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9 Exceptional Tips to Save Water in Your Garden

9 Exceptional Tips to Save Water in Your Garden

. 5 min read

Everyone loves having a garden in their backyard. The flower gardens add some sassiness and beauty. Their appearance brightens your day. You have a small garden where you grow some food. If you reside in a fixed area, you at least have a kitchen garden for some veggies. However, they need watering to keep them fresh.

Failing to water your garden will lead to the drying up of your loved plants. Unfortunately, dry seasons are unavoidable. These seasons come with water supply challenges. Your tanks may not hold enough water to service your home and garden. Also, the local authorities may impose water use restrictions. In such states, you need to rethink your gardening watering design.

Before contacting a Sunshine Coast plumber to alter your garden watering system, here are some exceptional water-saving tips to consider:

Water your garden in the morning hours

Watering the garden in the morning is a common practice in many places. This practice did not occur through an error. Watering the garden during the morning hours comes with some benefits. First, the temperatures and wind are low. This aspect gives your plant enough time to absorb water to sustain it during a dry day.

Also, the morning hours have low or no evaporations. So, your plants will not compete with the environment in consuming the water available to them. For some people, the evening is their preferred watering time. But this is wrong. Morning or afternoon are the best moments for watering your garden.

Doing this in the evening comes with some shortcomings. The temperatures are high so your plant will not get a good amount of water. Then then moisture will not dry up as the night-temperatures get cold. The result of this aspect will be the growth of fungi and pathogens that will destroy your plants. So, avoid evening watering of your plants.

Consider potted flower garden

Do you have potted flower gardens? Probably, you consider having your plants on the ground than in pots. You do not want to spend money on purchasing some flower pots. While that sounds like a good idea, it is costly in the long run. Avoiding a potted flower garden increases your water expenses.

You need more water to wet the ground than the one you will require in a flower pot. Also, the water dries up faster on the ground than when in the pot. So, if you want to save your water and cost, it is recommendable to opt for the potted flower gardens.  You can also transform your kitchen a garden into a potted one to enhance water saving in your backyard.

Reuse your household water

No doubt, water waste is a major aspect in many households. You use water to clean dishes, food, and clothes. You also steam or boil some food with water. When doing this, you let the used water go down the drain into the sewer line. Instead of letting this water flow to the drain, you can channel it into other uses. For instance, the water from steamed or boiled food contains a high concentration of essential nutrients. It is beneficial to the plants.

So, you can consider using it to water your garden instead of pouring it into the sink. Also, ensure you get some water tanks to harvest the rainwater. Do not let it drain to rivers while the dry season is on the way. Harvesting and reusing the water for irrigation purposes will boost your money-saving on the utility bills.

Mulch your garden

Did you know that 70% of the water in your garden can evaporate during a dry day? Such a rate of evaporation leaves your plants dehydrated. It makes it hard for the plants to survive and wilting becomes the final stage.

The secret to sustaining your plants during a dry season is through mulching. This heap of organic matter reduces the rate of evaporation and enhance moisture retention. Again, mulching provides your garden with essential nutrients while blocking the growth of weeds. This way, the plant enjoys the entire supply of water without competing with unwanted weeds.

Go for plants with small leaves

Certainly, the size of the plant determines its level of water consumption. Large plants with wide leaves rank as the highest water consumer. Having such plants in your garden means that you will need to dig deeper in your pocket to pay water bills. On the other part, plants with narrow, hair-like, and small leaves will only need some moisture to survive. They will not guzzle your water.

For this reason, you need to increase them on your farm. As well, avoid slow-growing plants particularly during the dry season. These plants will dry your tanks before they mature. So, only consider fast-growing plants and ones with small or narrow leaves.

Be at par with the weather forecast

Imagine watering your plants in the morning and rain starts falling in the afternoon. Or you leave your sprinklers on as you head to a job only for rain to fall in your absence. Either way, it will be a regrettable experience.

You can avoid such an experience by being at par with your area's weather forecast. Know when to expect rain or sunshine. This way, you will organize your watering and avoid wasting water in your household.

Assess your soil moisture level

Different soils will have varying moisture levels from time to time. The higher the moisture level, the lower the amount of water you will require. For this reason, it is essential to assess the amount of moisture in your soil. You can do this using a moisture meter. If you cannot find one, you can use a chopstick or a screwdriver.

You should never water your garden if the chopstick/screwdriver can penetrate through the soil easily. Such a case shows that the soil has enough moisture. Otherwise, if that is not the case, you are free to water your garden.

Re-examine your irrigation or garden watering design

Your garden watering design is crucial in moisture retention. How you irrigate your land will determine the amount of money you will pay as the water bill. For many people, drip irrigation and sprinklers are their chosen methods. Few people consider having trenches and terraces in their garden.

While no method is paramount, terraces improve moisture retention. Also, they make it easy for you to let go of excess water. The terraces hold rainwater and allow it to sink into the soil slowly. This way, it helps to retain moisture for a longer period which saves your water.

Refrain from overwatering

Watering your plants is the secret to their sustainability. However, you only need to offer your plant enough not excess water. Only start sprinkling your plants when they need some water and avoid overwatering. This practice of offering your garden more water than they require comes with a package of regrets.

First, it increases your water bills. Next, it affects the essential nutrients in the soil. This aspect means that you will need to invest some cash to restore their concentration level. Also, the excess water hinders the entry of oxygen into the soil. The result of this impact is root rot and plant suffocation. As such, always refrain from overwatering your plants and flower gardens.

Wrapping Up

In a word, water is an essential element in your household. It acts as the nerve system that runs every part of your backyard. However, many factors affect the water supply. With the desire of having beautiful flower and food gardens, you need to conserve water. Finding ways to eliminate or reduce water wastage can enhance savings on your bills.

Also, it will help you keep your gardens moist without straining your pockets. Using mulching, assessing moist levels, and working on your watering designs are some of the ways to realize the water-saving dream in your garden. So, consider the above tips to ensure you reduce the coins spent on garden watering in your backyard.


Part of the expertEasy team in Melbourne. Mark is a keen gardener, a DIY addict and a father of two beautiful girls. He is originally from Perth and is a true Eagles fan.