoustic tiles. You can also fill the gaps around windows and doors with weatherstripping to block and absorb the sound, protecting your home from stressful noise pollution.

Update Your Plumbing System

Blocked, leaking or clogged pipes pose safety and health hazards like mold, mildew or contamination. If you notice unusual odors or water discoloration, test your drinking water first. If something is clearly wrong, it's time to get a plumber who will advise you if you need to update your plumbing system.

Upgrade your fixtures or install a new water filtering system to ensure your family has continuous access to safe drinking water.

Even the simplest of home improvements can positively impact your physical, mental and emotional health. Remember: you don't have to spend big money to take care of your home and your health. Instead of worrying about the money today, invest in your health now by investing in home improvements.

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