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12 Types of Heavy Equipment Used For Landscaping

12 Types of Heavy Equipment Used For Landscaping

. 5 min read

There is so much to do in a landscaping project. From removing dirt to installation of the irrigation system, for larger projects the assistance of modern powerful and versatile heavy equipment makes a significant contribution. Many of the following pieces of machinery need a license to operate so you should hire the best landscaper in your area who knows how to use the appropriate heavy equipment for your landscaping job.

Below are the top types of heavy equipment you may need for landscaping.

1. Excavators

yellow and black excavator near hill
Photo by Jonny Caspari / Unsplash

First in the list are the excavators. This earth-moving equipment is available in wheels or tracks. With wheels, you can maneuver a lot faster, but if you’re on tracks, you’ll be able to operate in various terrains and surface conditions. Larger than backhoe loaders, excavators are capable of rotating a full 360 degrees for medium- to heavy-duty jobs, such as landscaping. The operator will sit in the cab and, from there, will have full visibility of the site. There are also mini excavators that can be used for some backyard renovations. Knowing how to operate a mini excavator can be a huge help for your landscaping job. Not only are they convenient to transport, but mini excavators can also maneuver in small and confined areas.

If part of your bucket list is to dig out your own swimming pool in your garden or you have a large landscape to improve and maintain you might even consider owning your own mini excavator. Of course the downside to owning your own earth moving equipment is the cost of buying earth moving equipment parts and needing to know how to maintain them effectively. Of course you can always buy one for a big job and sell it on when you have finished the job, a friend of mine did just that and actually made a profit on the sale rather then incurring a cost to hire one.

2. Backhoe Loaders

Another heavy equipment that is useful in landscaping is a backhoe loader. Because of an adjustable shovel located on its front, a backhoe loader is usually used for digging purposes. Considered as a medium-sized equipment, it is capable of performing small tasks, such as moving dirt, backfilling, digging of trenches, and putting small pipes into place. Backhoe loaders are very efficient because they are tire mounted, which makes it easier to use them in urbanized areas and patios.

3. Scrapers

A scraper can be a landscaping equipment as well. When it comes to moving dirt and aggregates, this massive piece of machinery can work without the need for additional material. However, using a scraper requires ample open space. They can operate well in large areas because they run at high speeds for cut and fill activities.

4. Crawler Loaders

Crawler loaders are helpful pieces of landscaping machinery. With the combined features of an excavator and a backhoe, a crawler loader can increase your production. They are used to haul materials off- and on-site. Since they are also track mounted, they can quickly move around without the assistance of some other equipment. Loading soil into the trucks and dumping the soil in several locations are two typical applications of this machine.

5. Bulldozers

Regarded as one of the most reliable heavy equipment used in the landscaping industry, bulldozers are in demand for their wide flat blade in front, which is used to move dirt in large tracts of land. They are also used for rough or fine grading because of their powerful capabilities. Not only do they push piles of the earth, but their weight can be used to crush boulders/stones, making landscaping easier for professionals.

6. Trenchers

Trenchers are excellent heavy equipment for all landscaping projects. Trenchers are used for digging trenches on which pipes can be placed. With several models to choose from, such as walk-behind modules and small-size operated trenchers, they can be the perfect machinery for trenching pavement asphalt. Moreover, trenchers use a conveyor system that transports excavated materials. Depending on how hard the material to be cut and how deep the trenching should be, they can facilitate various digging implements. However, operating a trencher should be done with extreme care because they can be dangerous if you don’t know how to use it.

7. Industrial-type tractors

One of the applications of industrial-type tractors is landscaping. With their three-point hitch assemblies and other towing features, industrial-type tractors are beneficial for many finishing applications. If you have rigorous demands of land remodeling, this equipment offers extraordinary durability, good operator stations, and even more power.

8. Motor Graders

Moving a small amount of dirt is one of the typical applications of motor graders. With a long adjustable blade that can be used to meet certain angles, this piece of machinery is perfect for creating sloped surfaces or drainage ditches. They are also customarily operated to prepare the base course and fine gravel roads before placing asphalt.

9. Skid-steer loaders

Skid-steer loaders are one of the most flexible machines used in the landscaping industry. With their simple-to-use features, skid-steer loaders are suitable for finishing activities. They are also used in confined areas. Having the ability to turn within their footprint, this heavy equipment minimizes soil compaction and provides increased traction. Skid steers can be hired from nearly all heavy equipment rental companies in Australia, and they will be able to advise you further on the right equipment you need to get your project done correctly.

10. Compact Tractor

The compact tractor is perfect for fixing up your garden or landscape. It's also commonly called a garden tractor. True to its name, the garden tractor can cut out weeds, aerate the soil and prepare it for planting, clear lawn leaves or snow, and tow light materials. Because of its versatility and size, the compact tractor is perfect for your landscape renovation needs.

11. Compact Wheel Loader

Compact wheel loaders are quite easy for users to operate. They can be used in tight spaces. They have a huge load-carrying capacity and can move earth and transfer materials from one area to another. A big plus is that it's quiet when it's being operated. You won't be disturbing your neighbors when you use the compact wheel loader.

12. Multi-terrain Loader

Although almost similar to a compact track loader, the multi-terrain loader can work on surfaces that are very delicate, like your lawns. It is a small but powerful equipment that you can use to clear out thick brush, take out rubble, and smooth the earth. The multi-terrain loader travels faster than a compact track loader and is quite comfortable to ride on. The features of the multi-terrain loader can do a lot to make your landscape renovation go according to schedule.

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