Design Ideas for Creating a Harmonious Backyard Garden

Design Ideas for Creating a Harmonious Backyard Garden

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If you happen to live in a house with a nice backyard, you should know that you’re truly blessed! A big yard means you can have a beautiful garden where you and your loved ones can spend lazy summer days and fun evenings. However, creating a perfect garden isn’t easy: you need to plan, design and invest money and time into your outdoor space if you want to have a harmonious garden. Luckily, there are a few practical design ideas that can help you achieve your garden goals!

First things first

The best way to start your garden makeover is to get rid of the clutter and garbage. No matter how well your space is designed, it will always look unimpressive if it’s filled with scattered tools, old bikes and other unorganized things. So, make sure to create a place for clutter and hide it from sight. When your outdoor space is clean and tidy, you can start focusing on other design points.

Be smart with landscaping

You can’t just grab as many plants as you want, throw them around your garden and expect to have a coherent, stylish and harmonious outdoor space! Most of all, you can’t expect your plants to look vibrant and lively unless you choose them with care, consider your climate and inspect your soil quality. For instance, landscaping in Australia should be much different than landscaping in Norway! So, make sure to be smart with your plant choices, opt for local flora and create a good planting strategy.


Combine fire and water

If you want to achieve a perfect harmony between the elements and respect Feng Shui in your garden, you must add fire and water features to your space. Fire has always been the center of gatherings, so make sure to install a fire pit in your seating area. It will keep the chill away, add to the relaxing atmosphere and even give you deliciously roasted marshmallows! On the other hand, water features placed in secluded corners of your garden will fill it with magic and serenity. Fountains and small ponds are your perfect choice since they are cute and gorgeous, but not very hard to maintain.

Add some seating

The whole point of having a stylish garden is to turn your outdoor space into a social hub of the home. So, make sure to create a cozy and comfy area where you can welcome all your family members and friends and organize get-togethers. First, start from the seating since it’s the key element of comfort. A sturdy table and a few weather-resistant chairs are all a small garden needs. However, if you have a larger space, you can divide it into different areas.


A chill-out lounge accompanied with a more formal dining area can create a perfect harmony! Just remember to boost comfort as much as you can. Think soft cushions, warm blankets and ottomans for your legs.

Another thing that every seating area can use is beautiful outdoor rugs that will add both comfort and style to your space. These are very durable and sun-resistant and usually have a design that perfectly fits an outdoor vibe!

Light it up

There’s nothing better than spending chill summer evenings out in the fresh air. However, unless you have some goodlighting in your garden, you’ll feel quite uncomfortable and unsafe. Luckily, there are many great ways to illuminate your garden to achieve a cozy and pleasant space. Think solar lamps, soft hanging pendants and magical fairy lights. All of these cast a very relaxing glow that will give you enough light while being soft on the eyes. And, don’t forget to light your paths for safe garden walks!

Boost privacy

One of the best things about backyards is the fact that you’re outside, but can still act completely freely and without reservations. So, if you want to nurture that feeling, make sure to create a garden that will serve as your private little hideaway. Pay special attention to your seating area and surround it with carefully placed privacy screens and greenery.


This will not only make your garden more comfortable, but will also add a sense of mystery and interest to the space! Arbors and roofing can also contribute to the feeling of privacy while also protecting you from the elements.

Treat your sense of smell

Another element that can turn your garden from an average looking space to a real oasis of harmony is the scent. It’s amazing just how much different aromas can affect our mood, so make sure to place plenty of scented candles around your seating area. Also, why not put your greenery to work? Flowering shrubs and vines not only look amazing, but can also fill the entire space with seductive perfumes!
With a garden like this, you’ll spend your best moments outdoors enjoying nature, plants, natural fragrances, sounds and peace they provide. All the hard work will pay off when you gather your family and friends in your creation for the first time and have the time of your life!


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