The Best Trampolines You Can Buy in Australia (2022)

The Best Trampolines You Can Buy in Australia (2022)

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There are so many amazing trampolines available in Australia. However, picking the best one for you is not easy. To help you out, this article covers the best trampolines in Australia.  You will still need to consider what ‘best’ means to you and your family and we will give some advice on the factors to consider at the end of the list.

1. Vuly - Thunder Pro

Best Overall Trampoline

Vuly - Thunder Pro
Vuly - Thunder Pro (Medium: 9.8ft x 12ft)

The Vuly Thunder Pro has it all. Instead of using traditional springs, it uses the latest cutting-edge Leaf Springs. They are stronger and more durable since they are re-engineered from similar springs for suspension in heavy vehicles. It also provides a better experience with straight, smooth jumps, reducing the risk of injury.

The trampoline also comes with extra safety measures. It comes with a 180 cm high net, which prevents kids from falling out. The net is made with a soft, tight-woven terylene material that prevents fingers and toes from getting stuck. It also comes with a skirt that prevents kids from getting underneath the trampoline. The trampoline has also been tested to withstand water and UV exposure, and its anti-rust materials ensure that the trampoline will last for a long time. Not only that, the trampoline comes with no nuts and bolts, which makes it easier to assemble!

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2. Springfree - Large Oval Trampoline

Best Large Oval Trampoline

 Springfree – Large Oval Trampoline
Springfree – Large Oval Trampoline (8ft x 13ft)

The Large Oval Trampoline is Springfree’s largest and best-selling trampoline. Instead of traditional springs, it uses ‘flexible mat rods’ made from fiberglass covered in plastic sheaths. Compared to traditional springs, the rods provide a softer and smoother bounce. However, this fiberglass material is not as durable, and it may fracture over prolonged use needing spare parts.

The trampoline also comes in seven highly customizable colours. You can freely personalize the trampolines according to your taste!

The trampoline is also considered very safe - with a high net and soft-edge mat.

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3. Capital - 10ft x 14ft Rectangle In-Ground Trampoline

Best In-Ground Trampoline

Oz Trampolines – Rectangle Capital In-Ground Trampoline
Oz Trampolines – Rectangle Capital In-Ground Trampoline (10ft x 14ft)

The Rectangle Capital In-Ground Trampoline is a great choice for those who want a streamlined trampoline. Its in-ground design allows it to blend more with the backyard.

Since it was built in-ground, the risk of severe injury is reduced. Nevertheless, you can still choose to place nets, whether it’s full or partial, if you do choose to have no safety nets at all then always make sure there is extra space around the trampoline where there are not any toys or other objects, while supervision is important for all trampolines you will need to keep an especially keen eye for children bringing hard objects into the area.

Despite its sleek design, the trampoline still uses traditional coiled springs. Although they are still used by most trampolines in the market, they are outdated compared to modern spring technology.

The streamlined design is still its highest selling point. The trampoline also comes with TDU Vented Frame Pads to minimalize sound, by helping air escape.

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4. Vuly – Lift 2

Best Long Lasting Trampoline

Vuly – Lift 2
Vuly – Lift 2 (Medium: 9.5ft x 12.5ft)

The Vuly Lift 2 is designed to be one of the strongest and safest trampolines on the market. It has 20% wider springs than most of the trampolines on the market, making a softer and safer jump.

The trampoline has also been tested in all weather conditions. It has been proven to be durable even under the rain and on hot sunny days. It also comes with galvanized sturdy frame coated with powder to make it resistant to rust and heat.

Like other Vuly trampolines, Lift 2 is also made to be easy to assemble. The trampoline also comes with a high tight-woven net, which makes it more tear-resistant and ensures safety for the kids inside the trampoline.

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5. Plum – Bowl Freebound Trampoline

Most Innovative Trampoline

Plum – Bowl Freebound Trampoline
Plum – Bowl Freebound Trampoline (8.5ft x 14ft)

The Bowl Freebound Trampoline is one of the most unique trampolines out there. Instead of using coiled springs, it uses 136 ‘FLX bungees’, which are claimed to be very quiet and more stable than a usual trampoline.

This trampoline features both flat and curved surfaces, providing kids with many ways to bounce! It also comes with extra safety features, which include rubber grips on the ladder, and a manual zip system on the net.

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6. Vuly – Ultra

Best Value Trampoline

Vuly – Ultra
Vuly – Ultra (Medium: 9.2ft x 7.6ft)

The Vuly Ultra is one of the strongest, most affordable trampolines out there. It has been tested for durability with 50% thicker T-joiner steel. It also comes with twice zinc galvanized steel, to ensure its resistance to rust and extreme weather.

The trampoline is designed with full safety in mind. It ensures no gaps between the mat and the spring, with 33% thicker foam and 60% thicker PVC covering to keep springs out of reach. It comes with 20% wider springs, making softer and smoother jumps. The trampoline also provides a 180 cm tall, tightly woven net to ensure the safety of the jumpers and prevent net tears.

The Vuly Ultra also comes with an advanced rebound system. With two layers of larger springs, it provides a deeper bounce and boosts momentum to make a higher jump! With the safety features, kids don’t have to worry to make higher jumps and have fun!

