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Want To Build A Property?

Want To Build A Property?

. 5 min read

Building your own property can be one of the most exciting and rewarding projects you can take on. The opportunity to plan and prepare everything about your building project is a huge responsibility that can be daunting, but if you know how to take each of the processes into account before you get started, you’re making the entire scope of the project a lot more smoothly.

Find the perfect location

When building your property, the first thing to do is to select a suitable location. If you are moving town, think carefully about the climate first, you might think you know the area, however if you haven't lived there before, check how things are at each different month of the year and check for unusual micro climates in the specific area you want to build, there could be flooding, hurricanes, intense heat, and frigid cold.

Once you have chosen the locality, keep these tips in mind when selecting a desirable place for your house:

  • Consider the stability of the ground before buying a property. Houses built on mucky soil and other unstable ground will incur higher building and/or maintenance costs.
  • Take note of the availability of utilities. If you want to have potable water, electrical lines, telephone, and other essential services, be sure there’s utility providers available in your chosen location.
  • If the property you’d like to build is a home, think about the community infrastructure. Check whether there’s police stations nearby, grocery stores, hospitals, and good quality schools available. Try to look at the distance you’ll need to travel to get to these essential.
  • If your moving yourself to this area, will you and your partner both be able to find work and how will your commute be?

Have the land surveyed

Make sure you get your land surveyed by a professional before you start the building process. This will be helpful as you move forward to ensure the compliance of some building codes and regulations required in your area are met.

Design your internal living spaces

Designing the living spaces can be a fun part of building a property like a home. Spend time to research and create rough floor plans, plan out what kind of rooms you want, the number of bedrooms and the style you want for each room.

  • For the bedrooms, keep in mind the possibility of additions. If you only need two bedrooms at present, you can have the third one as a storage room or office for the meantime until it’s needed.
  • For the bathrooms, one is enough in almost any circumstances. But if you have a large family, two bathrooms will make your life more comfortable. On the other hand, make sure to find bathroom fittings that will last longer to save money on your plumbing system.
  • Assess whether your family’s lifestyle requires unique function rooms such as formal dining, playroom or office space.
  • Plan out the utility areas: Thinking about the necessary house-running spaces is a vital part of the overall design process

Consider all this before you contact an architect so that you really know what your priorities are first.

Design your own property or call an Architect

If you have the required knowledge and skills necessary to build a property, you might choose to design your own. You'll know if you have these skills, for everyone else you will want to seek the help of architects who have experience in constructing the type of building you want built, there are of course companies that specialise in building new homes.

  • When hiring an architect, know what management services the firm may or may not offer. The new home builders generally provide contractors they trust and will cover the consultation and inspection process as the work progresses.
  • Make sure you talk with your architect about the submission of the building plans to the city building commission for approval.


Consider natural lighting

When building a property, design it in a way that it stays full of warm radiant light when necessary. Not only that but placing windows means you need to consider the maximum energy efficiency at all times.

  • In many cases, the kitchen benefits more from the exterior light, which is why you should never hesitate to consider what time the rays of sunlight will come in the kitchen. If you have larger windows on the north/south side of your property, the placing of the windows in the said area will help heat the house through the solar light.
  • If you plan to build a property on the northern hemisphere, put your windows on the southern face. If you’d like to live in the south part, make your windows on the northern face.

Secure the necessary building permits

When it comes to permanent construction, a building permit is a crucial requirement. Before you can actually build your property, you need to have architectural diagrams, and other materials required by your state’s Department of housing. In most cases, you have to comply with local codes and zoning requirements by getting a plumbing, septic tank, electrical, a mechanical permit.

Hire a builder

Everything about the construction will go smoothly if you hire an experienced builder to supervise the project. However, there are many factors to consider when working with a builder. Examples of these things include a material list, breakdown of expected costs, and the construction contract. Take note, having a professional builder to work on the project can make your life easier because they’ll be the one to hire out the particular tasks and may also be able to secure the permits for you.

Importance of a customized plan

A customized home plan is based on your personal preference when it comes to the layout, materials used, size, shape, and color of the roof, wall, fixtures, and other structural elements of your home.

Whether it is new construction or a demolish and build project, a customized plan is always a great option. You can tailor any architectural design with customized plans, change any structure, or move a wall depending on your liking.

The following outlines the importance of having a customized plan for your home:

  • Achieve a unique home design: Get to decide the best structural elements for your home. In this way, you can create a unique home design that is truly yours and not found elsewhere. Having a beautiful and functional home that is different from the rest makes the essence of a custom home plan.
  • Get the best value: A customized home design allows you to get the best value for your money because you can utilize and maximize every square inch of your property, most especially if the space is quite limited.
  • Save time and effort: Doing all the design ideas you have in mind early will save you time and effort. So if you have home design ideas in mind, talk to your architect or home designer and builder about it. Freely express what you want to avoid regretting your decisions in the end.
  • Make your dream home come true: By implementing all the things you desire for your home, you won't think of renovating so soon. By following what your heart and mind desire, you're able to put your passions, tastes, and best efforts forward for a great custom plan with the help of professionals.


You can see there are many considerations when you want to build a property, hopefully, you will find this article useful when you’re in the midst of planning out the construction of your property.


Part of the expertEasy team in Melbourne. Mark is a keen gardener, a DIY addict and a father of two beautiful girls. He is originally from Perth and is a true Eagles fan.