Flower Etiquette: Which Flower To Send In A Particular Event Or Occasion

Flower Etiquette: Which Flower To Send In A Particular Event Or Occasion

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Occasions are part of our everyday life, and most of the time we need to be sensitive about them. Regardless of the event, flowers can give a fitting gesture depending on their use. Therefore, it is critical to learn about the different types of flowers because they differ in the intended purpose.

Sometimes, it is challenging to express oneself using words. But, giving flowers will show that the person giving them is considerate about the occasion. Although a person may not be present for a particular event, giving flowers can significantly make an impression. You can follow up the bouquet with a note or make a phone call to the person you are sending it to. The initiative will ensure you get the message across effectively and with utmost sincerity.

Pay attention to the type of flowers and the colour of the flowers

Not every person is given the exact flowers or the same colour. It depends on a lot of factors. Whether to give flowers to your wife, girlfriend, work colleague, mother – they all require special attention when it comes to choosing flowers.

Maybe you want to send a particular message to someone through flowers. And for that, a specific type of flower of a particular colour should be chosen. If you are in love with a girl and you can't admit it to her personally, choosing the right flowers will let her know that you like her.

Colours are also essential. Usually, red represents love. Take note, however, that not every red flower represents love. In many countries and cultures, red carnation represents sorrow and is generally carried to cemeteries. White in many countries means sadness. While in other countries, it is black. Yellow usually indicates jealousy.

Uh, a lot of information. Then how to buy the right flowers is a good question.

You can always consult a flower seller or ask a friend who is more knowledgeable regarding the subject. However, I would not recommend this second option. The question is how much knowledge your friends have, they certainly want to help you, but always ask them why they suggested those particular flowers.

The message with the bouquet should not belong, but not too short. One sentence is enough. Avoid quoting a song or line from a movie. It's not personal, and people much prefer it when they realize that it's your words and that you feel what you've written.

On the other hand, most people will not know the kind of flower to send depending on the occasion. You do not want to give the wrong gesture even though your intentions are right by providing the wrong flowers to a person you care about. Suppose you are planning to undertake the tasks professionally. In that case, a floristry course at Pearsons Florists can help you start with your career. However, if you want to select the ideal flower for an upcoming event or occasion, there is no need to worry, as this read will offer you insights on the type of flower to send.

A Guide for Suitable Flowers depending on Occasion

Below are flowers to consider depending on the occasion;

Birthday Celebrations

Every day someone is celebrating a birthday. It is a special day for them to remember, and you should think about the items to give someone celebrating the milestone. Selecting the ideal ones will largely depend on the person’s liking, and there are various options to consider. Also, the choice to make relies on your relationship with the person. However, yellow flowers are the most common choice for birthday celebrations. Jasmine flowers are elegant and gracious, thus ideal for sharing between friends or colleagues. On the other hand, if you have love relationships, select red roses. At the same time, the pink variations can show appreciation towards the other person during their birthday.

Flowers for Wedding

Floral arrangements are significant with weddings. It is one of the main features of the occasion. It is something that the people who are celebrating their love think and plan for in advance before their special day. Therefore, it would be best to send your flowers before the occasion. Mostly, I will depend on the theme, and you should consider the factor to avoid sending flowers that they will not use. Since lots of money go into flowers for wedding ceremonies, the ones receiving will appreciate the effort

Roses are ideal for weddings, and the red ones portray a deep love between individuals. If you are looking for pieces to showcase elegance in their marriage, you can select Lilies. However, there are some personalized choices, and a professional florist can help you identify the best ones to give.

Funeral Flowers

The colour of the flower to send during a funeral will differ from the other occasions you may offer such items. Some arrangements will incorporate lilies, roses, and chrysanthemums. You can select the green, white and blue colours as they signify comfort during difficult times. The flowers will be on display during the service, or the individuals you send them to can have them in their homes during the grieving period.

Florists can make different designs to present to the grieving. Select the long-lasting flowers that require minimal maintenance to keep them healthy. Other flowers to give for funerals are orchids; they show you are sympathetic with the person. It shows your love towards them or crimson roses to show you are grieving together with the party.

Get Well Soon Flowers

A person who is sick or recovering from a particular treatment can delight in receiving flowers. Consider flowers that can make the individual happy and joyous, thus speeding up their recovery process. You can have them in vases where they can keep on the bedside and brighten their days.


A professional florist will have the knowledge and experience to help you find the ideal flower to send, depending on the occasion. Consult them for the need.


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