Essential Tips to Take Care of Your Bathroom

Essential Tips to Take Care of Your Bathroom

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While the bathroom is one of the rarely noticed parts of the house, it’s also one place that gets dirty easily. Imagine coming back home after a tiresome day ready to indulge in some spa-like shower moments; then, you’re invited with a not so appealing bathroom smell? Bathroom maintenance and cleaning is something you’re not going to take for granted if you care about your health.

Taking care of your bathroom through proper cleaning and maintenance protects it from damage and eliminates dirt buildup, grease and mould that can be detrimental to your health. So, how do you take care of your bathroom? Here are essential tips to help you out.

Start by Simplifying Bathroom Supplies

One of the best ways to hacking your bathroom cleaning is by simplifying the list of supplies you need. You don’t need a complex and huge list of solutions to clean your bathroom. If possible, two or four products should be enough for cleaning.

Your cleaning chemicals can be divided into simple categories, toilet, floor, and surface cleaners, within surface cleaners you might consider light cleaners meant for cleaning glass, and similar surfaces. Heavy-duty cleaners work for more stubborn stains such as grease, these can be used on tile, and most bathroom surfaces. Finally, you need powdered abrasive cleaners for those surfaces that have persistent staining and can take a bit of scratching.

One product in each area combined with a good set of gloves to protect your hands will not only make your cleaning work easy but do a good work of ensuring your bathroom is properly taken care of.

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De-Clutter Before Cleaning

Cleaning a heavily cluttered bathroom is not easy. Unfortunately, your bathroom may have all kinds of items getting on your way. Even if you’re planning to hire professional bathroom cleaners, they’ll not be coming over to untidy counters, pick appliances on the floor, or move furniture.

All those toys, dishes, papers, and everything else should be out of the way. Remove all those items from the bathtub and shower. Get those towels and rugs outside the cleaning area. Clear counters and empty the trash cans. Always remember to pick up before you start cleaning.

Take Care of Leaks and Condensed Areas

Taking care of your bathroom area doesn’t only entail cleaning. The bathroom is one of the house areas with heavy exposure to moisture and needs enough ventilation. If you don’t take care of this, your bathroom will be exposed to mould which flourishes in humid areas. When this happens, your bathroom will not be a safe place anymore as the air quality will be reduced.

You must know that there are things that cause mould in the bathroom, such as leaking fixes and poor air circulation. One way to ensure your bathroom is safe and the best place to be is to check damp patches that show signs of leaks constantly. These mostly happen in areas that you don’t easily reach, such as shower trays and under baths. Always keep your windows open to avoid condensation. If you notice leaks, call a plumber to repair.

Unblock Drains and Taps

Your drainage system and taps can get blocked now and then. You need to identify such blockages and unblock them before things get out of hand. A blocked drainage system results in poor drainage and bad odour. But it’s a relief that you don’t need a plumber to help you fix simple drainage issues. You can use simple homemade products such as hot water, baking soda, and vinegar. You simply need to mix these products and pour them on blocked areas.

Your taps also get blocked often by limescale, especially if you leave in areas with hard water. You can prevent the blockage by using a water softener. Or, if the blockage is already there, you can remove the tab and use a high concentration of weak acids, such as lemon juice, to unblock.

Ensure Adequate Lighting

When it comes to lighting the house, the bathroom area is usually neglected. Some people think that as long as they have enough lighting, it should be enough. But you need the kind of lighting that will make the bathroom look beautiful and dry. You need enough lighting to take care of those hard to reach areas.

How about you light up the sink area to make it easy for you to see when brushing your teeth or making yourself up. Don’t forget above mirror lighting, ceiling-mounted lights, and wall lights to add a touch of elegance and ensure proper visibility. A well lite bathroom will not only make your shower time great but make essential tasks such as cleaning and maintenance easy.

Focus most Effort on the Floors

The floor in your bathroom is one of the areas that need more attention. You should start cleaning the floor by wiping away all kinds of dirt and debris. Do the sweeping frequently so that the dust and dirt don’t end up blocking water drainage areas. If you have rugs and drying towels, wash and dry those often to avoid dump smell in the bathroom. Check those wet pools and wipe them often.

Consider investing in a spin mop to make it easy for you to clean your bathroom floors. Since your bathroom floors can get extremely wet, spin mobs help you clean without adding too much water to the already dump area. The mob feature a bucket, a mop and a spinning function. The spin removes most of the water on the mop’s head enabling you to dry the bathroom quicker.

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Taking care of your bathroom doesn’t only involve cleaning but also ensuring proper maintenance. You should also make your bathroom user-friendly for easy cleaning and maintenance. Consider hiring professional cleaners once in a while to do a thorough cleaning of your bathroom and help identify any problems.

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