Top 5 Security Cameras On The Market in 2021 (Available in Australia)

Top 5 Security Cameras On The Market in 2021 (Available in Australia)

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Security cameras have become an unavoidable necessity these days. Theft is among the most common crimes in the world and, in Australia, the theft rates have increased significantly over the last couple of years.

According to the Australian Bureau of statistics, armed robberies increased by three per cent between 2017 and 2018, and unarmed robberies increased by eight per cent. Moreover, seventy-two per cent of these robberies happened in residential properties.

In light of these statistics, security cameras are a must-have. They can deter criminals, and they can aid law enforcement in the investigation of the crime as well. However, when most people set out to buy security cameras for their homes or businesses, they can't decide with model or type is best for their needs.

Below we are going to simplify that process for you by covering some some of the best surveillance cameras that you can purchase in Australia, in price ascending order, stick around to learn more.

Xiaomi mi 360:

If you thought that Xiaomi was only shaking up the budget smartphone industry, you are wrong. Xiaomi is making a wide array of unusual and affordable products, including wireless security cameras.

The new Xiaomi mi 360 is a smart and effective solution for a secure and worry-free home.


Costing around $60 on, this excellent product has many useful features.

The device can be set up easily by scanning a QR code from your phone, and you will be able to monitor high quality, 1080p, panoramic footage instantly. Moreover, you can use the moveable lens to get a complete 360-degree view of your home.

The mi 360 also has two-way communication capabilities and smart motion detection, while the infrared night vision makes it perfect for outdoor use as well.

If you are looking for an economical option that doesn't compromise on quality, you should go for Xiaomi mi 360.

TP-Link Kasa Spot pan-tilt (KC110):


TP-link is a very well-known name in the tech industry. You may have known them for makes some of the best wireless routers and other network-related devices, but they also produce some excellent wireless security cameras.

The KC110 has full HD 1080p recording capabilities, and you can monitor its footage anywhere, on your smartphone, through the remote viewing feature.

Coming in under $80 on, this device has some unique features that make it stand out.

The smart motion tracking keeps moving objects in the frame and allows the camera to get the best footage. You can also put the camera on patrol mode to cover a large area with a single camera.

The smart interface of the camera app allows you to create customized activity zones in areas of interest like a safe, drawer or front door. The camera will alert you on your phone when there is any activity in the specified regions.
Therefore, the TP-Link KC110 is another viable option for a home or office security camera.

Ring stick up cam - Best security camera under $200:

Ring is a famous company known for making some amazing security cameras. They have made a wide assortment of devices. However, the most common one is the stick-up cam. This is our favourite for under $200 that is available in Australia.


It comes in two configurations. You can get one either with a built-in battery pack, or one with a standard power outlet for uninterrupted power supply. Regardless of the power cord, the stick-up cam still connects wirelessly to your phone to provide clear 1080p HD footage.

Ring also has a solar-powered version of the stick-up cam, that you can buy for outdoors use.

Both the wired and battery versions are available on amazon, and they have the same features like two-way communication, motion detection and compatibility with Amazon's Alexa.

The Arlo Pro 2 - Best camera under $650

Arlo is one of the most renowned names when it comes to modern surveillance cameras. They have made some amazing products in recent years, the Arlo pro is one of their best-selling models.


This completely wireless camera comes with a rechargeable battery; therefore, it can be placed anywhere without worrying about its proximity to the nearest electrical outlet.

The lens also has a waterproof and IP-65 certified weatherproof housing, which makes it perfect for outdoor surveillance.

The Arlo pro 2 supports both local and cloud storage, which means that you won't have to pay for extra for a monthly cloud subscription. One of the main selling points of the Arlo Pro is that is comes equipped with an alarm. You can customize what triggers the alarm and use the camera smart motion detection and motion tracking capabilities to create a complete security system.

Like most of the other cameras on this list, the Arlo Pro 2 is also compatible with Google's assistant and Amazon's Alexa.

You can buy two, three or four camera systems, the two camera system currently sells at under $600.

Logitech circle

Update: This last option became unavailable to purchase in Australia just as we published this guide. You could import from USA, but it blows the price out and we don't recommend that, we are only including in case it becomes available again, if so aim for under $200AUD

The Logitech Circle is another viable option for a modern security camera. This wireless CCTV security camera will provide you with a full 1080p HD footage directly on your smartphone or tablet.

The 135-degree wide-angle lens allows you to monitor large rooms or even outdoor areas. The Logitech Circle is available in both wired and wireless configurations. The wireless version is also equipped with a fast-charging and long-lasting battery, which means you don't have to worry about any power outlets when installing your camera.

The Logitech circle also has a vast range of accessories and mounts that make it one of the most versatile options on this list. For a little extra money, you can also buy a wall mount, window mount, extra batteries, and a lot more.

The wireless version is elementary and straightforward to set up, whereas, setting up a wired device may be a little challenging, especially if you are new to installing cameras or you want to install a large-scale system with multiple devices.

Wireless vs Wired Setup

While the a wireless setup is of course easier a Non-Wifi security setup will be more reliable and have more advanced features. Good options are not only limited to wireless security cameras. Most of the wired options beat the wireless security cameras in one or other aspect. You will find many more wired types that you can go for.

However, if wired is the kind of setup you are after you should consider hiring a local company that provides a security camera installation service, many electricians will also provide this service.

Security cameras have become something you will need for your home and for the protection of businesses; however, selecting the right device is still very difficult so we mentioned some of the best options available in Australia and we hope that you found this useful - do let us know by leaving a comment!


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