12 Dining Room Ideas to Make Your Home Come Alive

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The dining room is a haven for bonding with family, relatives, and friends while having a wonderful meal. Your dining room should match your personal style and the overall design of your house without compromising its primary function.

If you are still building your dining room or in the process of revamping it, then consider the following interior design ideas to make your dining area come alive:

1. Provide a skylight

Lighting is an essential element in any room, especially the dining room. Natural lighting is best in the dining room for a comfortable and airy feel. If your dining room has no big windows, opt for a skylight just above the dining table. It will instantly brighten your dining area and make it look spacious. When your dining room has this kind of upgrade, eating will be more enjoyable with family and friends – everyone will not only have a full stomach, but their eyes will also enjoy the view of the blue sky or the starry night in your dining room!

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2. Install a pair of lanterns

Electric lanterns with LED lighting are energy efficient and generate minimal heat. You may decorate your dining room with a couple of lanterns, which are less formal than the traditional chandelier. There are many appealing and modern styles of lanterns available in the market today. Select the ones that will complement the design of your dining set and ones which show off your personality. All dining rooms may have the same purpose, but with the right lantern pieces, yours will be memorable for all the right reasons!

3. Consider pendant lighting

Besides lanterns, you may also consider pendant lights for your dining room. The light coming from pendant lights can adequately illuminate the dining table, which is essential during mealtime. Pendant lights are very on-trend nowadays because they are both functional and stylish. Pendant lights can also help set up the right kind of mood for your dining room. Whether you want this area to feel romantic, cozy, or laidback, there’s a pendant lighting design out there that can fit the bill.

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4. Go for an open dining-kitchen plan

An open dining and kitchen plan provides opportunities for bonding between family members and guests even during meal preparation. You’ll have the chance to chat with your family and friends even if they’re busy preparing meals or you’re setting up the dining table. More conversations mean more fun, right? This layout also allows air to flow freely inside the house, providing more ventilation. You may incorporate a Euro Marble island between the dining area and kitchen to separate the two areas in a seamless and decorative way. With the variety of marble islands to choose from, you’ll be able to pick one that suits your unique style and budget.

5. An embossed ceiling

Who says dining room decorations should only involve the walls and the floors? If you want to add grandeur to your dining room, you can adorn it with an embossed metal or concrete ceiling. Depending on the architecture of your home, you can install an embossed ceiling that is stamped or textured or has a Victorian theme. This is one way of spicing up your dining area without being too “in-your-face.”

6. Use mirrors

Usually, homeowners who have small dining rooms are hesitant in decorating it. They think that because they don’t have the luxury of space, they only have limited options on what they can do with their dining rooms. This is a misconception. With the use of mirrors, you can trick your family and guests into thinking that you have a spacious dining room. Hang a big mirror in your dining room or install mirrored walls to make the area look spacious. Mirrors can also bring a sense of openness and luxury to your dining room.

7. Install glass windows

Install glass windows in your dining area to bring in natural light and create a feeling of open space. When you have a garden in your property, opt to place these glass windows adjacent to it.

8. Display your favorite things

You can make your dining area fun and exciting by displaying your favorite things. These can include your collection of dinnerware, a colorful rug, a painting, a clock, a side lamp, potted plants, and flowers, among others. If you’re someone who has a knack for painting or creating artistic pieces, go ahead and use your dining area as your gallery. If you have been collecting vinyl records of your favorite artist ever since you were young, hang these in the walls of your dining room. Personal items create a homey ambiance, not to mention great conversation starters. This can also be a perfect avenue for you to know how a friend has the same interests as you!

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9. Make it light and white

A white-painted dining room is bright, pleasant, and charming. You can play with your accents, such as the color and pattern of your rug and the pots of your indoor plants. White is versatile, too, as you can change the style of this room by simply replacing some of the decors. Painting the walls of your dining room white will also make it easy for you to add pops of colors – everything goes well with white!

10. Install a service sidebar

Your dining room will be more functional and efficient if you install a service sidebar with storage. A service sidebar can provide convenience as it can hold cups, fruits, and even jars of cookies and other dry goods! This upgrade is also an excellent way of adding storage to your dining room as you can add drawers under the service sidebars.

11. Get a round table

If you want a casual dining room, you may get a round dining table instead of the traditional rectangular one. Using a round table creates a more relaxed and friendly ambiance to your dining room. It also allows more people to share the dining table compared to using a rectangular table. You may adorn the round table with a round rug underneath or beautiful potted plants on the corners of the room. You can use a round table that complements the theme of your dining room for consistency or a contrasting one as a statement piece in the area.

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12. Use mismatched chairs

Seeing a dining room with the same set of chairs is already very common. This is basically the “standard” style for years. If you want your dining room to stand out, take the road less traveled – make your dining room unique and whimsical by using mismatched chairs and a shabby chic table. If you have been using different dining furniture in the past, mix and match all of these to create a unique look for your dining room. This option will not require you to spend a lot of money; you just have to be creative with your efforts.


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