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7. Jumpflex – FLEX120 URBAN

Jumpflex – FLEX120 URBAN
Jumpflex – FLEX120 URBAN (8.9ft x 12ft)

The FLEX120 URBAN is one of the most durable trampolines out there. Although it still uses traditional springs, the trampoline can support 250 kilograms of weight. The trampoline’s strength is due to its “high tensile springs”, which Jumpflex claims are more durable than most springs on the market.

Aside from the springs, the trampoline also uses galvanized steel with powder coating, which makes it more UV-resistant. The durability is also backed by a strong, 3-year warranty policy.

Aside from durability, this trampoline is also designed with safety in mind. It comes with numerous safety features, such as a self-sealed polyester net and poles that curved away from the trampoline. However, since it still employs traditional springs, the trampoline still provides a rougher jump and a high risk of injury.

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8. Vuly – Flare

Best Budget Trampoline

Vuly – Flare
Vuly – Flare (Medium: 8.6ft x 11ft)

The Vuly Flare is the best affordable trampoline on the market. With the medium size at only $599, you can experience a high-quality trampoline with strong safety measures and high durability, there are of course cheaper trampolines out there, but I have not found one I would recommend.

This trampoline is equipped to ensure soft landings. The springs are external to the enclosure with zero gaps. Its poles and netting also arch in opposite directions to avoid injuries.

The Vuly Flare also comes with thicker T-joiner steel to ensure sturdiness. It also comes with a superfine 3 mm net, which keeps fingers safe and prevents mesh tears. No doubt that this trampoline is one of the most family-friendly trampolines on the market!

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Choosing The Best Trampoline For You

When deciding upon the best trampoline available in Australia that is best for your needs, here are the criteria you will want to consider:

  • Safety – what are the safety features and how safe is the trampoline overall?
  • Quality and warranty
  • Compatibility with accessories – are accessories included or can you add them on later?
  • Budget – Will the trampoline fit the budget you have?
  • The overall weight limit – If you have multiple older kids, or plan on having adults jump, you need to take this into account.
  • The best size for your space – This depends both on how many kids you have and how much space you have available in the backyard. In Australia, childrens trampolines can vary in size between 4ft to 16ft.
  • Shape - Before committing to a trampoline shape, consider where it will go in your backyard. Some trampolines are narrow and quite rectangular (great to tuck beside the house), while an round or oval trampoline may work better in the middle of large grassy lawns or near a corner.

Trampoline Safety

A decade ago, many trampoline injuries occurred to young children and teenagers. This was due to various reasons, such as falling sideways and exposed springs on the edges that posed a danger to the users. This is less of a worry now thanks to new well-designed trampolines gradually getting into the Australian trampoline market.

Most parents and guardians would want to avoid unpredictable and frequent visits to the hospital due to injuries caused by a trampoline. Therefore, trampoline safety is the most crucial aspect to consider when purchasing a trampoline in Australia. Below are the features of top quality trampolines.

Spring free trampoline design

Spring-free trampolines are designed to eliminate the injuries related to springs, such as direct landing on the spring and pinching on the various body parts that come into contact with it. Rusty and worn-out springs can also be hazardous. Furthermore, spring free trampolines provide a soft-landing surface for the jumper and even shock absorption.

Non-abrasive edge mats and hidden frames

Old trampolines were designed connecting the springs to the jumping mat and then mounted on the hard metal frame to give it a bounce holding the whole unit together. In newer designs, non-abrasive edge mats are installed around the jumping mat, and the metal frame is hidden beneath the mat; a jumper will not come into contact with it, making it safer.

Protective net enclosure

Installation of a net protective enclosure around the edges will ensure the jumper does not fall off to a hard surface resulting to head injury or fracture of the legs or arms. When considering the protective net, it is important to check whether the entry or exit point closes up well to reduce the risk of falling off through this point.

A zipper will function well or completely overlapping flaps. The material that the protective net is made from should also be soft and not abrasive to prevent the risk of friction. The poles holding the net along the edges should be flexible when a jumper comes into contact and reduces injury risk.

Sun protection

At the peak of summer in Australia, having sun protection on a trampoline is good to ensure the jumpers are protected from the UV sun rays. Some trampolines include a UV protection roof, while with others they come as additional accessories.

Quality and warranty of trampoline

Before you purchase any trampoline not featured above make sure you do comprehensive research on the reputation. Go through different product reviews and feedback before narrowing it down to a specific brand. Make sure you come up with a trampoline manufacturer with a track record of good quality products over a long time.

Most the outdoor trampolines are directly exposed to the seasonal factors of Australia; their quality becomes an important factor, and this comes alongside a long-term warrant covering essential parts of a trampoline such as the metal frame, protective net, mat, and the suspension. The warranty should not be less than five years and preferably, purchase a trampoline with ten years and above warranty.

This will give you peace of mind and an assurance of a safe investment in a trampoline. It may cost you a little more to buy from the best trampoline brands in Australia; nonetheless, investing in the best brands will assure you the ability to buy spare parts for many years potentially saving money over buying a new trampoline in addition to reducing the risk of injuries compared to the cheaper alternatives.

Accessories for your trampoline

Modern trampolines come with various features and accessories to cater to your young and teenage kids. Accessories such as a sunshade, basketball ring, ladder, moving wheels, and anchor kits can be added to the trampoline either at purchase or after purchase. Consider the brands that have certain accessories in case you might want to buy these later.

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