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Finding a great local gardener

Finding a great local gardener

. 3 min read

Finding an expert gardener is a prerequisite to a great lawn or garden. Regardless of the kind of gardening job you require, the foremost and most important step to having a dazzling garden is to find a gardener that has the knowledge and skills to do a great job.

What type of gardening do you need?

When choosing a gardener, you should first consider the nature of gardening work you want done. Gardening is a broad discipline and gardeners often specialize in a particular area. As such, you should select a gardener that is proficient in the type of gardening job that you require. While some gardeners are proficient in the field of landscaping and making lasting gardening arrangements, others specialise in maintaining gardens.

Great gardeners will be equipped with all their own gardening tools and ideally belong to an association in addition to having liability insurance.

You can look at gardener’s business descriptions, customer reviews and photographs on expertEasy to find a business or individual that can complete the kind of gardening or landscaping work you want done.

Professional training and recommendations

Just like any field of expertise, people can undertake significant training in the field of gardening. A gardener with a Certificate or a Diploma in Horticulture will have spent approximately 2100 hours studying and should have an in-depth understanding of the profession and excellent horticultural knowledge.

It is also helpful to get the approval and recommendation of other clients, a good recommendation often shows that the gardener is reliable. Ask for references, any experienced gardener should be able to provide you either with a phone number of a previous client or one or more written reviews on expertEasy or a similar site if they are new to expertEasy. Of course if they are new to gardening and straight out of training then that would be reflected in their prices.

Of course, there is much more to gardening than gardening qualifications. Your gardener needs to be physically fit enough to carry out what is often hard physical labour, you should be able to rely on them to turn up on time and of course they should be safety conscious when using gardening tools and equipment.

Getting quotes for gardening work

The best approach to finding out the cost of a gardening job is to find about three local gardeners for price estimates. If you post your job on expertEasy we will ask you a few specific questions about the nature of the job to help the gardeners quote accurately, we don't overwhelm you with questions, but ideally you would also provide any further information that may be useful, for example:

  • Is the lawn or hedge overgrown?
  • Are there any parking restrictions outside your property?
  • Are there are any access restrictions to the area where the gardener will be working?
  • Does your property has side access or would the gardener have to bring his tools through your house?

You can also attach photos to your request if useful.

How much should you pay for gardening?

Advertised rates for gardeners start at under $30 per hour, however this is usually for less skilled basic work such as weeding or clearing out garden rubbish. The average rate as of December 2019 is around $49 per hour.

Payment for Gardening upkeep is usually on an hourly basis. However, you can get often get a better deal from a gardener if he comes regularly to take care of your garden.

Most gardeners will usually be happy to quote an overall dollar figure for simple jobs, such as lawn mowing and hedge trimming. Of course every garden has its differences and more complex jobs will mean that each gardener will need to evaluate the site in order to give a proper price estimate.

For major landscaping work it is best to ask for a written quote and then make sure that it includes all the different components of the job in detail. A complete list of products and items that are required for the job should be listed with the price of each unless you have a clear unambiguous statement that everything will be covered by a single amount.

If it concerns you, then you should confirm how you will pay your gardener. Some gardeners prefer cash while others may be happy with bank transfers, many accept credit cards, but many do not.

Know the legal requirements

Gardeners should come with their own tools. If a gardener uses your tools and works for you consistently at a prearranged time and date, then he/she can be considered your employee, making you potentially liable for any injuries they sustain during the course of working with your tools.

Check if the gardener has public liability insurance, this offers coverage in the event that the gardener causes harm to you or your property during the work process. Lastly, if you require the gardener to perform related duties like disposing of green waste, chainsaw work or using pesticides, you should check if they hold the certificates and licences to carry out these additional activities.


Part of the expertEasy team in Melbourne. Mark is a keen gardener, a DIY addict and a father of two beautiful girls. He is originally from Perth and is a true Eagles fan.