Easy Ways to Make Your Garden More Private

Easy Ways to Make Your Garden More Private

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If you want nothing more than to be able to kick back in your own backyard, without your neighbours staring at you, you may be ready to put up a privacy fence. However, privacy fences can be an eyesore, and some places don’t allow privacy fences. That’s okay, because we have a list of easy ways to make your garden more private so that you can finally relax without feeling like you're being stared at.

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Shrubs and Bushes

Planting shrubs and bushes on the proper-line can offer year-round screening and typically, they’re not restricted by ordinance. Where space is tight, we recommend going for columnar evergreens (the ones that are fast growing), like Italian cypress. You could also go for a privet hedge – those do a great job at separating yards.

Structures like these pergolas or even gazebos are also a great option to get an extra layer of privacy.

Container Gardens

If you’re looking for some privacy on your deck, then a container garden would be a great option. Potted plants like clumping bamboo can be positioned to give you some privacy around a raised deck. Ideally, you should make sure the pots are raised up on canisters.


Screens that are made from lattice can do a great job at enclosing a part of your yard. These are semitransparent structures and they may not give you complete privacy, but they sure will add a great deal of visual interest to your yard. Lattice is great for those individuals that feel claustrophobic if they were to put a picket fence in their yard. You may also find that lattice panels don’t cost as much as building a traditional fence.

Grow in Layers

Many times, the main goal with creating a shelter yard is to block the neighbors from seeing you. If you would like to make it extra-secluded, then you can layer plants around the property – this will make it so that your house or a part of the yard cannot be viewed by your neighbors. This way, when you go outside, you can feel as if you’re getting away from it all and no one is watching you.

Get a Room

If you don’t want to close in your entire yard, then you can pick a corner of your yard to transform into your own piece of private paradise. You can do this by picking out a couple of trees that will form a pocket. For example, you can get two pine trees and put a hammock on them – those will make a hammock feel like it’s tucked away in a corner and adding a nice redbud behind the hammock will add to this effect.


If you open up your mind and use your creativity, you will be able to make your own yard private. Sometimes it involves simply planting more plants around the yard, while other times, it requires creating a container garden (you can do a lot with container gardens).


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