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Top 7 best Promotional Products Proven to Grow Your Business

Top 7 best Promotional Products Proven to Grow Your Business

. 3 min read

Promotional products or corporate gifts are essential marketing tools that are used by many corporations. These are the promotional giveaways that are typically exchanged during the sale calls and at the trade shows. This must be designed so that it can have a lasting effect at a reasonable price. The Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) reports that nearly 21 billion dollars were invested in these particular items in 2015, which was 3.82% more than in 2014. This growth has been steady since the 1970s.

This indicates that promotional products work as part of the entire marketing strategy. Also, these promotional items are very crucial to the entire product in the business if adequately integrated, but this solves only part of the problem in the overall company marketing toolkit.

The following are elements you need to consider when choosing the promotional products proven to grow your business

The decision-making process becomes an integral part of the promotional items on the right product. Once you have set your goal and budget, you can choose from hundreds of promotional product categories and types. You can determine the right items based on the company's related factors, clientele, and marketing strategy.

When deciding on the promotional products to choose, it is crucial to review the objective and purpose of these marketing materials. Typically, the basic idea when using the physical product, like a gift, is to increase brand awareness through persistence and consistency. In other words, the aim of choosing and providing the product that has the company's brand is to ensure it is viewed repeatedly for several months.

Other elements you need to consider include:

  • When and where the promotional items, like trade shows and other occasions, should be used.
  • What message is being conveyed, and how does it strengthen the brand?
  • What percentage of total marketing spend needs to be allocated to these items?

If the entire objective is to attain the lasting branding effect through the promotional products, it is crucial to focus on something appreciated and used by the customer.

Top 7 promotional products proven to grow your business

1. Pens

The custom branded pens are useful and straightforward promotional products that are proven to grow your business. They are the smart promotional items because the users will remember their brand every time they use them. Pens are used by many people every day, and when you discover that their brands write well, this will create brand loyalty. For instance, many companies whether offering promotional pens in Sydney or elsewhere in Australia create products that are very unique, including engraved or printed pens, stylus, and metallic pens, torch pens, highlighters, multi-color pens, eco pens, and more.

Also, they supply high-quality pens in all shapes, sizes, and colors. When you invest in high-quality custom pens, your potential customers will be looking for your pens every day, and this will be an in to promote your business. Using the subconscious link between your business and your customers.

2. Personalized coolers and lunch bags

The personalized coolers are the best way to display your company's logo in front of the consumers during the downtime. The coolers are used during grilling, at the beach, camping trips, and sporting events. You need to keep your logo at a strategic position to ensure you don't dissuade the potential customer. This will create awareness of your product during the happy moments of the people's lives.

3. Magnets

Promotional magnets are an easy way to increase marketing coverage. They are generally used to keep important photos or documents within easy reach for the users. With these magnets, they offer a visible reminder to your organization whenever the users use them.

4. Flashlights

Brighten the future of your business with the keychain flashlights. They offer real value and continuously remind you that your business cares about the comfort and safety of your customers. With LED technology, there is increased performance and cost reduction.

5. Sports Bottles

Hopefully, one day the sports bottles will overtake the craze for disposable plastic water bottles. When the green business is in full swing, eco-friendly products such as custom sports bottles can tell your current and potential customers, you are a successful company supporting these initiatives.

6. Travel Mugs

Travel mugs are the best promotional products that are proven to grow your business. They are the movable billboards that are used to improve your marketing skills at a lower cost. By embracing the green movement, these mugs can also be environmentally friendly while keeping your favorite cold or hot beverages within reach.

7. Calendars

Promotional calendars are essential because they provide daily reminders for your company throughout the year. You can be creative and personalize your calendar with information about your business or your customers. This can be 365 reminders on how your business is essential.


The promotional products are known for increasing the market share, providing real benefits to the customers, and attracting prospects with timely marketing materials. They provide a clear picture of the preferences of the selected sample to the customers. Typically, the above promotional products are known for helping you grow the business with a little expense. They will also help to discover your business and create brand loyalty. Utility and ease of use are common features of the most preferred products.


Part of the expertEasy writing team, Laura is from the UK and has a keen interest in Business, interior design and decor, home improvement and thriftiness in all things around the house and garden.